I own a group on CafeMom and would like to send a message to all of the group members of the group. Can I send them a mass PM, or is there another way?

As a Group Owner, you cannot send mass PMs to your group members. Imagine if all of the Group Owners decided to do that daily -- as a group member, you could get overwhelmed with too many messages.

Instead, we have a feature called Group Bulletins. Group Bulletins are sent to all of the group members. They appear in the Messages Section of the member's Inbox, in a separate "Group Bulletin" folder. A bulletin can only be sent once per day per group. Also, Group Bulletins cannot be deleted -- the newer bulletin just replaces the older one in the member's Inbox.

The "Send a Bulletin" link is available to Group Owners in the Admin Tools section of the group.

Group Bulletins can only be sent by Group Owners and Head Admins.