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Macchiato Heights Walk-Through

Posted by on Jul. 14, 2009 at 7:12 PM
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Hi everyone! You get to begin your Latte Land journey in Macchiato Heights. Welcome to the game and to your official Macchiato Heights walk-through. This is a list of "spoilers" which are direct answers to the main questions players have.

As a side note, this walk-through is the work of me (firenicecream) and is NOT to be copied ANYWHERE else without my permission or the permission of the CafeMom Team. Please respect that. Thank you!

Alright ladies, let the games begin!!! =)



Table of Contents:

Reply 1: Equipment

Reply 2: Recipes

Reply 3: Ingredients

Reply 4: Customer List

Reply 5: Favorite Drinks

Reply 6: Who Gives What Items

Reply 7: Awards You Can Earn in Macchiato Heights

Reply 8: Tips

Reply 9: Special Events

by on Jul. 14, 2009 at 7:12 PM
Replies (1-9):
by on Jul. 15, 2009 at 10:19 AM
  • Equipment

    • Espresso Machine
      Espresso Machine (100 Java Bucks, sells for 100)
      Doesn't cost much, but opens up a world of drinks. You need this item to make ANY Espresso drinks, even if you have other machines.
    • Copper Basket
      Copper Basket (125 Java Bucks, sells for 125)
      If you have a basket, some of your more generous customers might be tempted to leave you a little gift, like free ingredients.
    • Umbrella
      Umbrella (150 Java Bucks, sells for 150)
      Give your customers some shade, and you may attract some new faces.
    • Hermit Crab
      Hermit Crab (1000 Java Bucks, sells for 1000)
      What coffee shop would be complete without a hermit crab? Well, maybe you'll do fine without one, but still nice to have!
by on Jul. 15, 2009 at 10:20 AM
  • Recipes

    • Black Coffee Swirl
      Black Coffee Swirl (30 Java Bucks)
      Requires only the same simple ingredients as Black Coffee, but a secret technique makes it even more tasty.

    • Cappuccino
      Cappuccino (50 Java Bucks)
      Espresso topped with foam

    • Cafe Americano
      Cafe Americano (75 Java Bucks)
      Espresso diluted with hot water

    • Cafe Latte
      Cafe Latte (100 Java Bucks)
      Espresso with steamed milk and foam on top

    • Espresso Shot
      Espresso Shot (125 Java Bucks)
      A strong coffee brewed by forcing steam under pressure through strong coffee beans

    • Lockjaw Coffee
      Lockjaw Coffee (300 Java Bucks)
      For that customer who just won't ever stop talking

    • Max Caf XtraPresso
      Max Caf XtraPresso (750 Java Bucks)
      The maximum caffeine allowed by law. Consult your doctor before ordering.

    • Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll and Coffee
      Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll and Coffee (100 Java Bucks)
      Serve this to any of your customers, and you'll both be energized! The special ingredient you need will be given to you by certain visitors to your shop. (Almost every time you serve this you'll get extra energy.)
by on Jul. 15, 2009 at 10:20 AM
  • Ingredients

    • House Blend
      House Blend (2 Java Bucks each, sells for 2)
      Could inspire some customers to leave you a few extra Java Bucks.
    • Breakfast Blend
      Breakfast Blend (2 Java Bucks each, sells for 2)
      Has a smell so strong it can give its brewer some energy.
    • Milk
      Milk (1 Java Bucks each, sells for 1

by on Jul. 15, 2009 at 10:22 AM
by on Jul. 15, 2009 at 10:22 AM
  • Favorite Drinks
    NOTE: Favorite drinks for customers may change as you progress through the game

