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Posted by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 1:24 PM
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Hi welcome to the group! Please tell us who you are, kids and ages, and don't forget to tell us why you're here! This is a very new group, and I'm so excited by the great response it's gotten so far!!!!
by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 1:24 PM
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by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 2:22 PM
=) hope it will be a great support group!! it can be super hard to deal w/this issue!! unless you know and have been there you can't really understand!!
by Group Owner on Jun. 14, 2007 at 2:32 PM
You listen to me bitch about it enough... you might as well have it! You know all the symptoms
by on Jun. 15, 2007 at 3:07 AM

My name is TracyLynn and I am 40, married for almost 22 years, mom to 4 and grammy to 1. I am a thyroid cancer survivor....I had a thyroid cyst for several years (but didn't know about even though looking back at pics it's visible..I have been told that it's not uncommon to never notice the lump because yous ee yourself every day and those around you do as well and it grows so gradually that it just gets wasn't huge or anything) and in 2/05 it shifted and caused me to be unable to breathe,...TG it kept moving and I could breathe again after a bit. After many tests it was found and on 3/2/05 it was removed and 2 cancerous lesions were found on it so 14 days after surgery #1 was done, surgery #2 was done to remove my thyroid (which had one small cancerous lesion on it). My thryoid and parathyroid are gone. I take Levoxyl....which works well though I do have moments when I don't feel 100%.....I am peri-menopausal which can be such a joy when you have no thyroid (NOT). I had thyroid issues related TO thecancer for years but had no clue...I was 98#'s, tired all the time...etc. but I just wrote it off to being the busy mom to 4 kids. I am much healthier these days, I weigh a nice healthy 156#'s and I am actually pretty energetic these days. I don't think about not having a hasn't changed my life or what I can do.....I am just me minus a thyroid.


Wife to Gary since 10/22/85

Mom to:
 Cristopher-20 (a soldier stationed a few states away and soon to deplot to Iraq), Andrew-19 (dad to 1), William (AKA~BJ)-16 (10th grader in school year starts on 8/23) and Daniel-15 (also a 10th grader in waiting); Grammy to Ayden born 7/7/06 and Heart Mom to Frances-24 (Cris's gf and also a soldier soon to deploy).

Stay at home mom, wife of a Veteran, mom of a soldier, thyroid cancer survivor (cancer free and thyroidless since 3/05) and former homeschooler (1995-2003). I love to make new friends :-)

by New Member on Jun. 25, 2007 at 1:31 PM
Im Nicole, 39, SAHM of 4 (15,10,4,2).  In early 2005 while pregnant with my youngest my doctor found that my thyroid was enlarged on one side and had suspiciously large cysts on both sides, and after additional testing felt that the safest course of action was to remove it completely.  He felt it was likely to be cancerous but because of my pregnancy couldnt wait to do additional testing, since I was about to enter the last trimester and if it was cancerous the growth rate would have become phenomenal.  I had a thyroidectomy during my seventh month (took 3 hours) and have been on synthroid since I stopped nursing (a long time ago).
The doctor I am using now is monitoring my TSH levels and says they are all normal, but I feel like I am not back to normal.  I am tired ALL THE TIME.  I have to have a nap on most days (when my 2 year old naps).  I have long hair and it seems to be shedding too much.  I can run my fingers through it at any time of the day and lose 10-15 strands at a time.  Multiple times a day.  I also feel irritated all the time.....although not as bad as when I was hyperthyritic.  Is this normal for the condition?  Im not thrilled about having to take a pill every day for the rest of my life, and its really frustrating that I cant get the things done that I need to!  I mean I used to be able to have a full  day of work and/or school, put myself through a challenging college career, have been able to held down several jobs at a time.  Now I feel like I cant get anything done, and my motivation is really low.  Is my energy level falling just because Im getting older?  Or have more kids?  Is this normal??
by on Sep. 29, 2007 at 4:00 PM
Hi! I'm Kelly, I'll be 30 this October, my daughter is 20 months old, and apparently, I have a family history of the thyroid going wonky after childbirth, so here I am. Nothing official yet, that appointment is on Wednesday, but I really hope I get a good doc who LISTENS to me. Already had one who blew me off. Looking forward to getting to know you ladies better and hopefully some of you can help me along the way!

"The journey is my home."

Had a not so perfect pregnancy? Come join the rest of us!
by New Member on Nov. 8, 2007 at 5:32 PM
I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism due to Graves' Disease in the summer of 2003. I didn't realize I was sick at the time because it was summer in Arizona (hot!) and a lot of the symptoms coincide with regular post-partum symptoms. My second son was nine months old and in the 0th percentile for his weight because his metabolism was zinging right along with mine. The pediatrician actually accused me of not feeding him and didn't believe me when I said that he nursed all the time. Needless to say my hormones were passing through my milk and affecting him. I started medication and weaned him a month or two later.

