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What a day.

.My teen boys are at camp this month.It is the same camp their brother ,dad ,my dad ,uncles have all attended and been counselors there.It is my 15 year olds sixth year.There is a girls camp 9 miles away.It is owned by the same family.Myself ,my sister ,daughter ,nieces and cousins have gone there.Except for one dance and a couple of competitions they are separate.My 21 year old went and visited a cousin/counselor  at the girls camp a few days before camp started.

,In the evenings before camp started the male and female counselors would hang out.One of the guys had my 15 yo in his cabin.From the start he would make suggestive comments about his sister to my 15 y.o..He would make quiet comments so that other counselors wouldn't hear.Some campers did.

Yesterday they were in the shallow part of the small river when the creep counselor tells my son he is going have sex and make her scream and beg for more...only much much cruder.My son somehow shimmed part way up the counselor and squeezed his legs tight around his chest while twisting his ears.Apparently it was very painful...hehe...the counselor started cussing and threatened to break my sons arm.My son leapt off got to shore ran down the bank and climbed a tall tree.Waterfront staff and other counselors were heading into the water and the chased after my son.The director gets there with a bull horn and calls to my son.Asking to come out and that he is getting ready to call search and rescue and us.That we will be terrified so please come in.He did.He looked at his watch a bit before the counselor and then again in th golf cart .He said it had been 7 minutes but seemed longer.The counselor was fired immediately ,per the counselor employment contract he was not allowed free on camp.His junk was packed for him.He had come from a U.S.A. Counselor across the country program and is from N.Y.He was taken to an airport and put on a nonstop.He was warned he threatened assault on a minor.

The camp had the nurse talk their nurse talk with him and they called.He wanted to stay ,I offered to get him ,his cousin to come over ,his oldest ,27 .brother lives an hour away.He offered to visit or get him.He accepted the cousin from the girls camp ...I think he wants her to smuggle contraband ...candy and gum in.We and the camp talked to him about better alternative choices...such as reporting it immediately.Camp told us counselors from the waterfront heard what was said yesterday right before my son climbed him.Many campers that had overheard the comments over the past two weeks also came forward.He isn't in any trouble and wants to stay.Other than the jerk he was having a blast.

My daughter didn't even recognize the jerks name and one of the girl's camp counslor sent her a pic so she could see who it was..She didn't remember him.They had been in groups of 20 plus.

I checked today.He slept well last night and they had even watched to see if he was eating well at meals..he is so I have to let go of my urge to go get him.

I guess all those years off cross country ,LAX and trees gave him some strong legs.The jerk complained my son was cracking his ribs with his legs and his ears were red for a long to be a jerk.

How was your is supposed to be peaceful while they are at camp  ; )

by on Jun. 20, 2012 at 5:13 PM
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by on Jun. 22, 2012 at 2:27 PM

Thank goodness it's over and all turned out well.  Great job on your sons part!!

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