woman applying mascaraWe've all been there ... wearing that brand-new look you feel seriously HOT in, and here comes your man to quash your currently glowing self-image with a totally ridiculous, out-of-left-field criticism, i.e., "What's with all the makeup?" or "Are you headed to an audition for Game of Thrones?" Don't worry. It's NOT you!

Unfortunately, many men struggle to wrap their heads around why we would want to sport stilettos or that funky new dress style everyone's pining after/pinning! And you know what -- who cares? Rock it anyway, woman. 

Here, ten styles our guys just don't get, but we're allowed to love anyway ...

What's a look you love that your man loathes?

High-Low Skirts

Whether solid or a sheer skirt layered over a mini one, this party-in-the-front, elegance-in-the-back cut is so right now. It's everywhere this summer, and it's so fun to wear! But one look at you, and some guy is bound to ask you why half of your skirt is MIA. Ahh well!

One-Shoulder Dresses or Tops

Pair that high-low skirt with a one-shoulder look that is also super-in, and you're just asking for some tongue-clucking. A friend of mine was wearing a one-shoulder dress recently, and her fiance told her she looked like a witch. So silly!

Fake Eyelashes

We may love 'em, but in-your-face, drama queen fake lashes tend to freak men out. Honestly, I don't think they like the thought of any eye makeup and cringe every time they see us put that mascara wand near our eyeballs. Yeah, we are such daredevils!


For some reason, men seem to LOATHE Uggs. But pfft, we're so comfortable we really don't care!

Red Lipstick

Sure, some guys dig the fully made-up look, but more often than not, it seems like rocking that perfect red (or even hot pink) lipstick will cause your average Joe to ask you if you're running off to join the circus. Agh.

Platform Wedges

According to a new poll, wedges are the shoe men find least attractive on women. New conclusion: They just don't understand them, and if we like them, we're going to wear them. End of story.


Men definitely have a love-hate relationship with thongs, because hello, they're sexy. But they also completely do not understand why we would find them comfortable. (Actually can't say I blame them on this one!)

Accent Belts

We see it as a cute accent or way to give an outfit more shape. He doesn't understand what the point is. As a guy I know said to his girlfriend recently, "Why does it go right under your boobs? And what is it holding up?!"

Manicure With an Accent Nail

This manicure trend is super-cute as far as many women are concerned, but guys tend to be thoroughly befuddled by it.

High-Waisted Shorts

We may think they're fashion-forward, but apparently guys believe this trendy style makes our butts look "long." Haa. All right, it's true, but whatever, dudes.