I took (PTU) medication for two years before I became euthyroid and dropped them altogether. I believe that if I had a nice, knowledgeable, and compassionate doctor I could've healed sooner. That wasn't the case, however, and I had to fight through PTU-induced hypothyroidism to educate myself and find a competent doctor that would work with me. I was lucky in that I rejected ablating my thyroid with radiation from the get-go. I found that remission was possible and I achieved it. I was euthyroid for almost a year before I became pregnant.

Pregnancy didn't pose any problems for my thyroid but as research would point out, 31% of moms have a relapse of Graves' Disease after birth. I was one of those.  Three months after my daughter was born I had the typical symptoms of Graves' and in addition my hair was falling out en masse!  Needless to say I was freaking out.  I decided to wean my child because I didn't want to put her through the medication rollercoaster to find the right dose in order to bring things under control.  Also, I wanted to experiment.  I was going to see if just weaning my baby would fix things, thereby identifying my main "trigger".  In a matter of six to seven weeks I went from severely hyperthyroid to slightly hypothyroid.  My weight see-sawed with the change.  It was a few months after this that things settled out and I am back in remission.  All I did was wean my baby (and confirm my suspicions).

I still have a goiter.  I didn't pay much attention to it until I went to a nutritionist.  He suggested I switch to a gluten-free diet (as celiac is common with Graves' patients) and take an iodine deficiency test.  The test came back as very low, essentially saying that I needed a lot more iodine than the average bear.  I'm still making heads or tails of this because while I want to feel better-- and iodine sure made me feel zippy-- I don't want to trigger my Graves'.

So here I am.  I'm in remission, but possibly may have an iodine deficiency.

I'm glad to find this group, as I like to exchange ideas.  If anyone wants to pm me, I'm all ears.  :)  One book that has really helped me through all of this is here:

by New Member on Jan. 3, 2008 at 9:38 AM
Hi!  I was diagnosed with GD quite a few years ago and after trying medication/remission/relapse/medication I decided to go with a thyroidectomy.  Exactly 6 months after the surgery we found out we were pregnant - SURPRISE!  So it's been an interesting ride!

by New Member on Jan. 3, 2008 at 9:53 AM
Hi!  I found out there was an issue with my thyroid very early on in my pg with my middle child. I thought I was miscarrying and was out of town.  Went to the local hospital there and they said.. oh we found the hearbeat!  I tried telling them I was too early to hear the heartbeat (only about 5 weeks) and a nurse said.. oh, that is her heartbeat!

Went home and went to my reg doc who said I had a goiter and sent me to an endo.  I was on PTU throughout my pg and then was offically dx with Graves shortly after Noah was born. Shortly after that we went ahead with a total thyroidectomy and have been on synthroid since shortly after that surgery. It will be 9 years this March.
Amy, mom to Kayla, Noah and Nick
by on Apr. 6, 2008 at 8:34 PM
hello my name is Whitney, i'm 21. i just had my first child in october of 2007. in november of 2007 i started to realize that my throat felt like there was a knot in it so i just thought i was getting sick. as the days went on i was reading about thyroidism because it is a family history and everyone in my family begins to have problems after they have a child. i realized i was having every symptom of hypothyroidism. went in to the dr and got blood done and it showed i was hyperthyroidism. went and seen a specialist and it turns out its graves disease. I've tried everything. regular pills to radiation which made my thyroid swell. so as of right now no one knows what to do and i'm afraid to let them take out my thyroid. i've gained 66 pounds since i've had my daughter and i dont eat junk food or drink soda. i'm just glad there's more woman to talk to about what's going on with my body.
by New Member on May. 19, 2008 at 10:51 AM
Hi my name is Terri I am 36 yo I have been married forgoing on 20 yrs. We have 5 children, 17 yo boy, 5 yo girl, 4 yo twin  girls and 2 yo boy.
  I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism due to Graves Disease in December 2001. I was supposed to go through the radioactive iodine treatment in Feb. of 2002 but found out that I was pregnant with my first daughter so they put me on PTU and we postponed it and I was going to go through  with it a few months after I had her. I was unable to do the iodine because our medical ins. ran out, when we got medical ins.again  I ended up being pregnant with my twins so I continued taking PTU. My Graves was so bad that my Dr. told me that I had to continue with PTU for about 2 yrs  before they did the Radioactive Iodine, well I was almost into my second yr of PTU when we found out I was pregnant so once again it was postponed. My baby is now 2 yo and I have just now started to feel the symptoms of the hyperthyroidism returning.  

I am looking forward to talking to all of you and hopefully we can help each-other in dealing with this disease.
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