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Posted by on Jul. 20, 2009 at 10:57 AM
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I know that there are other recovering addict groups on cafemom, and I joined them, but whenever I made a post I would go check the next day or even the day after and there were no replies. The posts on the front page were still from the month previous. I want an ACTIVE group. Talking makes it easier for me to stay have support and understanding from other people...not just talking to myself. So,we will have daily polls and posts and chats..and I will do my very best to be a very active group.


My name is Rachel. I am 24 and mom of 2 girls. I was addicted to heroin pretty bad for a little over a year..and recreational use for 4 years before that. I've used every drug atleast once except for crack and mushrooms. I was given up for adoption when I was 6 months real mom was only 13. I was adopted by an older couple, 35 & 37..and my life was okay with them. When I was 6 my adopted mom came down with MS (multiple sclerosis) and she became very angry after that. I used to think finding my real mom would fix everything. When I turned 18 we hired a P.I. to find my mom..she was living in NY. I went up to meet her..and her next door neighbors had a son..who is now my husband. At the time he was a drug dealer..and I think the shock of finding out what my mom was really like after expecting her to be something else for all those years sent me over the edge so to speak..and I started using. We got married after 3 months of knowing each other, and the drug use was only recreational for the first 4 years of our marriage. The last year hubbs got a new job and he was working at he wasn't around when i was I started using ALOT more while he was gone...slowly bankrupting us..until one day I had to tell him there was no money left...I had spent it all. So we called my parents and told them what was going on...and decided that they would watch our daughter while we went to we sold what we could, got enough to last us until we got to TX, I took our daughter and flew down and he drove 1 car full of the stuff we really needed down. We went to an outpatient rehab center and that was a year ago this week. We have been on Suboxone for a year now...and honestly I don't think I ever could have quit without it. We stayed with my parents for 2 months and then got our own place. 2-3 weeks after we got here we found out I was pregnant again...we were worried about her health due to the drug use..but she is 5 months old now and perfectly healthy. My hubbs found a job doing the same thing he was doing making twice as much money, and we have the nicest apartment we've ever had..we actually have money in savings and we just bought a second car. It's like after we got clean our lives turned around dramatically. Don't get me wrong, I still have bad days...and I really want to get off the Suboxone...because it's becoming a problem for me, but for the most part we are doing really well, and are very happy with the way our lives are going. It helps to talk about it when you have bad days and even good days, and that's all I want. So that is my story...and I will be here for anyone who needs it. I want this to be a VERY open bashing for relapsing, and no embarrasment for anything you've done. I did some stupid shit for drugs before, but it's all in the past. So welcome..and I look forward to talking with all of you.

by on Jul. 20, 2009 at 10:57 AM
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by Member on Jul. 23, 2009 at 11:33 AM

I know what u mean about the other groups, Im  always checking for new posts but there's never any.  I'll tell u a little about myself. I started using at 13, just pot and then coke just on the weekend. At 16 I started using crack, it took over my life I did things I would've never done. I started using heroin for a while and then buying methadone on the street. I married my husband at 19 he never used . On sept 27 2003 was the last time I used crack, I got pregnant 3 months later but I was still addicted to methadone, I kicked while pregnant which wasnt very smart but shes 5 now and healthy. After I had her I started buying methadone again, I was spending so much money on it and I wasnt gettin high just not sick. So about 2 yrs ago I decided to go on a meth program, so I could get it legally. Now Im slowly detoxing about 10 mgs a month. Im scared to get off , its been so long since I woke up and didnt need to take something. But I dont want to be on it for the rest of my life, my moms been on the same program for 30 yrs, so was my father but he past away 6 yrs ago, he was still using other drugs, thats what killed him the coke and crack was too much for his heart and it just stopped in his sleep one night, I found him the next day. We use to get high together alot. Some days are hard for me I get depressed and very irritable. But I try to be positive and appreciate what I have now,cause my life could be alot worse. I see your taking suboxone, I was thinking of  using it to get off the methadone, do u have any advice?


by Group Owner on Jul. 23, 2009 at 4:21 PM

SUBOXONE is the first opioid medication approved under DATA 2000 for the treatment of opioid dependence in an office-based setting. SUBOXONE also can be dispensed for take-home use, just as any other medicine for other medical conditions.

The primary active ingredient in SUBOXONE is buprenorphine.

The naloxone in SUBOXONE is there to discourage people from dissolving the tablet and injecting it. When SUBOXONE is placed under the tongue, as directed, very little naloxone reaches the bloodstream, so what the patient feels are the effects of the buprenorphine. However, if naloxone is injected, it can cause a person dependent on a full opioid agonist to quickly go into withdrawal.

SUBOXONE at the appropriate dose may be used to:

  • Reduce illicit opioid use
  • Help patients stay in treatment


  • Suppressing symptoms of opioid withdrawal
  • Decreasing cravings for opioids

    Suboxone can cause death from overdose, especially if it is injected with a tranquilizer. Use this medicine exactly as directed by your doctor.

    Suboxone can cause drug dependence. This means that withdrawal symptoms may occur if you stop using this medication too quickly. Withdrawal symptoms may also occur at the start of treatment due to dependence on another drug. Suboxone is not for occasional ("as needed") use. Do not stop taking Suboxone without first talking to your doctor. Your doctor may want to gradually reduce the dose to avoid or minimize withdrawal symptoms.

    Use caution when driving, operating machinery, or performing other hazardous activities. Suboxone may cause drowsiness, dizziness, or impaired thinking. If you experience drowsiness, dizziness, or impaired thinking, avoid these activities. Avoid alcohol while taking this medicine. Alcohol may dangerously increase drowsiness and dizziness caused by the medication.

    The Suboxone tablets should be placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve. This will take 2 to 10 minutes. If more than one tablet is prescribed per dose, your doctor may tell you to put all of the tablets under your tongue at the same time, or put 2 tablets under your tongue and allow them to dissolve completely, then put the next tablet or tablets under the tongue right away.

    Do not chew or swallow the tablets. The medicine will not work this way and you may get withdrawal symptoms. Do not change the dose of Suboxone or take it more often than prescribed without first talking to your doctor. Do not inject ("shoot-up") Suboxone. Shooting-up is dangerous and may cause bad withdrawal symptoms.

    Suboxone may cause withdrawal symptoms if taken too soon after a dose of heroin, morphine, or methadone.

  • My main piece of advice is to just be's real easy to become addicted to the Suboxone..expecially when you have a whole bottle sitting around. Make a plan and stick with it. Say i'm gonna take a whole one for 4 weeks, half of one for the next 4 weeks and a quarter of one for the 4 weeks after that..and be done with it.


by Member on Jul. 24, 2009 at 9:40 AM

Thank you, that was very helpful.

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