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It's a family affair

Posted by on Jun. 21, 2009 at 1:55 AM
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The marriage is the glue that binds the family together. Let me share with you the touching story of how Jan Northington learned the secret to a successful marriage. It had been a rough night. She and her husband had had a terrible argument. Now, even though it was hours later and the morning after, Jan still felt the sting of their words.

That morning, Jan's husband tried to start things anew. "I'm ready to move on if you are. I do love you." The words meant nothing to Jan. They didn't feel genuine. They were just words do her.

Just then, shouts came from the children's room. "He took my Legos. He didn't even say 'Please.' "Daniel desperately wanted to keep his brother from playing with his new toy."

Jan went to the entrance to the children's room and said, "Daniel, can't you let Philip play with them for a while?"

"I don't want to share. I don't want him playing with them."

Jan sat her little boy on his bed and reminded him of the story they had read last night and the question they had asked, "What would Jesus do?" She explained to Daniel that Jesus wants us to forgive and give even when we don't feel like it. Her words stung her own heart. She was doing the same thing with her husband as Daniel was doing with Philip. Jan and Daniel talked that it is sometimes hard to forgive and share with the "big" things in our lives but that Jesus will help us change our hearts. "What would Jesus do, Daniel?"

Without hesitation Daniel said, "He would forgive Philip and let him play with the Legos. He would probably even play with him." Daniel looked at Philip and said, "Philip, you can use my Legos tomorrow." Daniel then got up and looked at his mother, "I will be back. I need to go ask Jesus to change my heart for today."

Jan was tremendously touched by her little boy. She knelt beside his bed and tearfully prayed to Jesus to change her heart toward her husband ... today. The peace of God came over her as forgiveness and love for her husband and herself came into her heart.

Daniel came back into the room and said, "Philip, you can use my Legos all day if you want to." There was a change in Daniel. Was it the neighbor children who came over to play or was it the touch of God? Jan hoped her little boy had had the same kind of conversation with the Lord as she had just had.

Jan and her husband's eyes met. He said, "It is a good thing I have to go to work today. It looks like you have your hands full with all these children. All you would need is one more 'child' around the house." A connection was made. Understanding, love, and forgiveness flowed between husband and wife. Jan looked at her husband and said, "I do love you and I am ready to move on too."

The marriage is the glue of Jesus Christ that holds the family unit together. If the glue is strong then the family is strong. If the glue is weak then there is pain, heartache, and many times divorce. Let Jesus Christ be the glue to bind your marriage and family together.

by on Jun. 21, 2009 at 1:55 AM
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