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Energy, Experience, Skill? What the heck do all of these words mean?!

Posted by on May. 27, 2009 at 2:24 PM
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There's some lingo in Latte Land, so to make it easier, here's a quick reference to what a lot of the words mean!

Energy - Energy lets you serve customers, at first you start with 24 energy points, and it costs you 3 energy to serve a customer.  You regain 1 energy point per minute.  That means that every 24 minutes you can serve 8 customers!  Plus, once an hour you can buy a cup of coffee from another player which will refill your energy.  There are also a lot of other ways to get free energy that you'll have to discover!

Experience - Experience is earned whenever you serve a customer (even if you fail, you still learn something!).  Experience controls your level in the game.  You can never lose experience points.

Java Bucks - Java Bucks are the currency of Latte Land!  You earn Java Bucks by serving customers (but not if you fail!).  You can use your Java Bucks to buy ingredients, recipes, new equipment, travel, or set up a new shop in a different neighborhood!

Level - Your level in Latte Land is your badge of honor of how far you have progressed.  As your level increases, your title will change, as well as your ability to do certain things.  Also, once you get to level 5, you'll earm skill points each time you "level up" that you can use to increase your skills!

Recipes - Just like cooking, fine coffee needs a good recipe!  You can learn recipes by buying them at the shop.  Some higher-level recipes can only be given to you by special customers!

Skill Points - Skill points control your ability to do certain things in the game.  At first, you only start with the Brewing skill, which controls what kind of coffee you can make and how good you are at it.  Later, you'll learn the Marketing and Hostessing skills!  After level 4, each time you advance a level, you get a free skill point to increase a skill.  You can only increase your brewing skill until level 16 when you can start increasing your Marketing skill.  At level 25, you can start increasing your Hostessing Skill.

Equipment that you buy can also change your skills - mostly up, but some can have negative effects, so make sure to check your equipment to see if an angry customer has left something bad for you!

Want to know more? Read the other posts in this forum, or ask a question in the Discussion Forum!

- The CafeMom Team

by on May. 27, 2009 at 2:24 PM
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