Do I have to use forums in the group I own?

What is the Multiple Forums Feature?

Each group can have more than one discussion forum. You can use this feature to separate different kinds of conversation within your group, to highlight information you want to always be available, or to have better control over who gets to see your group's posts. Here are some examples of forums you might want to create within your group:  

  • Classifieds forums: to separate ads from other areas of your group
  • Q&A forums: to answer frequently asked questions about how your group works or to provide an introduction to the topic your group is about
  • Public forums: to give non-members a "taste" of your group, even if you want to keep some discussion private. In general it's best to make as much of your group's conversations available to non-group members as possible, as it allows other moms to find your group.
  • Administrator forums: that are available only to the group owner and administrators, so you don't need a second group to discuss issues among your group's leaders
  • Forums to split up major topics discussed in your groups: For example, a "Deals & Steals" group might have a forum just for coupon codes and then another forum to discuss good ways to shop.

Don't Overdo It!

Having multiple forums can be very helpful, but be careful of dividing your groups' discussion into too many of them. Unless a forum is meant to be purely informational (for example, a library of tutorials for a design group), you'll want to make sure each forum's topic is broad enough to keep it active. It's great to keep things organized, but you also don't want to slow the flow of conversation in your group. Think about your group's members and visitors and set your forums up in the way that makes the most sense for them.

In general, it's best to start out with only a couple of different forums and then break out more as it becomes necessary. You can't easily delete a forum once it has more than 5 posts, so you're better off having too few forums rather than too many. 

If you don't want to use multiple forums in your group, you don't have to.

If you do want to try out this feature, Click on "More Admin Tools". It's one of the Admin Tools listed in red on the top of your group. This is the place to go to change all forums-related settings. You can create new forums, change the settings of the ones you already have, and set the order that they will list in.

Once you create a second forum, each forum will display separately on your group's homepage. They'll also be accessible through the Forums link in your group's left-hand navigation.

Keep the following in mind:  

  • Make sure to let your group's members know what changes you've made and where they are supposed to be posting.
  • Each forum has its own privacy settings about who can view posts, who can create posts, etc. You can also specify that a forum contains adult content that might be offensive or inappropria