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OMG latest hospital trip, might be long

Posted by on Oct. 10, 2013 at 1:02 AM
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 I believe I am going to see about getting a lawyer.  This has gone beyond normal or professional behavior on the part of the doctor.  Just so you know, he has been fired and a new doctor will be seeing my daughter today at 1pm.  She has crohn's by the way and I'm referring to her specialist.

So, I have been calling all last week BEGGING the office to allow me to give my daughter something stronger for the pain.  The enemas have stopped working, she is going back into pain, missing school, screaming in pain.  PLEASE something more than tylenol.  No doctor got back to me, nurses called to tell me that tylenol is all I was recommended to give her.

On friday I could stand it no longer, I called and begged again and demanded that something be done about the pain she was in.  She had cried for 30 minutes in the bathroom.  They put her BACK on prednisone.  I reminded them that it put her in the hospital last time, they disagreed and ordered it.  I STUPIDLY went along with their advice and gave it to her.

Monday she came home from school, pooping blood and screaming constantly for about an hour.  I called and the dr called back gruffly saying to take her to the ER to be admitted.  2 hours in the waiting room (no one was there when we got there and then it filled up and we were the last ones in there), 1 hour was with her crying.  When she stresses it hurts, when it hurts, she stresses, vicious cycle, the only thing that will break it is good pain killer or sleep.  Neither was coming.

Finally admitted, pain killer given.  All labs are fine.  Dr sees her on Tuesday morning and calls a social worker to come in and speak to me about my son.  You know the one he called them on last time?  This time he informed them something along the lines of my son was the cause of her being in the hospital again and my son hasn't seen her in over a WEEK!  He ordered her from 40mg (total) of prendison daily by mouth to 1000mg prednisone (total) by IV daily!  Even though I told him that's why she was there! 

I told the hospital staff I was taking her home, they weren't helping and they were hurting her with the stress she was under and no logical treatment.  I had asked about a new treatment his collegue mentioned and was told no, why?  because.  That's it, because.  There was no need for her to remain there.  By the way, you can't take a minor out of the hospital AMA (Against Medical Advice).  He refused to sign discharge papers, hung up on me twice, and I fired him and his whole practice (in a pickle now, a GI attending has to discharge her and those were the only ones with rights at that hospital).  Cops were called to GUARD my child from me (though I was not stopped from seeing her) which caused MORE stress on her.  She is now terrified of hospitals and feels like a prisioner.  She has been in constant pain but refused to allow them to know it for fear they would keep her longer.  I found out today.

I got another doctor to ok the treatment plan I wanted, refused the steriods, and made a deal that he could examine her on Wed. and discharge her.  His "exam" consisted of tapping my foot (I was in the bed closest to the door and relaxing) and asking how she was doing.  Then asked if she was leaving and I said yes, he signed the paperwork and we left.

This was a basic condensed run down of what had happened.  Any chance for a lawsuit?  He should NOT be in medicine with his actions I think.

by on Oct. 10, 2013 at 1:02 AM
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by Susie on Oct. 10, 2013 at 8:19 AM
Sounds like she my need surgery. Where I worked some patients had 20 surgeries.
I don't think a lawsuit would be right. Don't like him move on. Everyone is free to doctor shop.
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by on Oct. 10, 2013 at 11:19 AM

Lawsuit? No, as parents we don't always get a say in how it goes medically. However, you can fire him (as you did) and move on to a different doctor practice. 

I was going to remove my 2 day old baby AMA, and was threatened also. Frankly, I didn't care. I was leaving, I understood their concerns but after 7 other kids I was not new to babies. Luckily my regular doc stepped in and set up a 'plan' that worked for the hospital. They do not play when it comes to stuff like that, which on one hand I understand, yet on the other...not so much.

Hopefully this new doc is just what your DD needs and can get her on the path of healing!

by Silver Member on Oct. 10, 2013 at 11:40 AM

I don't know if it's enough for a lawsuit. I'm sorry they put her through such an ordeal :(

by Grumpy on Oct. 10, 2013 at 4:04 PM

 Went to the new doctor today and learned more from him than I did the entire time with the other guy.  So sad.  At the hospital they put her on "clears" which means juices, popsicles, jellos, etc.  I learned today with her condition that is one of the WORST things they could do.  THe sugar creates a gas which is extremely painful.  He put her on anohter medication (OTC) which will help with this issue and is working to deal with the other issues as well.  He explained everything to us!  I asked the hospital a question and they gave me an "I don't know" I asked his nurse and got ANSWERS!  So happy with this guy right now. 

by Gold Member on Oct. 10, 2013 at 6:19 PM

 So glad this new dr seems to be working out better for her and you.





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