How do you wean children from their pacifiers?


Asked by carverkne at 1:16 AM on Jul. 11, 2008 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • What I did was I stopped buying them eventually my sons pacifers got torn and started getting holes in them and he wouldnt want to put it in his mounth he would just hold it. After he started doing that id wait a few days then hide them from him he would chew on toys at frist but that dint last very long.

    Answer by AmY403 at 2:44 AM on Jul. 11, 2008

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  • i never gave my kids one and my now 9 year old never sucked on anything so i really can not help but congrads on wanting to get rid of the thing and good luck

    Answer by frogz_lover81 at 8:11 AM on Jul. 11, 2008

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  • I got a tip from my babys doctor - cut the tip off of the pacifier! When they go to suck on it, they get air and don't like it. It worked!

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:34 AM on Jul. 11, 2008

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  • We didn't wean our oldest until he was two - from the time he was 7 months, if it wasn't in his mouth, he was carrying it. (Same thing with my 1 yr old now). On his second b-day we told him he was a big boy - and he had to throw it away. He did and we had very little problems!

    Answer by Fawn80 at 11:40 AM on Jul. 11, 2008

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  • I threw them away and kept one... We started only giving the pacifier to the baby at bedtime and naptime, and gently started taking it away gradually... I have heard of other methods, like planting them in the garde, snipping the tip of the pacifier off a little every few days, sending them to the stork. The bottom line is that you will have to do what is best for the parent and the child. Not everything works the same way for everyone, so you have to do what feels best for you and your baby. Only you can know what that is...

    Answer by taracv at 12:50 PM on Jul. 11, 2008

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  • cold turkey. my son only took the pacifier until he started teething, and that was the end of it. he was fine with it though. you could always try to replace it with like a toy or something soft for your child to chew or suck on.

    Answer by ArmyWife1769 at 1:40 PM on Jul. 11, 2008

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  • I tried cutting the tip off of isabella's pacifiers and that did not work for her!! So i ended up tricking her instead! I pretended to throw the pacifier outside to a dog and said that the dog ate her yucky pacifier! She hasnt asked for it ever since that day! She still tells me that the doggy at her pacifier!

    Answer by vbaby1 at 2:56 PM on Jul. 11, 2008

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