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Seriously need help... my sons 11 1/2

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Hes had accidents nightly since he was 3, its not a big deal and ive never ever made it a big deal, i simply go to his room daily, remove the sheet and blankets bleach the waterproof cover and recover with clean sheets after the bleach has dried. i do this daily. my son was invited to two sleepovers which he declined to go to, or made me pick him up around 9ish. he has goodnights to take with him and we are very discreet in using them around his friends, they are basically used for sleep overs or in the camper since i dont have my laundry machine in there! but he hates to wear them, i dont blame him. he feels horrible about it. i have taken him to a few diff drs, and they each wanted to see his privates, well this is preventing my son from allowing me to take him in to another dr to try and get help.

help us. what do i do? what has worked with you?

we have tried:

the tiny pills (he got sick from them)

the inhaled medication (didnt work)

the bedalarms (hes such a heavy sleeper he would wet, and im waking him up he would go to the bathroom, then as soon as he was back asleep he would wet again)


by on Dec. 9, 2010 at 11:48 AM
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by New Member on Jul. 5, 2011 at 11:43 PM

Quoting momofqxb:

I found that place online. You can either go there or they do it all over the phone, but there is no way we can afford it.

My son is 7 1/2. He was pee trained by the time he was 2 1/2, but refused to poop on the potty till he was 4. Right after that we got visitation of my step-daughters and the oldest told him there was a lion under his bed, then the bed wetting started, never once had an accident till then. Now he wets the bed every night. I haven't tried any medication because my SO won't let him, they didn't work for his brother who wet the bed till 18. I say my son isn't his brother, but he seems to think its something he has to outgrow. I have used the plastic sheets,I have tried the water proof sheets, we have used pull ups, but he would wet so much that he wets through them. Since he's already destroyed his mattress, I have given up on trying to stop the bed from getting wet. When he stops wetting the bed we will get him a new one.

But this morning, and its happened before, he woke up and just sat there in his wet clothes and wet bed and played. I heard him and thought he had changed clothes, but no when I got up he was still wearing his dirty clothes.
The peeing the bed don't bother me, but what bothers me is that he will get up and not even bother changing, he'll just wear his pee clothes till I make him change.

I have the same problem with my son. Granted he is only four but he will get up and wear soaked clothes, play in them and what not, like its no biggie. I have asked him why he does that, why he doesnt just take them off and he doesnt even act like it bothers him.

by New Member on Jul. 10, 2011 at 10:04 AM

I learned about Chiropractic care thru moms at my Vacation Bible School.  My daughter wet her bed  daily and we did everything the doctors told us - watching drinks, getting her up etc.  Although reluctant to go to one, I did.  It did take 4 MONTHS of 3 times a week but it worked.  It even helped her allergies too. 

by Member on Sep. 26, 2011 at 10:40 AM

I haven't really tried to much for my son who is 8. We did try to wake him up for a while but it didn't do any good. He is such a sound sleep that unless we  practically drug him to the bathroom he would just stand in his room and then he was to asleep to even try to go. We went to a urologist and she found nothing wrong. We don't care much about the night time wetting, he had issues with day time too of waiting to long to go in school. So we have been focusing more on that then night time. Which thankfully so far he has only had 1 aaccident in the day for about 7-8 months(that was at school recently). I am hopeing he keeps doing so well.

by New Member on Oct. 22, 2013 at 11:11 AM

I'm glad I came across this post. My son is 12 1/2 yrs old and is still bed wetting. He has ADD and anxiety we have done everything possible to have  him stop. Like you mama we did the pill they didn't work, we have done everything imaginable to help him stop wetting. Nothing works. He has seen specialists and all they tell us is his bladder is not big enough to hold it. Well he goest to bathroom several times before going to bed, he is not allowed to have a drink after 6pm he goes to bed at 8. Between 6 and 8 its literally every half hour or so of making him use the bathroom. We have done the waking him up all night long to go use the bathroom, but it don't just put a strain on him for the next day it does us also. We have thought of the alarm but again a very heavy sleeper and we don't think it would work.

by New Member on Oct. 5, 2014 at 6:53 PM
My son is 10 and still a regular wetter. My son's doctors fortunately have never found anything wrong with him and say it's just something he'll outgrow. In the past I've tried the restricting fluids close to bedtime idea but I worry if that can be unhealthy for him and I've also heard it can be counterproductive, it wasn't working for him at all anyway. Right now I do the same thing Dallascowboys does and make sure he's using the bathroom every 30 minutes after dinner until his bedtime (dinner is finished around 5:30-6 and his bedtime is 8). So far that hasn't helped him yet either.
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