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Where is everyone from??

Posted by on May. 25, 2009 at 4:44 PM
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hey ladies, lets introduce ourselves in here and say where we are from, maybe we'll have a due date buddy that lives close.

 My name is Denise, tho you should all know that by now, lol, since I invited just about all of you, lol, anyway, I am 22 (just turn 22 yesterday on 5/24 yay me) and I am married to Dan, been married since December 2007 and I have a beautiful little step daughter that is 4 almost 5, I am due on January 6th 2010 and I live is southeastern Michigan about 20minutes from the ohio border, I am also an animal lover, I have 2 dogs, my big butt boy Choji Jacob Akimichi he is almost 1 and is a pure chocolate lab, and Katara Renesmee whose 1 & 1/2 and and a lopsided mutt, literally she has 4 different sized paws and her ears a different lengths, lol, but I love her, she is a Lab, Beagle and Weimereiner, then I got 2 kitties, Buffy the Cow kitty is almost 17 and she has been in my life since the day she was born, and I have little 6 month old Sid Lee Edward who is my peaches and cream boy, yea, I am a goof ball, you can all say it as many times as you like, I am silly and goofy and will always be so, lol,

well, anyway ladies, I hope we can all get to know each other, and I hope you won't feel shy to introduce yourselves, lol, you don't have to say as much as I did, but it'll be good for us to get to know each other, well, talk to you all soon, byebye

Our First Baby Together Is Due January 6, 2010

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by on May. 25, 2009 at 4:44 PM
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by on May. 26, 2009 at 12:08 PM

Hi Denise and all other ladies!

My name is Karina, 24 years, till July 3rd. Somehow I doubt that I will meet any mommy here that lives near by. I live in the Netherlands, Utrecht. I'm actually Latvian, but my husband is Dutch. We got married on 9th of May! But we didn't wait for the ring to start on our new project! Succeeded within a month ;)

I'm a full time operations assistant at huge international company and I organised Business exhibitions acrouss Europe. Pluss I'm a part time student of International Business and Manadgement studies.

I have a bunny! and a hamster :)

Hope to get to know you all better so that we can support each other through this exciting time of our lives!


by Group Admin on May. 26, 2009 at 8:47 PM

Hey everyone! My name is Heather and I am 23 years old.  I recently moved from a small town in Michigan  to San Antonio Texas!! Talk about a small fish in a HUGE pond LoL. I married my long time sweetheart David in March. We both are in EMS and have enjoyed being in the field (if you love your job you never work a day in your life right?). I was told from an early age that the chances of me getting pregnant were less than ONE PERCENT!! So I just accepted that and David loved me anyway. Last week was our EMS week here in Texas, I had been irregular so I was going to test and see what was up. I tested before heading to the company picnic/ BBQ and had a positive test. I decided not to tell my husband right away, he saw the positive test and about flipped!! I told him not to hold his breathe about the test and I would retest in a few days, we went to the picnic and he told one of our best friends that I was expecting!! She told us after his impromto announcement to her that she is expecting TWIN BOYS!!! I was never so excited. We enjoyed the week and I tested a few days later ~ and it was POSITIVE AGAIN!!  I went and  saw a friend of minw who is a doctor with my step mom. They both about hit the floor when they heard two heart beats, I started crying and wishing my husband was there (but he had to work). Then we got to see my little guys ~ I was overwhelmed. I was so happy and greatful. My husband was in shock and awe when I told him. Now he has the ultrasound as the wallpaper on his phone!!

This is our first, and second at the same time LoL I am soooo greatful and happy..  we are due on January 14 2010! My best friend is due on December 14th 2009! We are both having twins!!!

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by New Member on Jun. 8, 2009 at 11:01 PM

Hello. I'm Kayla.. I'm only 16 years old, but yeah, 8 weeks pregnant with my first. I saw a little ad thingy on myspace for this website and thought I'd check it out.. Everyone seemed so nice and like I'd have people to talk to, which is great right about now. I live in the middle of nowhere in New Oxford Pennsylvania. I live with my parents, sister, and her boyfriend. I have a cat named Moo and two betas, Gilbert and Puppy. Weird names for everything, yeah I know =] The father of my baby is also my loving boyfriend [Meaning, yes, we are still together and are just getting even closer with this experience].. Well, he asked me to marry him a little over a month ago[May 2nd], I did say yes, but I know I'm too young to really consider myself to be engaged, but.. I still call him my fiance and whatnot. Anywho. He's in the Navy, which drives me insane and makes this much harder than it would be under any other circumstance. He's stationed in Norfolk, Virginia and works on the USS Enterprise. He's very supportive of everything though and couldn't be more excited about being a daddy! Which makes things a lot easier because it's not like either of us regret it or anything, but we do wish we would've waited a little bit longer.. But, since we didn't and can't change anything now, The best thing that's ever happened to us is due on January 16, 2010. I'm so excited, but VERY nervous! I look forward to getting to know everyone on here and having some people to talk to and share this experience with=]

by on Jun. 21, 2009 at 8:11 PM

Hi everyone! My name is Janna and I'm 19 years old. I am from a small town in the central valley of California. I met my boyfriend my freshman year in high school, he was a senior and didn't expect it to last long considering he would graduate soon... but here we are 5 years later happily in love and now expecting our first child together. My due date is January 24, 2009. Although this pregnancy wasn't planned, i truly believe its a blessing in disguise. I'm nervous but excited too! I was going to a community college nearby and working part-time as a caregiver but I think I'm going to take a year off of school so I can prepare & spend time with the baby once its born. Both mine & his family are very supportive & happy, so that really helps! I have 4 cats ( 1 boy & 3 girls) Garfield, Sasha, Boris, & Butters... Sasha & Butters had kittens recently so we have 7 little kittens running around that we are going to find good homes for as soon as they are old enough. Well thats about it! Oh yeah... tomorrow is my first ultrasound & I'm super excited!!!

*EDITED ON 6/22* I had my ultrasound today and my due date is now January 16, 2010!!! I moved up 8 whole days :)

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by on Jun. 21, 2009 at 10:20 PM

Hello!  My name is Nichol and I am 19 years old.  I live in a suburb outside of Austin, Texas called Cedar Park!  I just moved to a nice apartment with my boyfriend, Eric.  We moved from a house but it's an upgrade, lol.  I used to work at the grocery store in the deli, but on Tuesday I got sick of it and quit..I met Eric while I was at work, though.  He was a customer and came to the deli to get some sandwich meat and he was so excited to have me help him!  Ever since we've been inseparable.  This is both our first and we are so excited!  Soo..hmm..I started college but left because my life was way off track and I was a total wreck at the moment.  I'm going to go back in the future though, no questions asked!

My EDD is January 28, 2010.  I'm *finally* having my first appointment on Wednesday and I'm hoping everything goes well! :]

by on Jun. 23, 2009 at 12:53 PM

Hi, I'm Marci and I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida!  My husband and I were married on Oct 4, 2008, and are expecting our first, due on Jan 1!  We're so excited about it, and so are both of our families - it's the first grandchild on both sides!  We have a dog named Sammy Davis who is hilarious and very acrobatic!  My husband is the head of a charitable foundation, and I am lucky enough to be a SAHM (I guess it's just a housewife until I actually give birth, but whatever!)  It's so great to have you all to talk to and share experiences with!  I have never seen anyone go through a pregnancy before, either a friend or family member, so it's all kind of new to me!  I hope everyone is having a good first one - I just got out of the first trimester and the nausea is gone completely, so there is hope at the end of the tunnel! 

Talk to you all soon!

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