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i almost died saturday

Posted by on Jun. 14, 2010 at 12:00 PM
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Ok, so remember my post earlier in the week about buying a dress to take pics in to send to my SO? Yeah scratch that idea... Wanna know why? Look at this pic, tell me if u can figure out why:

Yes ma'am, thats my car above this writing. I had JUST gone inside the bar literally less than 3 minutes BEFORE this happened!! HOLY FUDGE!! I loved my car, this thing was my baby!! And now it is going to the scrap heap in the sky. Why you ask? Well the story goes a lil like this:

I was over at my daycare, celebrating my dd's uncle's HS graduation (i know, confusing, bear with me). Well, another daycare mom and I decide to head down to the bar, and 2 of the neighbors decided to go with us. The other mom walked with one guy while I drove down with the other guy. I was not wearing my seatbelt, which I have been really good about doing in the last month. We get there, its about 10 after 11. I park the car right outside the main door and the guy and I walk inside, order our drinks. The bartender turned around with our drinks, and said "holy shit". Naturally, I turn around and look out the plate glass window to see nothing but smoke. Then I see my hood is screwed up, so I thought maybe the guy in front of me had floored his car in reverse or something. Nope. Some older guy (55+ according to the cops) had decided to try to commit suicide. He had driven at speeds exceeding 70 MPH with cops chasing him for several miles. Apparently, my car looked like a great place to die, so he apparently aimed for my car. You can see part of the damage in the picture. My car hit the cadilac in front of it, leaving barely a scratch. The Bad Driver (which I have named him) swerved left, hit another car (ford taurus), swerved right and hit a light post. His blood is still on the sidewalk 5 hours later ( I know, I just went past there lol).

I didnt even have time to pull out my phone to call 911 when the cops were there. I was hysterical cuz we had JUST gone inside. Had I waited in the car an extra minute, I seriously would not be typing this right now. Had my daughter been in the car, she would have been dead. Cuz that missing door on the driver's side? Yeah, thats where my daughter's carseat is. Well, was. Now we need a new one.

I called my insurance agency ASAP and the lady I talked to was freaking amazing. A childhood friend happened to be at the bar, and he consoled me as I freaked out. I called my job, to let them know I had no way to work this morning. I called my mom. I called my FMIL. I facebooked a new status "9 cops and an ambulance, I sure know how to have fun". My facebook profile pic is currently the picture above all this typing. Oh yeah, side note about  work, I was informed that if I am not there at 1030 (its currently 430) Im fired. And I have no way there. FML.

As for Bad Driver, I know nothing about him, other than his injuries were non-life threatening. He broke his axel in half, both air bags were deployed. The front end of his car? FUCKED! LOL. The caddy's owner isnt worried about his car, he didnt even call his insurance ppl yet (well at least not while I was there, and I stayed at the bar late). The ford's driver, who was IN the car when she got hit, is fine. Her car only needs her carseat and back passenger door replaced. My car? Absolutely TOTALED! Just my freaking Luck!!

I called my insurance, I did what I was supposed to do. Im now car-less till further notice, which REALLY blows, but Im alive, and thats what is major here. I will post more pics on today after I upload them. Right now, Im still freaking relling!

ALSO, just remembered this, when Bad Driver's car finally stopped, the cops were on him like white on rice, guns out and pointing. There was a half bottle of Fleishmann's Vodka, the giant sized bottle. It had been IN the car, so I assume he was drinking and driving...

AND there were 3 waunakee cops (thats where i live), 1 state patrol (which is doing the report) and 5 dane countys. Well, and the waunakee ambulance too.


<-- look at the angle of my dd's seat!! HOLY WOW

<-- whats left of my dd's door!!

<-- a side view...

<-- Bad Driver's car....

If you would like to see more pics, follow this link to my facebook album:

by on Jun. 14, 2010 at 12:00 PM
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