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Expert Group of the Week: The Way a Stay at Home Mom Should Be!

Posted by on Sep. 17, 2010 at 10:15 PM
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The Way a Stay at Home Mom Should Be!

How did you get your group to grow, and how do you keep your members active?
I announced the group in all my other groups.  I also changed my siggy to advertise. I announced on my JOURNALS and in the market place. It just took off from there!

We post about everything - controversial issues, helpful issues, it stays active on its own!

How long have you been a group owner, and what made you want to start your group?

I have been group owner of THE WAY A STAY AT HOME MOM SHOULD BE for almost two years now!

When I first joined cafemom, I joined a popular stay at home mom's group looking to get support and advice, maybe a good laugh once in a while. The expectation I had was soon squashed! haha. The women were all terribly mean to eachother, bashed eachother for simple questions or differences. After I received a BIG bash from many members for a truly special time in my life, I left the group. Soon after, I started "The way a stay at home mom should be." I set the guidlines up to be VERY strict against bashing and any negativity toward other mom's. We all share our opinions openly and support eachother on everything. We have had VERY few situations that have caused reprimanding. We have over 1000 members in our group and its still going strong!!! I chose the group title not as a "We're better than you.." but more of, showing eachother how stay at home mom's are. As mothers, we're everything.  We're healers, we're teachers, we're doctors, we're chefs, we're multi-taskers, we're everything to our children. We should be everything to eachother as well! A stay at home mom should be a light to all other mommies and people. If we teach our children to be a certain way, we should be the same way to eachother!!!

What are your top three tips for someone just starting a group? 
I'm no expert, but my suggestions are to keep an open mind. Dont put too many guidelines down or make it too strict, because then it defeats the whole purpose of cafe mom. Offer support and understanding for ALL who join your group. Treat eachother with grace and love and you'll weed out the bad seeds!

What do you think your members take away from their group experience while they are a part of your group?

Our group is VERY close. We have established such incredible friendships! I have made a few very close friends from my group. I have personally met one lady and we talk and text daily! We have sent eachother baby gifts, have been the support to many hurting marriages, confusion on raising mothers. A consistent statement from the mom's of my group is, "I LOVE THIS GROUP! I Love that I can be myself, and share what I feel without being bashed to pieces!!!"

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Thank you for featuring me and my group.I just want to express the importance of having a good group of Admins to help. I have complete confidence in the administrators of my group. They are like fellow group owners! I trust that if I can't be around to watch the group, they will do what I would do! 

And, Cafe mom, thanks for giving us a place to come and hang out on our down time!!




by on Sep. 17, 2010 at 10:15 PM
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