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Work Your Home Based Business Like A Career And It Will Shock You

Posted by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 12:09 PM
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Work Your Home Based Business Like A Career and It Will Shock You What Will Happen


Here is an article that I found to "sum it up" in our business!!!


SUMMARY: Working a home based business is different in some ways than working a traditional career but in discipline its not. One of the biggest reasons people fail in working at home is because they take the option for 'free-time' too far and never actually get around to doing the activities that
produce an income.

There comes a time when you need to ask yourself a very serious set
of questions. Are you going to do this? Or are you going to believe
excuses for the rest of your life? Are you going to make a firm
decision to work your business as a career? Or will you forever work
it like a hobby and whine about your results?

Imagine if you will what this same kind mindset would create if
someone applied this in a hospital setting. When a person is facing
a life threatening situation and they are in the emergency room of a
hospital how would they feel if the doctor showed up and said, "You
know I am giving this my best shot, I graduated last year and well I
work this position as Doctor in the E.R. as often as I can, when my
kids are acting right and my wife isn't nagging me, so here we go!
I'll do the best I can!" Most people would be rolling off the table
and running out of there, and if they couldn't run they'd be
elbowing it army style as quickly as they could. Yet that is what
people say everyday in their home based business and for some odd
reason, they believe these excuses. I have always believed excuses
to be nothing more than well planned lies.

When I was first developing my home based business I was taught
three important truths that would make or break me. These three
issues are the activities that separate someone who makes $ 10.00
per week from someone who makes $ 10,000 per month. In training and
coaching people I have noticed how
important these same issues are. They are the dividing line between
someone succeeding and someone failing, period, end of story.

Basics, People Skills and Personal Growth- These Dictate Your Income

Basics- This is when you pick up the phone and talk to someone. You
hand out flyers and give out your business card. These are the
basics. If you don't do the basics you don't have a business.

People Skills- This influences who you will talk to and who you will
avoid. Your people skills dictate what happens when you are in
conflict with a team member or a prospect. Will you stomp your feet
and quit or will you do what it takes to get along with people, even
those you don't agree with? People skills affect your paycheck

Personal Growth- This is where the rubber hits the road. No one has
ever made it to 6-figures and above without dealing with their
personal growth. Your personal growth has everything to do with
your paycheck. Avoid personal growth training and issues and you
will never make it to the level of a pro.

This last issue I must address emphatically. Because you see, your
level of personal growth dictates if you will work even when you
don't feel like it. Personal growth has a lot to do with whether or
not circumstances dictate your hours of business. Flexibility is great,

but you must have a scheduel that works for your family and be as

consistent with it as possible. Hours of business need to
be consistent with the word business. A grocery story would never
dream of being open in this sporadic way- can you imagine if you
needed diapers on the day the store owner 'didn't feel like coming

There are going to be times in your business when you just have to
ask yourself, "Am I going to do this or not? Am I going to the top
or am I not? Will I do whatever it takes to succeed or not?"
Ironically these are the same questions that a doctor must ask
himself before he goes into Med School. If he were to show up for
school or on his 24 hours shift assignment when he feels like it he
would soon be thrown out of Med School! Yet everyday, people who
call themselves home business owners, operate in this exact same way-
they work when they can fit it in, when they feel like it, when the
moon, stars and the universe line up. Sadly, they can't figure out
why they don't have a paycheck. Small wonder, not one business on
the planet could prosper with that mindset.

It's important to address these three issues if you are going to
succeed in this business you are in. Make sure you are doing the
basics everyday. Get training and build your people skills. Lastly,
work on your personal growth everyday, every year.

Let me tell you about one of my clients, his name is Tyler. When he
first came to coach with me he was homeless, with 8 kids, living
with his wife and his children at a relatives house. I told him what
I just told you.  Decide when you are working, treat this like a
career, make the decision right now to never be homeless again and
let's get to work. He made that decision and made 6-figures his
first year in business. Thank God he made that decision, his
children and his wife were depending on him! When Tyler got on the
phone and did prospecting, when Tyler held a business presentation
he didn't take into consideration if he felt like it or not, he
didn't take into consideration if this was a good day for his kids,
his wife, himself- he went to work. He worked his home based
business like a career and it paid him like one, to the tune of 6-

Now I know you didn't get started in your business venture to fail,
and you didn't get started in this business to be miserable. So you
have one thing you must do right now. Make the decision right now to
work your business as a career and I promise you, the results will
shock you.

 See you at the TOP! 

Ameriplan--My Work At Home!


Tiffany Wright, Executive Sales Director
Senior Trainer, AmeriPlan® Health/Dental Programs

Leaders of Tomorrow Pick 2008/FAHT Leadership Council
Direct Office: 636-462-5039/ Yahoo IM: tiffany_2204

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"We all have 2 choices; we can make a living or design a life."~Jim Rohn

by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 12:09 PM
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