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Introduction-single mom with tween daughter and teen son, HELP!

Posted by on Mar. 26, 2012 at 9:30 PM
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Hi, I want my babies back!  My teen son (16) is very sarcastic and indifferent, just wants to be in his boycave with his electronics and is happy.  Very intelligent, but sometimes I wonder about his heart.  My daughter is also changing rapidly (11yrs), and is drifting away, doesn't want hugs and kisses, not affectionate, wants and wants and wants everything, spoiled princess and I'm suffering now the consequences of loving them and giving too much and little discipline.  I so miss the baby years!  Will they ever come back to me?  Appreciate me? 

I live in Southeast Florida and live with my daughter in a 1 bedroom apartment.  My son lives with his dad, who he's cloned, is so much like his father it's frightening. 

Would love the support and friendship of women like me.  Great to be a part of Cafemom.

Taurusmom2 (Taurus birthday, mother of 2) aka Marianne



by on Mar. 26, 2012 at 9:30 PM
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by on Mar. 26, 2012 at 11:45 PM
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Welcome to the group! I can relate, I have 2 teens a DS who is 19 and a DD who just turned 14. I miss the days they were little too. :(
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by on Mar. 26, 2012 at 11:58 PM
I am a single mom of a 18 yr old son and 16 yr old daughter. What ur kids are doing is normal. U just need to explain that u cant give them everything they want. If they want something get a job.
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by on Mar. 27, 2012 at 7:58 AM

Hi! I can relate as well i have three two at home one on her own age 18,16, 14.  

by Grumpy on Mar. 27, 2012 at 8:21 AM

Welcome to the group.  It's normal how they are behaving however I would have more discipline for the one who is still young.

by on Mar. 27, 2012 at 12:58 PM
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The girl will get better just in time for her to leavefor college.  I could not wait to get rid of her at that age lol.  Now just when I like her again she is graduating and I can barely type it with out crying.   As for your boy good luck, I am in the same boat with 16 year old boy.  My mom who raised 6 boys says It gets better.  

by Bronze Member on Mar. 27, 2012 at 1:23 PM

I totally understand! My son is now 26 and my DD will be 15 next month. I have to hug her if there are hugs. I have to say "I love you" first. The only time she is really friendly is if she wants something, otherwise she stays  on her phone or computer texing and Twitter. My son and I have a good relationship but he lives far away and only calls if he has something to tell me. He usually doesn't ask how I am! That is ok with me for the most part because I'm proud and happy that he is doing well, independent, and knows I'm here if he needs me. I had two crisis, one his dad left us and two, my mom died, and he was totally there for me like I would never have believed.  I try to take each day with my DD as it comes and when she is being a teenager I just try to not take it personally. Everyone says we will be like best friends when she is older, yay!

by on Mar. 27, 2012 at 4:14 PM

Welcome to the group!  

by on Mar. 27, 2012 at 4:24 PM
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Your daughter really does want hugs, she is just too embarassed to admit it
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by on Mar. 27, 2012 at 8:02 PM

Thanks so much for your welcomes and your personal stories.  At least I'm not alone, but do I really have to wait 5+ years for my daughter and son to be good loving appreciative children????  ARGH!  I don't think I can make these upcoming years of puberty with my daughter...  I really don't think I'm emotionally stable enough.  I am bipolar-depressive and meds help but I don't think there are enough drugs to help me through this mother thing.  Seeing a psychologist on Thursday, hoping she will be a blessing and great help with her.  Wish me luck.

by on Mar. 27, 2012 at 8:10 PM

 It is normal for most to pull away but it looks like maybe less giving of material things and more giving of time and attention will help prepare them for the future.  They won't like it at 1st but will get used to not getting everything they want.

welcome to cafemomenjoy the group

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