Where can I advertise on CafeMom?

Advertisements are permitted in the following CafeMom Marketplace forums:

The Marketplace on Frugalistas
The Marketplace on The Craft Cafe

Advertising and promotions are also allowed in Journal posts and groups that allow advertising.

Please do not PM or Chatterbox your advertisements to other members unless they specifically request information.

Advertising includes:

  • Work-at-home businesses
  • Products that you are selling (personal or professional)
  • Job opportunities
  • Charities and charitable causes
  • Promoting another website (personal, non-business websites are not advertising)
  • Promoting your entry in a contest (e.g,. "vote for my baby in the cutest baby contest on xyz.com!")

CafeMom group promotions are not considered advertisements.

Pyramid schemes and cash gifting scams are illegal and posting information about these schemes anywhere on CafeMom is prohibited.

Posts soliciting or advertising the availability of children for adoption are not permitted on CafeMom.