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Missing sleep loosing my mind

Posted by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 1:35 PM
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I am a stay at home mom.
I have a beautiful 5 month old baby girl. She is the light of my life. But the little angle is a devil when it comes to sleep. She doesn't nap more than 40 minutes at a time and a good night would be if she only wakes up 2 times.

I am a sleep aholic- I need 7- 8 hours good sleep to feel like myself and going on 5 months of a few hours here and there I am loosing it. I feel tired and i have a constant headache. I am starting to resent my precious baby because i have no down time.

I have read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child".... It seems good and I just need to bite the bullet so to speak and do what the book suggests.

I would be glad to hear any advice from other moms in my same position or just to hear that i am not the only one with a baby who doesn't sleep.

raegans mom

by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 1:35 PM
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by Group Owner on Jun. 15, 2007 at 9:12 AM
I am completely in your boat! My little one is almost five months...She is not a good sleeper at all...She wakes up several times throughout the night. We are still feeding her at night and the pediatrician says we have to stop that because it will become a bad habit..She said we have to "ferberize" her and let her cry it out...this is torture for my husband and I.....meanwhile, she's starving! We haven't started solids yet b/c of allergies in the family, but we are actually going to start tomorrow after I spoke with another pediatrician in the practice who agreed that she probably needs more calories at this point. But, regardless of starting solids or not, I really think we will always have sleep issues...i wasn't a good sleeper and neither was my i guess as fate would have it, we are doomed! Naps are difficult during the day and she has trouble sleeping more than 45 min. as well....I have always been able to get by on little or no sleep, but to have so many consecutive days of NO SLEEP is impossible...I am actually a teacher and on maternity leave but will be going back for the new school year in September...The circles under my eyes will not be something pretty I can come back to school with....I always joke that I need to buy under eye concealer in bulk at BJ's or Costco...

Anyway, I had to create this group b/c I have so many friends whose kids are amazing sleepers and it frustrates me....We all need to commiserate together!

I also read the book by Dr. Weissbluth....the one thing in there that we have been following is the earlier the bedtime the better! She has been going down between 6:00 and 6:15 and giving us a good stretch because of it...we start our whole bath routine at 5:30 and it seems to have helped! Let's talk more!
Also, how much coffee do you drink a day?? I drink about two cups  and i hate that i do but i need it!!!
by on Jun. 29, 2007 at 11:13 AM
I know what you mean.  My daughter is 9 months and still wakes up every hour or two, but I don't make things better cause I run to every cry.  I know everyone says letting them cry it out is the best and now I wish I could have done it before she started pulling up in her crib.  I've just been waiting on that night she sleeps by herself all night. 
by on Jun. 30, 2007 at 10:47 AM
My little one is 5 months also.  We have no problem with letting him cry it out, but even that hasn't worked!!!  I know it says that they should last the night without eating, but he chugs a 6 oz. bottle before bed and at 11 and 3!  He's on Nutragmigen so I don't know if that's just not filling him or what.  We're getting really stressed-we have a fifteen month old and we also just suffered a miscarriage.  If I don't get some sleep soon I'm going to lose it!!  So, that's my sob story!
by on Jul. 7, 2007 at 11:02 AM
My son turned 5 months old yesterday, and I'm so sleep deprived today all I want to do is cry. He gives us one longer stretch of sleep at first (about 8:30 until 1:00 am), but then that's it. He wakes up every 1-2 hours after that, and lately he doesn't seem interested in sleeping past 5:30 am no matter what I try. This morning I finally told my husband to take him and go where I can't hear him anymore so I could get some sleep. I'm a very light sleeper and as soon as he makes a sound (he's in a crib a room away), I'm wide awake. It's killing me. I've been thinking about letting him cry it out, though it will break my heart into a million pieces listening to him. But I also worry that he's hungry or that he may be teething... I don't see a light at the end of this tunnel anymore.
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