How do I start a group?

It's easy to start a group.  

1. Under the 'Groups & Conversations' tab at the top of any page select  'Create a Group' button.
2. Choose the category that best describes your group: Personal, Common Ground, or Local.
3. Enter your group name.
4. Upload your group's picture (optional).
5. Describe your group in the Short and Long Description boxes.
6. Add tags (keywords) for your group.
7. Enter a URL for your group's homepage.
8. Click 'Next'. The next page will allow you to edit your privacy settings.

Once you are done choosing your privacy settings, click 'Continue'.

Congratulations! You have created your own group.

Be sure to head on over to the Groups Resource Center. Owners and Admins of some of CafeMom's largest and most active groups are in the Groups Resource Center and they have tons of information to share with new group owners.