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How do I block another member?

On CafeMom, you have the ability to block any member from your profile page.

Blocking a member will stop her from commenting on your posts and photos, sending you messages, posting in your Chatterbox, or sending you invitations.

Be aware that blocked members will still be able to see the upper left corner box on your profile page and all of your posts/comments on the site (privacy setting permitted).  This setting does not work within groups or the Answers section, only in the Journals/Photos/Profiles areas of the site.

Here's how to block a member:

1.  Click on the "More" tab at the top of any page in gray.
2.  Click on the "Advanced Settings" link under My Account.
3.  Scroll down to "Blocked Users".
4.  Enter the screen name of the person you wish to block.
5.  Click the "Block User" button.