Do your in-laws respect you?

and if not, does your significant other stand up for you when they are disrespectful?


Asked by k_hall1784 at 8:10 PM on Dec. 24, 2008 in Relationships

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  • my ex's mother didnt respect me and he wouldnt stand up for me and it ended because of it (i didnt leave him because of it he left me because mommy dearest didnt like me)

    Answer by mommie2twogirls at 8:41 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

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  • My inlaws do respect me. And my hubby has not always stood up for me but here latley he has.I love my mil and fil. They are wonderful people. I learned that to be respected you have to give respect.

    Answer by Bl4ckR0ses at 9:11 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

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  • They are not flat out disrespectful to my face, but they do natter about me behind my back and we don't see eye to eye on a lot of issues. Dh used to turn a blind eye to it or tell me I was taking it too personally but after some real nastiness a couple of years ago he has stuck up for me more. Not that it helps much, I think that the ILs think that I 'make' him defend me even though he secretly agrees with them.

    We have a lot of issues with the ILs going way back... I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I'm a different race/culture than dh. They were not supportive of that and have never seemed to warm up to me. Their other DIL is the same race/culture and they seem to like her a lot more.

    Answer by Freela at 10:02 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

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  • both MY father and HIS father have disrepected me before and both nearly got their teeth knocked out for it by my hubby, its my sisters, though, that disrepect me the most (i'm the youngest of six) and he has always put them in their place

    Answer by bi-polarmommy at 10:48 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

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  • Mu MIL didn't respect me. DH refuses to talk to her now.

    Answer by gdiamante at 11:46 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

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  • my inlaws dont respect me so we no longer talk and they are racist pigs so they dont get to see their grandchild.

    Answer by momavanessa at 11:50 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

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  • My IL's don't respect anything that I do in regards to my family (being my bf and my kids). They think that everything that they did was correct and anything different is wrong. To them, I can't cook, clean, or take care of my kids. As was stated by FREELA, my bf turns a blind eye to what is said and tells me that his parents are the way they are and there isn't any changing them. He also thinks that I am being dramatic. I try not to say anything, but it's definitely hard being as though I live with them.

    Answer by k_hall1784 at 12:16 AM on Dec. 25, 2008

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  • My MIL used to make rude comments to me or about me. I started standing up for myself and make my husband do it too. Now, she just tries to hog his attention when she is here.

    Answer by matthewscandi at 2:34 PM on Dec. 25, 2008

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  • Mine took their sons side, when we split after he cheated and set up a new family with now two children, he cant be bothered with my kids, shows little or no concern, pays a measly amount of child support, lavishes his new family, his parents, and siblings , have never once telephoned me to see how we are getting on, rarely make any effort at all to contact/see my children, in ten years they have seen them 5 times and they live an hour away, no birthday/christmas gifts, my kids dad was abusive to me in every way, they knew this, and his mother even lied to the csa, about not knowing where he lived, shes a total bitch, who in my eyes put her scum of a son before my kids (her own grandchildren).(evil witch).

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:13 AM on Mar. 20, 2010

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  • yes,and so do i

    Answer by A11 at 2:01 AM on Jul. 19, 2010

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