Clayton Bronson had just started living his life. The 18-year-old teen from Las Vegas was about to graduate from Sierra Vista High School and planned to attend the University of Nevada to study computer science and robotics. He was even a role model in his community who went to church, donated blood, and volunteered his time for others. But the young man will never be able to reach his full potential, and his mother has been stripped of her son, after he was reportedly killed by a person who was supposed to have his back for life: his 15-year-old brother Turner.

Turner, who is described as being "disturbed," though there has been nothing reported that makes it clear whether he has actually ever been diagnosed with mental illness, apparently had behavioral issues and his older brother was trying to help him through them. Wendy Bronson, the boys' mom, told cops that Clayton wanted his sibling to "get his life together" and that the two often fought because of it.

On the day of the murder, Clayton reportedly told Turner about a camp designed for teens with behavioral issues. Later that evening, the two got into a heated argument because Turner wanted to sneak out to visit his girlfriend. Wendy says she heard a gunshot from the bedroom and ran in to find that Turner had shot Clayton in the stomach.

And then, right in front of their mom, Turner allegedly shot his brother again -- in the head.

When cops questioned her, Wendy said she didn't keep guns in their home and had no idea how Turner got his hands on one. The young teen was reportedly smiling and chuckling at times while police interviewed him and he declined to explain his side of the story,

What a tragic and horrible story that leaves us with so many unanswered questions about Turner -- particularly with regards to his mental state. Our hearts go out to this poor mom, who will never be able to get past the image of her son being murdered just feet away from her.

Despite his young age, Turner has been charged with first-degree murder as an adult.

Do you think it's right to charge this teen as an adult for fatally shooting his older brother?