How do I accept/decline applications in the group I own?

Here's how to accept/decline applications in your group:

1.  While in the group click the "Applications" link at the top of the page in red.
2.  The next page will bring you to the list of applications for your group. You will see two buttons: "Accept" and "Decline". Click the appropriate button.

You will then have two options -- the option to send a customized "Welcome Message", or the option to write the member a note. Click the "Send" button. The member/applicant will then get a message saying that their application to your group has been accepted or declined.

You can also mass accept/decline applications using the check box beside each screen name. Once you have checked each member, type a message in the text box toward the bottom of that page. You can then click: "Accept Selected" or "Decline Selected".