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Diaper Directory (Updated 9-25)

Patterns Tutorials Resources
gDiaper Sewing Tutorial
Diaper Patterns and Pictures
Goodness Gracious (also has a trainer pattern)
Celtic Cloths AIO Pictorial
Patterns, Tutorials, etc
Fitteds from recycled materials
Very Basic All in One Sewing Tips Cloth Diaper Glossary
Little Comet Tails XXS (can also be AIO or cover)
Quick-Dry AIO
Wipe Solution Recipes
Shar's NB fitted
Rolling Legs Inward on Fleece AIO
More Wipe Solution
Rita's Rump Pocket
Fleece AIO with Snaps
CPSIA Summary

Fleece Pocket Diaper
More CPSIA info
Fitted Nappy
Front-Opening Pocket Diaper
Cloth Diaper Dictionary
Darling Diapers NB
PUL Pocket
Detergent Chart


Prefolds from Old Tshirts
Cheeky Diapers
Wee Weka – Many Patterns Real Prefolds
Very Baby (Patterns for purchase)
Infant Prefolds

Trimming Prefolds
Celtic Cloth
Sewing Machine/Serger Recommendations
Celtic Cloths Medium AIO
Pre-fitted Variation
Sewing Machine Maintenance
LCT Tighty Whitey Hipster
Fitted Diaper (on the cheap!)
Snap Template

HB Pocket
Machine Parts Glossary
Cloth Revolution – NB, Med, and LG
Internal Soaker Instructions – Sewing Diaper Elastic with the Blind Method Homemade Laundry Soap Recipes
Faux Fuzzis
FOE Tutorial
Diaper Measurements

Sewing Elastic

PaddyPants LG
Sew No Curl Wings


Gussets 1

Gussets 2

Gussets 3

Clothbaby Diaper Tutorial

Nykibaby “hidden” PUL without wicking

Jobbes Pocket, AIO instructions (Dutch)

Peek-a-boo Pocket

Patterns Tutorials
KSQS – Longies, Shorties, Soaker, Skirty
Wool Diaper Cover ONE and TWO

Baby Bum Sweater

PaddyPants LG
Fleece Skirty

BaaBaaBaby NB SM MED & LG Front Snapping Snug Wrap
Jobbes SM MED LG (Dutch/English) Skirty

Miala Med SweaterPants

DIY Fleece Wrap

Jobbes PUL, fleece cover instructions

Patterns Tutorials

Wee Weka Knickers
Wee Weka Knickers

L'arbre a bebes (In French!)

Wool-in-two (there are more patterns on the right side)

Waterproof Training Pants

Ditto Daddy 1

Ditto Daddy 2

DIY EC Multi-size *

Fabrics More Than Just Diapers Knit/Crochet
Pillowcase Style Fleece Pockets

Fern & Faerie Knitted Soaker
Wool Care
Lined Baby Sling
Crocheted Soaker, Blanket, Bonnet, and Sweater
Cloth Diaper Fabric and Related Terms
Mama Cloth

Descriptive Guide With Pictures
Diaper Bag
Knit Eyelet Skirty
PUL Tips
Mama Cloth Tutorial
Tiny Birds Knit Longies
Fleece Tips
Jan Andrea Mama Cloth
Crocheted Soaker

Baby Leg/Arm Warmers
Wool Soaker Parade

Hospital Gown
Knit Baby Booties (English at the bottom)

Cloth Wipes
Bitty Baby (Crochet)

Wetbag, Changing Pad Cover, Pouch Sling
Micro Monkeys (Crochet)

Contoured Nursing Pads
Tiny Striped Turtle

Weewee Tent

Diaper Doubler

Insert Sock

Wet Bags

If any links are broken, please notify xtwistedxlovex and it will be fixed or removed ASAP. Know of a pattern or tutorial that's not listed? We'll gladly add it! Just link to it in a reply on this post.

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Replies (11-14):
by on Oct. 11, 2011 at 7:05 PM
So excited to find this! Looking forward to going thru all these marvelous resources
by on Dec. 18, 2011 at 12:11 PM
Thank you for this :)
by on Jun. 26, 2012 at 12:44 PM
Wow! Thank you! I'm just getting started, and this will be so helpful!
Posted on CafeMom Mobile
by on Dec. 19, 2012 at 4:27 AM

 I have a small shop where I sell a lovely Diaper Cover SEWING PATTERN and more than just diaper covers with a lot of positive feedback:

Waiting to get into this list!! Thank you very much! :)

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