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Cyberbullying and Social Media

Posted by on Mar. 15, 2015 at 7:35 AM
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Bullied Kids Read 'Mean Tweets' & This Is No Funny 'Jimmy Kimmel' Skit 

If you're a fan of Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" segment on his show, then you are familiar with the embarrassed cringey laughter the sight of celebs reading nasty tweets about themselves can inspire. On the one hand, some of the tweets are so horrible they just make you laugh despite yourself -- on the other, you are very aware that celebs are real people, and seeing them read these hurtful things makes you feel bad for them. But, still, they're famous adults. They can handle it, right? But what about children? They get the same kind of bullying online -- how do they feel about it?


The Canadian Safe School Network has come out with a PSA which faithfully mimics the Jimmy Kimmel segment, even down to having the kids stand in front of a brick wall. At first, they read tweets that are mean but have a certain humorous edge to them. You hear an audience, much like Kimmel's, laughing. Even some of the kids seem to find their own insults amusing, much like the celebs do.

But then things start to take a turn for the worse. Check it out:

By the time the tweets get to a girl being told to kill herself, we know this is no laughing matter. The scary thing is that I think these tweets were all real. I suspect these kids were reading actual tweets that were sent to them.

It's really astounding how easy it is to bully these days. It's no better when it happens in person, but at least that bully is putting a face to their hurtful words, leaving you in no doubt who said it. These days, kids can do things anonymously and take zero accountability for what they say. Someone could also open numerous social media accounts to make it seem like a kid is being ganged up on, when it may be only one person.

I'm so grateful I'm not a kid now. The Internet can be a horrible place for them.

Teach your kids to report cyberbullying and keep an eye on what they're doing online.

Are your kids on Twitter, Facebook or other social media? Do you ever check out what is being said to them?

by on Mar. 15, 2015 at 7:35 AM
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Replies (1-3):
by Bronze Member on Mar. 15, 2015 at 8:40 AM
All my kids have Facebook and phones that text. We monitor everything all the time. We also talk to our children and give them permission to stand up for themselves.

I did catch one person trying to cyber bully my oldest son. I quickly made him get away from the computer, took screen shots, sent the kid (high schooler picking on a middle schooler) a message saying he was being blocked and he was now talking to a parent. I also told him if my son had anymore issues from this at school I had evidence and would go straight to the police with it. Then I blocked him from my son's page. My son didn't have anymore problems with him.

My son is dyslexic so he has been targeted several times but he also has permission to defend himself and the ability to do so. He also played Rugby and Football. He stands up for others being bullied and this has gotten him a box knife held to his throat at school. He handled that very well as well.

My other two have not had issues as they follow one tough big brother. We live in a small town and everyone knows everyone. Sometimes the bullying is worse in these towns because kids form these clics and if you don't fit in to any of them then there is no where else to go but to feel lonely and unacceptable to society. I think this is where our problem really lies (even in larger towns). Kids just want to be loved and accepted. Get your kids out there early socializing so they can learn early how to deal with these pressures. Watch your kids and tell them they are beautiful, smart and loved. Talk with them about everyday things. As long as you do all that bullying doesn't hurt them as much and they can say "Hey I know the bully is wrong". They will have self esteem and know no matter what they are loved. Yes somethings these kids say are extremely mean but you can help your kid know it's not real or true.
by Silver Member on Mar. 15, 2015 at 9:58 AM

Happened to my DD the other day. She notified us right away and had already taken the right steps to block that person on her phone, Facebook and Twitter. I was proud of her. 

by Member on Mar. 16, 2015 at 12:37 PM

If it is your phone you can block the caller or hang up. We all forget the phone technology now a days.

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