How can you maximize your coupon-savings at the grocery store?

You see these people on talk shows that buy a heaping grocery cart full of groceries and say that their grocery bill was $300.00 before coupons and after the coupons they spent $25.00. I'm using these dollor amounts as an example as I can't remember the exact amount. I've cut coupons and shopped ads and I've saved $30.00 at the store in one trip but I by no means have ever been able to buy $300 worth for $25.00. HOW IS THIS DONE?


Asked by happy2bme7 at 1:45 PM on Oct. 9, 2008 in Food & Drink

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  • I'd like to know too!!! I buy a lot of generic items, so I rarely use coupons.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:08 PM on Oct. 9, 2008

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  • $300 worth of groceries for $25? Is that an exaggeration? I would think saving 30 bucks isn't bad.

    Answer by briezysmommy at 8:30 PM on Oct. 9, 2008

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  • You have to do it by buying only what's on sale, buying in bulk and having multiple coupons for the products. And having a way to store your stockpile.

    But think about it. That means these folk are buying only the minimum of fresh foods and relying HEAVILY on processed, packaged stuff for their daily diet. That's not really how I want to eat. Not to say that I didn't print multiples of the Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potato coupons! Oh, I did! I did! I'm just not going to pair it with Hamburger Helper and frozen peas in sauce for dinner, ya know?

    I save about $20-$40 per big shopping trip, and I consider that a good day's work. :)

    Answer by Avarah at 1:28 AM on Oct. 10, 2008

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  • It takes a LOT of work and effort. My SIL can go into a grocery store and come out with having really only paid for the fresh produce! Especially during the holidays. She looks at all the ads, organizes her coupons according to the store that not just has the best sale price, but will doble or triple coupons. She figures out what size to buy by how much it will be (after discount) per ounce or serving or use.
    She doesn't buy a lot of processed foods either. She gets most of her staples for pennies on the dollar or even free. Flour, sugar, cocoa, butter, etc. She's got a passion for it.
    Me, I'm content to save where I can, conveniently. I just don't have the hours to put in to save much more than that. I figure saving $10-100 per shopping trip (depending on trip size) is good enough.

    Answer by jespeach at 2:04 AM on Oct. 10, 2008

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  • It helps to shop at places that "double your coupon", like Vons used to do. This means that if you find a coupon in the paper for $1.00 and use it to buy the product, the store will match the coupon savings for a total of $2.00 coupon savings AND you can also use your VONS CLUB CARD for an additional savings. I also saw a story on TV about huge savings and it involve buying in bulk, so you need a large storage space (or an extra large room) to house the food. The lady who was on TV had a web-site were people can sign up and recieve more info, I dont remember where I wrote the site's name though.........I will try doing a Google or search.

    Answer by AvasAuthentics at 2:00 PM on Oct. 10, 2008

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  • I haven't put in the time to do that much saving either but I do use coupons so I can save at least $5. Also, if the generic alternative is cheaper than my price with the coupon...I"m gonna get the generic. It does take a lot of time and effort and knowing if your supermarkets double or triple coupons.

    Answer by marsha78 at 8:37 AM on Jan. 16, 2009

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  • I like because it is free and helps compare several stores to what coupons there are and where. TheGroceryGame costs, but it goes into further detail about when is the best time to buy.

    Answer by D1D2ZMom at 10:31 AM on Mar. 14, 2009

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