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Homeschooling Styles

Posted by on Apr. 15, 2009 at 4:58 PM
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There are many widely varying approaches to homeschooling, which can make choosing an appropriate homeschooling style a daunting task, especially for newer homeshoolers. It is important for parents to choose a homeschooling style that fits their parenting and teaching preferences, as well as their children’s learning style. To get an idea of what techniques will ultimately fit their real world needs, parents may find it helpful to research and even try “test runs” with various homeschooling resources or methods.

In homeschooling, it’s important for parents to be flexible, realizing that one style may be appropriate for one child but not for another. Then too, as children grow, learn, and mature, homeschool styles and strategies may need to change as well. To get you started in your search for effective homeschooling techniques, we’ve listed some helpful links below


Different Teaching Styles
Descriptions of various homeschooling methods, along with questions to contemplate when deciding whether to try a particular approach in your family.

Which homeschooling method is right for you?
This extensive article contains information about a huge variety of strategies and approaches to homeschooling.

Styles of Homeschooling
This link gives a listing of various styles of homeschooling along with some brief descriptions and potential pros and cons.

Homeschooling Methods
Various methods of homeschooling are given in detail within this article.

Free Tools:

Homeschool Views Quiz
These are FREE quizzes designed to help identify both learning and teaching styles, which make choosing a homeschooling style or method easier.

“Click-O-Matic” Guide to Choosing a Homeschool Approach
Parents and students can benefit by taking this FREE quiz to help figure out which method of homeschooling may be right for their family.


Homeschooling Methods: Seasoned Advice on Learning Styles
Gena Suarez and Paul Suarez
A very informational book that covers various homeschooling learning styles and explains how those methods are applied in the homeschool setting.

Additional Links:

Homeschooling Styles
This website gives links to various resources on homeschooling styles including books, online resources, products and more.

Guide to Homeschooling Approaches and Curriculum
Here’s a listing and description of various homeschooling approaches, popular methods and philosophies, and the different types of instructional materials available.

Homeschooling Methods
This informative site lists and explains the different styles of teaching and how to go about using them.

Homeschooling Approaches
With links to what each entails, here is a listing of some popular homeschooling methods.

by on Apr. 15, 2009 at 4:58 PM
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