What should I do if my relative doesn't like my baby's name?

My grandma is throwing a FIT because my husband and I are going to name our son Andrz (Ann-Ders). She just told me "It's foreign and ugly and GAY. I saw a little fag on tv the other day named that." Uhhhh well MY name is foreign!!!! We originally said we were gonna name him Daniel, but I kinda killed it for my hubby cuz my favorite movie is The Other Sister and there's a Daniel on there and yeah.... but we're using it as a middle name. So altogether his name will be Andrz Daniel Joshua Wafford. Daniel will be for my grandma's maiden name and Joshua is my hubby's name.... Is it really that bad??? You can be brutally honest...


Asked by MarlyeGirl at 1:22 PM on Nov. 7, 2008 in Baby Names

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  • all these people who think that Andrz is a stupid name or looks like text speak need to get an open mind. My husband has an unusual first name: Thurman....he uses his middle name (Patrick). My son is Travis (French name, means crossroads) How approprite for a firstborn child.

    However, everyone felt the need to tell me it was a "hillbilly" or "redneck" name. I told all of them to F off, this is my son I will name him what I want. He is almost 7, and everyone we meet tells us what a cool name he has.

    Give it time....he is YOUR child, not theirs!

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:42 PM on Nov. 7, 2008

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  • Nope. I like it. But then again, I named my son Ryne. Your grandma's comments are beyond rude. Ignore her. However, I will say you should be prepared for a lifetime of repeating your son's name and spelling it out for people, since it is likely to cause some confusion.

    Answer by BlueFrogMama at 1:24 PM on Nov. 7, 2008

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  • Honestly, no. I really love the name! It's unique but it's not too off-the-wall, ya know?

    Answer by renea20 at 1:26 PM on Nov. 7, 2008

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  • It's not my style, and I don't care for the spelling, but he's not my child, just as he isn't your grandma's child. He's your child, and you have the right to choose his name. Just remember that a name is a very important thing, something they are stuck with for life!

    With all that said...I do prefer Daniel and Joshua.

    Answer by motherofpearls at 1:27 PM on Nov. 7, 2008

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  • Its different and unique! Don't worry about what other people think..its your child :-)

    Answer by blueeyes71883 at 1:28 PM on Nov. 7, 2008

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  • its your child you can name it whatever you want. you are the one who is going to be in labor and has carried that child in your belly. i think that name is awesome. i like off the wall names because then you never hear them. and your child will be unique and special.

    Answer by jseibert at 1:28 PM on Nov. 7, 2008

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  • my mom looked weird at me when i named my son dender. if you like the name then name him that. he is your son. how could a grand mother say that about her grand son

    Answer by kim61629 at 1:28 PM on Nov. 7, 2008

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  • It's not THAT bad! Is your husband really THAT insecure that he won't let you name your son Daniel? I love Daniel Joshua but I like Joshua Daniel better.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:29 PM on Nov. 7, 2008

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  • It is your son, it is your choice. Just look to the future and how he will have to live with it. If you like it, choose it. Noone elses business. Your grandma was very rude. Sorry.

    Answer by SusieD250 at 1:30 PM on Nov. 7, 2008

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  • Honeslty. I think 3 names is too much. I think he will have to repeat his name 100 times a day and no one will be able to spell it. It will be hard for him to learn as well. Why not Joshua Daniel or Daniel Joshua. But if you really like it go with it. It is ultimatly your decision. Good luck making a decision!!

    Answer by hutch2579 at 1:30 PM on Nov. 7, 2008

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