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PLM Newsletter Monthly Issue June 2010

Posted by on Jun. 6, 2010 at 10:19 PM
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Question: Do you think PP is out there make a profit off of vulnerable young and older women?


Yes. Explain.

No. Explain.

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ProLife Mommies Monthly Newsletter June 2010


Info: Sorry for the delay in our Newsletters. Life can be hectic at times so I have been dealing with family matters and illnesses etc .. Anyhow I am gonna try to be more active and post monthly issues of the newsletter. Anyone wanna contribute hit me an email on Cafe Mom. - Katie GO ProLife Mommies


In this Issue: Jill Stanek Article, YouTube Video - Live Action Films, Political Cartoon, An Article from the Other Side, and the Famous Poll.


Michelle Duggar makes robo call for female candidate; conservative women wrest control of term "feminism"

The Susan B. Anthony List announced today that über mom Michelle Duggar (pictured right) has recorded a robo call for its endorsed AR congressional candidate Cecile Bledsoe(pictured below left).

Bledsoe is a Republican underdog running in an open seat primary runoff next Tuesday, June 8, in a "ruby red district," according to The Hill, against Rogers Mayor Steve Womack. 8 candidates vied in last month's primary, with Womack getting 31% of the vote and Bledsoe 13%.

Michelle's recorded message is precious. (Hear it here). The Hill quipped Michelle's intro "might be the best robo-call opening line this election cycle"....

Hello, I'm Michelle Duggar- the mother of 19 children.

Psalm 127 says, "Children are a heritage of the Lord."

Each and every child is a special gift from God and we should be thankful to Him for each one.

That's why I am supporting Cecile Bledsoe for Congress. Cecile understands the importance of protecting children before and after they are born. Cecile has stood up for life in the AR state senate and earned a 100% voting record with AR Right to Life.

She's a caring, compassionate person who is exactly the right person to represent us in Congress.

I hope you will give Cecile Bledsoe your vote in the Republican Primary, June 8th. Thanks!

This message is paid for the Susan B. Anthony List. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

"GOP powerhouse" Sarah Palin, former AK governor and mother of 5, endorsed Bledsoe yesterday, according to the, "[r]eferring to Bledsoe as a 'Commonsense Conservative "mama grizzly.'"

Two prominent women, one a mother of 19 and the other a mother of 5, campaigning for a female political candidate sure would seem to mean women have come a long way, baby - right?

Wrong. Liberal pro-abort feminists are incensed at the hubris of conservative women, particularly those who have also started calling themselves "feminist," which I think is pretty funny.'s Jessica Valenti called Palin et al "fake feminis[ts]" in a May 30 Washington Post op ed:

But, of course, Palin isn't a feminist - not in the slightest. What she calls "the emerging conservative feminist identity" isn't the product of a political movement or a fight for social justice.

It isn't a structural analysis of patriarchal norms, power dynamics or systemic inequities. It's an empty rallying call to women who are disdainful of or apathetic to women's rights, who want to make abortion and emergency contraception illegal....

This is the same Jessica Valenti who complained only 2 years ago in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette piece:

The word [feminism] has been so effectively misused and so effectively mischaracterized by conservatives for so long that women are afraid to identify with it. They'll say everything under the sun that's feminist, but they won't identify with it because they've been taught feminists are anti-men, feminists are ugly.

So you'd think Jessica would be happy that beautiful conservative women have decided to embrace the "feminist" term. But no. Now Jessica is complaining that the wrong sort of women have begun embracing our suffragette heritage, totally because we're pro-life. As Dorothy Warner wrote in a response to Valenti's WashPo piece:

While Ms. Valenti mentioned other feminist issues - universal suffrage, pay equity, the persistence of patriarchy - the one measure she invoked no less than 7 times was: abortion. There is room in Ms. Valenti's feminist tent for racists and those who oppose same-sex marriage, but there is no quarter for women who oppose abortion. The "manipulated buzzword" of feminism is no more or less than a cover for that.

Well, no longer. Because pro-life women have indeed come a long way, baby.




The Things I Can't Say

As a vocal prochoicer, I am not able to always speak my mind.

Every single time I tweet, blog, email or post a comment somewhere, I have to carefully look over each and every word, to ensure that I haven’t said something I “shouldn’t.”

What are these things I “shouldn’t” say? Well, basically it’s anything an antichoicer could jump onto, take out of context, or otherwise use against me. Against us. Against Planned Parenthood. Against women.

I hate that I have to guard my speech. I hate that I have to turn conversations onto random tangents over word use. But if I don’t do these things, antichoicers will run away with my words and ignore anything I say after that.

Well you know what? I’m tired of letting antis decide what I do or do not say.

So what if a woman calls a fetus a baby? So what if I follow her lead and say the word baby too? I shouldn’t refrain from using words that the woman is most comfortable with. If after her abortion she feels that her baby died and became an angel, then why can’t I agree with her on that?

I’m not the only one who feels their language is limited sometimes. And for other people, it’s limited not only by antichoicers but fellow prochoicers. For example:

I got this email in the Spectrum Doula Collective inbox earlier this week:

I know you think you’re doing good, but you are not. You are doing a grave disservice to the pro-choice movement by believing the lies from the anti-choicers. Please email me back, we can talk more about this, but please consider what you are doing before you proceed any further.

Wow. What, exactly, are we doing wrong? What sort of disservice do we do by believing pregnant people need compassionate care while undergoing surgical procedures? Or, at the very least, that they might want a bit more emotional and informational support while they undergo a highly mystified and generally misunderstood surgery?

How are we “believing the lies from the anti-choicers” by recognizing all reproductive experiences (and the emotions surrounding them) and believing that they are valid? (from Exhale is Pro-Voice)

We cannot all hide behind the statistics (“most women aren’t depressed after an abortion”). The facts are the facts, and they will remain the same. But abortion is about more than the facts; it’s about the people involved and the emotions those people feel.

Prochoice advocates aren’t the only ones silenced by antichoicers. Women who have abortions, who believe their abortion was the right thing for them but who also feel sadness afterward are stuck in between a rock and a hard place; especially when her prochoice friends feel they can’t recognize that sadness because antis will it up and run off with it. Both the woman and the advocate/friend suffer. Sometimes, the woman just refuses to share her feelings with anyone because she’s afraid of her friend’s response or, again, that antis will take her words and run away with them (See: Why I Blame the Antis).

I will not let antichoicers control my speech, and I will not allow them to have a monopoly on emotions.

Women do not fit into our stereotypes. Not all women feel regret after an abortion, as antichoicers say. Not all women treat abortion as a lightheaded, easy matter as some prochoicers say. Some women do both these things, while some do neither.

As a prochoicer, I will work to acknowledge all these feelings and emotions before, during and after an abortion. Will you?


by on Jun. 6, 2010 at 10:19 PM
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by on Jun. 6, 2010 at 10:24 PM

Comment on the Poll:

Yes I believe PP is out there to profit off of young and older women because they simply are selling their services to them to make money off of them.. They give them inaccurate information about their unborn child and sometimes give them inaccurate about pregnancy. From what I have seen on Live Action Films etc.  I believe in helping women seek the truth and honesty about what abortion does women can use that knowledge to help themselves.  Parenting is a hard job but the most rewarding job. 

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