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what to expect from a twin pregnancy

Posted by on Nov. 6, 2009 at 6:16 PM
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We  recently found out we are pregnant with twins???? We are very excited and can't wait to see what our twins hold in store for us... We are just over 2 months preggers so so far just some feelings of morning sickness... Today has been the worst. I have felt absolutly gross today all day But that is fine I will take that with the good that will come.

            We have a 3 year old son now and are hoping he adjustes good to the twins when they are born.

 So anyway my question was What to exspect from this twin pregnancy??? For those who all ready have them how far to term did you carry? was it a vaginal or c-section? And I have heard twins are double the cost but def.not double the work is this true?

       I am a small person only 5 2 and only weigh 113.. Is there any moms of twins who can tell me how there small body handled the pregnancy I am a little worried about that...

by on Nov. 6, 2009 at 6:16 PM
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by New Member on Nov. 6, 2009 at 9:26 PM

well i can tell you thatyour pregnancy symptoms are worse times 2. for your morning sickness you will want to drink water, water, water. till the point you feel like you are floating... and get some anti nausea pills. i personally take zofran. eat smaller meals and eat more frequently.....

since you are a more petite person you may have more joint and ligament pain. i go to a perinatologist and not a regular ob. i go for frequent appts of every 2-3 wks. im 25 wks and with identical mono di twin girls. i am having alot of  pelvic pain now and im far from petite.

by on Nov. 6, 2009 at 9:36 PM

First off congrats on ur pregnancy. Ever womans body reacts diffrently to carrying twins. You may just have worst moarning sickness. I was 5ft 1" and 120lbs before I got pregnant with my twin boys. I only carried them to 27wks and had to have a emergency c-section. Not due to me the baby was in disstress and was having growth restriction. One of my boys had medical proablems that thank god were resolved after his birth. The one thing I can tell you is that a twin pregnancy is always considered high risk so take it easy enjoy and most of all try to stay off ur feet as much as possible. Lots of water and be prepared for the changes ur body is going to go through. You may just go through this pregnancy like a piece of cake. Best of luck.........

by New Member on Nov. 7, 2009 at 6:09 PM

I had lots of morning sickness in first trimester.  Im now going into my 23rd week this week and ive been having non stop cramps for over week.  I have alot of pelvic pressure which may be due to fact twins are both head down as of last ultrasound.  Im not a small person at all, Im almost 6 feet tall so i cant comment on effects of being small :)

by on Nov. 19, 2009 at 11:24 PM

Hi! I carried my twins to 36 weeks and four days.I was on bedrest for the last 5weeks.They were delivered by c-secion because one baby was feet first.They were not double the cost.I got clothes from friends and I nursed them.I would only dress them alike for pics.My girls are faternal twins.There are some things that you don't need two of like swings and bouncy seats.You should look for a twins group in your area.I found that to be very helpful.I hope this helps.Oh I almost forgot they were triple the work.My twins are now 5.It was so worth it.I would do it all over again.

by New Member on Nov. 24, 2009 at 11:45 PM


Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I am 5'1" and 95 lbs, so of course everyone always comments on how they don't know how I carried twins. :o) That was my only pregnancy, so I can't compare it to a singleton pg, but I can tell you how mine was.

I was pretty sick up until 16 weeks, and then nauseous on and off after that but much better. Later on in the pg, I definitely felt better on the days that I drank lots of water. I taught high school full-time right up until 34 weeks, and I was never put on bedrest. I did have to stop driving at around 32 weeks, though, because my belly was just about hitting the steering wheel, and my legs are too short to move the seat back further...I'm guessing you might be able to relate to that. :o) At about 33 weeks, I developed a PUPP rash, which was really hard to deal's extremely itchy, to the point of being more a mental challenge than even just a physical one, if that makes sense. The three weeks or so that I had that (until they put me on steroid cream for it) were way worse than all the weeks of getting sick!!

Other than that, I was very lucky to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. I ended up being induced at 38 weeks, 1 day. My baby A was head-down and baby B was breech, but I was still able to have a vaginal delivery. My girls were 6 lbs 1 oz (A) and 5 lbs 10 oz (B) and we were all home less than 48 hours after delivery. I definitely had stretch marks but amazingly most of them faded pretty quickly. There's a little extra skin on my belly (I always joke with my DH that my belly button looks like old lady lips now, lol) but at the same time I'm back in all of my pre-pg clothes. I couldn't tell you if they were double the work, since I never had a single, but lots of other people who have been around the twins have told me that it's more than double the work...not only are you doing everything twice, but while you're doing something with one twin you constantly also have to be watching/ listening for the other. There are so many amazing things about having twins, though, and I honestly couldn't imagine anything else. Just wait until they cuddle and hug each will melt your heart!

I also nursed them until they were 12 months old (not exclusively...they probably got about 50% bm and 50% formula). If you're thinking about nursing them, I would definitely think about getting a twins nursing pillow. If you're interested in the link to the kind I had, or if you have any other questions, feel free to PM me!

Here's a pic of me the day before the girls were born, just to get an idea of how BIG I was! :o)

Hope this info helps. Congratulations again and ENJOY this wonderful ride you're on!!

  Mary Ellen ~ Mommy to Eleanor & Catelyn (6/11/07)
                                         Step-Mom to K (12/91) & T (10/92)

by New Member on Nov. 25, 2009 at 10:56 AM

Congrats on your twins! My daughter was 3 when we found out I was pregnant with my twin boys (she's now 7, and the boys are 3)

As far as what to expect, it really varies. I can give you my experience, but of course, that doesn't mean that ours will be similar. First tri was just like my previous pregnancy, except that I didn't have any morning sickness. The 2nd tri and 3rd tri were difficult for me. I started showing at around 12 weeks or so. I measured about 10 weeks ahead, meaning, when I was 14 weeks, I was as big as someone who was 6 months pregnant with one baby.

Because I started to show earlier and was measuring big, I started getting aches and pains earlier. At 28 weeks, I was put on bedrest because I started to dilate. I was on bedrest at home, but would stay in the hospital every few weeks.

I carried my twin boys via c/s to 34 weeks. I had a c/s because of my DD's previous birth.

They are a lot of work, and I think there's more work just for the fact there are two, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

by New Member on Nov. 26, 2009 at 6:48 PM

Hi and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I also had horrible morning sickness!  One of the suggestions for me was to drink 2 Ensures a day. 

I am also small framed (5'2" and 105 lbs) and towards the end (I delivered at 32 weeks 5 days, 3lbs 9oz and 3lbs 12oz, due to them being monoamniotic twins) my back hurt real bad and I didn't really sleep real well.  I also had stretching cramps. I was in the hospital from 24 weeks til delivery for constant monitoring with only 15 min for shower and 30 min walks in the afternoon, SO that could have been part of it also.


B. Little
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