    Mom - Espresso Shot

    Average Joe - Black Coffee

    Fireman - Iced Coffee

    Stay-At-Home Dad - Black Coffee, Cafe Americano

    Macchiato Heights Neighborhood Gossip - Black Coffee Swirl

    Judge - Plain Tea

    Yoga Instructor - Cafe Latte

    Business Executive - Cappucino

    Student - Espresso Shot

    Macchiato Heights Police Officer - Cappucino

    School Principal - Belding's Brew

by on Jul. 15, 2009 at 10:23 AM

Who Gives What Items

Yoga Instructor - Cinnamon

Judge - Magic Syrup

Macchiato Heights Police Officer - Recipe Pages and Page Platter (Once you receive 5 Recipe Pages the Police Officer will give you a Page Platter recipe. Serve the Page Platter to the Police Officer and she will then give you the Plain Tea recipe to serve to the Judge. If you already have this recipe the Police Officer will not give you anything.)

by on Jul. 15, 2009 at 10:24 AM

Awards you can earn in Macchiato Heights

Personal Awards

  • 10 points
    Coffee Creator
    (50 Drinks Made (non-fails))

  • 50 points
    It's Not You, It's Them
    (10 "Hated It" Streak)

  • 10 points
    They Like You, They Really Like You
    (10 "Favorite" Streak)

  • 10 points
    Level 10
    (Level 10)

  • 10 points
    Big Spender

    (Bought 25 pieces of equipment)

  • 10 points
    That's Why They Pay You the Big Bucks

    (Bought 75 pieces of equipment)

Location Awards

  • 10 points
    In the Heights, Rank 1
    (Served 100 Customers in Macchiato Heights)

  • 20 points
    In the Heights, Rank 2
    (Served 250 Customers in Macchiato Heights)

  • 30 points
    In the Heights, Rank 3
    (Served 500 Customers in Macchiato Heights)

  • 40 points
    In the Heights, Rank 4
    (Served 1000 Customers in Macchiato Heights)

  • 10 points
    In the Heights, Rank 5
    (Served 2500 Customers in Macchiato Heights)

  • 50 points
    In the Heights, Master Rank

    (Served 5000 Customers in Macchiato Heights)

Customer Awards

10 points

(Got rid of the Macchiato Heights Neighborhood Gossip)

10 points

She Just Won't Stop Talking
(Served Macchiato Heights Neighborhood Gossip 100 times)

The Principle [sic] of It All
(Served Principal)
10 points
Principal -depends which zone you see him in

Some awards may vary from location to location. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Hostess with the Mostess (10 tips in a row)
  • Sometimes I Just Want Some Peace and Quiet (made 100 lockjaws)
  • Frequent Flyer, etc. (for travel)
  • Keepin' It Simple (served black coffee 250 times)
  • Shot Through The Heart (served espressos 250 times)
  • Swirls, Swirls, Swirls (served Black Coffee Swirl 250 times)
  • Jury Duty (serve Judge 250 times)
  • Daddy Dearest (serve SAH Dad 250 times)
  • Student Council (serve Student 250 times)
  • Seeing Double (serve twins 150 times)

by on Jul. 15, 2009 at 10:29 AM


  • Begin your Latte Land journey by checking out the Game Help and Rules forum. There are only a few short posts so make sure you read them!
  • Each location (ie: Macchiato Heights, aka MH) has a recommendation for skills. You will find these listed on the map when you click on a zone. Because you are starting out there are no recommendations for MH.
  • You may be anxious to get the Macchiato Heights Neighborhood Gossip to keep it to herself but beware. There is an award you may want to get before you do! But if you give her the Lockjaw before you serve her 100 times, don't worry,  you can see her again at the end of the game.
  • As you move further along in the game beware of the Yoga Instructor. If you serve her the wrong drink you just might get a hex put on you! It can be removed though if you know how!
  • When you move to the next level your recipes and ingredients will travel with you but you will need to buy all new equipment so make sure you have enough money when you move. If you get stuck you can travel back to Macchiato Heights for free (your equipment will still be there).
  • If you are wondering how to use Stardust you can read the CafeMom Team's post right here.
  • When you begin playing in Latte Land you start with a few energy packs. Other ways to get energy packs are to watch the Chit Chat forum when other players are selling/trading and once you reach level 30 you will get one with every award you earn.
by on Oct. 27, 2009 at 6:26 PM

Special Events
This area will be for special events that are taking place in Latte Land!

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