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Today my son ( 11th grade) called form school and said teacher took his ipod and could not get it back til the end of the day. I told him next time he would put it away. He then called again and said the school would not let him call home( he had called from a friends phone ) and they are trying to take his ipod every day and give him  three days ISS. Not sure what to think about the school keeping the ipod at school. Students have had they're stuff damaged by the school for reasons like this.

by on Jan. 30, 2013 at 12:56 PM
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by Susie on Feb. 2, 2013 at 2:51 PM
I say don't allow your kid to bring them to school then. That solves the issue.

Quoting johnsmama98:

I had the same problem, well slightly different, last week. In my son's(9th grade) free time at the end of testing (the kids that were done testing were sent to the gym), one day the (gym) teacher allowed the kids to have their iPods out, everything was fine. Then the next day, same thing, in free time after tests, the kids asked if they could have their iPods out again and the teacher said it was ok, then 5 minutes later, this same teacher that had told them they could play with their iPods, came back and took my son's and one of his friends iPods right out of their hands, telling them they were not allowed. My son said well, you just told us we could have them out, and you allowed it yesterday, why can't we do the same today? Her answer was "You're not allowed", I wound up having to go get the thing, but I didn't get to talk to the teacher. I dearly wanted to talk to this teacher, to ask her why she allowed them one day, then allowed them the next day to only turn around and take them away. I want to add that this teacher is hateful, petty and plays favorites (to the rich kids) and most of the students do not like her. I've heard this from kids other than my son. Why allow them to play with their iPods one day and then allow it the next day, only to change your mind 5 minutes later. (She only took them from my son and his friend, not the other kids.) I was mad, and ready to tell her off, but she made sure she was not there when I came to pick up the iPod. i told my son from now on, make sure another teacher heard his teacher give permission for something like that, as a witness.

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by on Feb. 2, 2013 at 3:06 PM

I agree that rules are rules and that teachers have their work cut out for them and its a very hard job. however, they aren't all angels. some are looney tunes. maybe the kids made them that way. lol! 

Quoting atlmom2:

If they are not allowed out in class, they are not. Pretty simple. I think teachers put up with so much crap today. Teachers are really angels. I couldn't spend a day with a room full of brats that are out there now.

Quoting LuckyMom822:

I want to always believe the teachers and give them the benefit of the doubt but you can't do that in all cases. there are bad teachers out there. my bf is a teacher and she has a few bully teachers in her school. everyone knows it and the principal watches them closely (even on the hall cameras). unfortunately they have tenure and they have to screw up really bad before they are fired. rules are rules so you can't argue with them but you can argue if the situation is twisted by the teach!

by Member on Feb. 2, 2013 at 3:11 PM
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Your son should have his ipod taken from him. The teacher was wrong for yelling but its seems like you don't want to accept the consequences. My kids know if they get their phones or ipods taken because they choose not to follow the rules I'm not helping them.

Quoting ellinger03: is the update....He had been warned about having his ipod during class and was to put in in a bucket on the teachers deck at the beginning of class. Well he did not do that. Wich ISS is still a bit much for this.Then I find out the teacher was YELLING at him. I talked to the teacher when school let out to get his ipod back and teacher wants to yell at me.So I heard what he had to say. I had to tell him to lower his voice. When I told him I did not like his behavior towards  my son he did not want to hear it. What should I do about the teacher , I know what I'm going to do with my son.

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by on Feb. 7, 2013 at 2:58 PM

My daughter kept taking her brand new iPod Touch to school, even though I told her never to do so.  Her school's policy is NO PHONE, but other electronics okay on breaks only.  She's a stickler for the rules and took it out only on her breaks, but her new $300 iPod got stolen right out of her bag!  We know who did it (this girl has been caught stealing on numerous occasions so why she's still at this private school is another story), but what can you do?  My brilliant husband can't find the paperwork for it so we can't track it.  School discipline director wants serial number so he can catch the girl with it (he knows who did it, too) but dad can't find it.  So rather than get upset with the school, I would simply take it from him before it gets taken from him permanently.

by on Feb. 7, 2013 at 3:18 PM

Hmm, I'm sorry but I think I would go talk to the school and get more details on the circumstances surrounding the reason the Ipod was taken away.  Most schools have very specific rules laid out in a student hand book about the rules regarding use of any electronic devices at school.  DH had to sign an acknowledgement of the student handbook rules at the begining of the school year as well as DD13.  He also gave DD very specific rules about the use of her cell phone at school.  The cell phone is turned off and put away as soon as she hits the front door, she may take it out during her lunch period and check for any missed text messages.  Then it gets turned off and put away again until after school.  I'm sorry but children, and even an 11th grader is a child, are at school to learn and learning isn't only restricted to academics.  They also have to learn how to abide by rules so that when they go out into the work force later in life, they can have an understanding of how to work for a supervisor.  I have a job that if you are caught on your cell phone during work hours, you can be suspended from work without pay.  I am not paid to be at work playing on my cell phone.  I am paid to do my job and give my focus and concentration to my job.  At this point in your son's life, this is something he also needs to be learning.   

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