How do you organize your child's toys?

We don't have a playroom so all of my daughters toys are in her bedroom and I feel like it is nothing but clutter which just drives me nuts. Any suggestions on how I could organize it to make it a little neater?


Asked by blessedmom0508 at 11:58 PM on Dec. 27, 2008 in Home & Garden

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  • We have a set of toy bins...
    It's been great! I have a bin for each "type" of toy. All of her toy cars in one, blocks in another, playdoh stuff in another.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 12:02 AM on Dec. 28, 2008

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  • Having some shelves is very helpful for toy organizing... we also have a few small bins in different places where he likes to play

    Answer by xxprittykittyxx at 12:06 AM on Dec. 28, 2008

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  • Buy plastic bins with lids that latch, at Target, Walmart, Kmart, Lowes or H.Depot. Flat ones can go under the bed, big ones can stack in the closet, and smaller ones can fit in dresser drawers. Get clear, so you can eyeball the contents.

    Answer by rebekahC at 12:11 AM on Dec. 28, 2008

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  • I have that same problem lol. I got a sliding plastic bin that goes under her bed, shelfs, one of those nets that hangs in the corner for stuffed animals. And after that I had to get rid of what she didnt play with anymore...that was the hard part lol. I would check out they have a whole section of items to organize a kids room...

    Answer by Mikayla_lynn at 12:22 AM on Dec. 28, 2008

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  • My daughter has a small room.
    I have under the bed plastic bins, boot boxes that are sturdy .We glued pretty paper on them,news paper,stickers,gardening mag pages,glitter buttons,fabric)
    They're really pretty.
    She has fabric over the door shoe rack with toys.
    One in the closet,one in her entrance door.
    I use plastic cups from Walmart clearance in bright colors and put her pencils,crayons,bath gel, a pack of little flower cleaning cloths for her messes,tissue so she has everything handy.
    She is starting to have to many stuffed toys she doesn't want to get rid off.
    I picked up a pretty curtain rod with flowers on the ends.
    We'll be using dental floss to tie on the neck of stuffed animal and then make like five long rows where I can put about 7-10 going down on each one.That should fill one of the emptier walls. Roni

    Answer by roni707 at 12:36 AM on Dec. 28, 2008

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  • I tried many systems but kids don't organize because they have color coded boxes or shelves so it never worked for us. I would get some sort of barrier like a gate and mark off a play area with a toy box in her room. That way, you have one limited space to clean up and she may be able to get in a habit of putting everything back in the toybox if the playarea is right next to it. It will be easier for you. I much prefer a quick pick up than time consuming "organization". I also like the nets you can buy to throw things in. I like the ones that hang from the ceiling with "shelves". Have fun.

    Answer by happi-ladi at 9:45 AM on Dec. 28, 2008

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  • Toy bins help me out alot.

    Answer by Mummytomore at 10:06 AM on Dec. 28, 2008

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  • A hope chest is always nice, you can put blankets on the bottom and stuffed animals and larger toys on top of the blankets, then a few tote bins under the bed for smaller toys works too. I would also go through her toys, the ones she doesn't play with pack up and give them to a friend with children or salvation army.

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 7:21 PM on Dec. 28, 2008

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  • A friend of mine that is a decorator gave me a great suggestion for toys in the family room. She suggested a low bookcase painted the same color as your wall. (beige, green, etc.) We put one next to our entertainment unit and it blends right in. It has 2 shelves that hold games, small toys, etc. During the holidays, we put put cute seasonal stuffed animals on top to decorate with.

    Answer by PinkPlumerias at 9:28 PM on Aug. 12, 2009

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