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Arabic Families

Posted by on Jan. 14, 2011 at 9:19 PM
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Arabic Families

Share with us a little about you-- how long have you been a CafeMom member, and what does your screen name mean?

Hi! I've been a member of cafemom since June of 2007. So from fairly early on. I love it here! It's been such a fantastic way for me to meet other Moms whom I'd otherwise never know!! I think it's a simple, yet amazing concept that's been put together here. Social Networking.. Just for MOMS! *And don't we need it the most?? Esp when we stay home* My screen name is in two parts the "Habibti" is an arabic word. It's the feminine use of the word, but is a term of endearment in Arabic.. Hard to get a straight translation to English- but roughly it means "My Love" and the 812 is when I started dating my husband in 2001 :-)

Now, tell us a little about your group- how long have you owned it, and what made you start it?

The group has changed hands quite a few times. I didn't start it, but I had been a part of it for almost as long as I've been on cafemom.. I have been owner probably close to a year now when my friend stepped down because she had a lot going on. The group was completely quiet at that point so I had to revive it. (Which I'd say went well!)

Is your groups primary focus friendships?   

Friendship, Advice, being able to relate to eachother in the situations everyone is in.

What do you do in your group to encourage friendships to be made?

I don't really think it needs to be encouraged, it just happens. Many of us Moms who actually are  Arab feel almost an immediate connection to eachother, And the Mom's who are married to an Arab are so friendly and nice, they really reach out. They want to know everything about our culture, our ways etc. And being able to share parts of ourselves with them makes us feel good. It's like a big family.

What do you think your members take away from their group experience while they are a part of your group?

I know a lot of people have left with more understanding. There are always a lot of questions about the culture asked, and it's a great place to have them answered, And I hope they are walking away with some really great friends too!

Are there any other tips you would like to give a group that might just be starting out?

Get yourself some really good mods. I'm pretty good at delegating responsibilities, so when I felt I had a lot on my plate (Since I do MOD work for cafemom in NJ Moms and such) I got myself some REALLY good Mods. I taught them what I learned being a Mom in the NJ MOMS cafemom group, about if you talk to eachother enough people will eventually jump in and start talking too! I got a couple good ones, and they do an AMAZING job at keeping things going (Even when I'm busy!) I love those ladies :-) Where there is common interest, it should be easy to keep a group going!!

by on Jan. 14, 2011 at 9:19 PM
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