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My Holiday traditions!

Posted by on Oct. 14, 2009 at 7:36 PM
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Christmas is by far the best time of the year in my family! It's the time of year we really gather together as a family. Here is a list of some of the traditions we share each year. Let me know if you share some of the same ones or if you have different ones you'd like to share with me!

1. Our Christmas season starts on Thanksgiving Night when we put up our tree!

2. The car stereo is glued to the 24 hour Christmas station as soon as it begins.

3. We have tons of Christmas story books we have collected over the years and we read one every night til Xmas.

4. We place an Elf stuffed animal out on Thanksgiving day to keep an eye on everyone during the day to make sure they are behaving. We pretend the Elf reports to Santa each night while we sleep and he reappears the next morning somewhere else in the house. My youngest child no longer believes in Santa but still wants to see the Elf on Thanksgiving because it's fun to find where he reappears each day!

5. All of my daughters, ages 10-21, receive an advent calendar with chocolates or stickers in it and they remind each other every night to open the next square.

6. We make lots of handmade ornaments throughout the month.

7. We purchase special xmas cards and everyone signs their own name in a different colored sharpie-we sit at the the kitchen table and pass the cards around to sign.

8. We hang all the cards we receive around the kitchen doorframe.

9. We've had the same hand knitted xmas stockings since each daughter was born.

10. We drive around to see xmas lights.

11. We go to the local Elk's clun for their "Festival of trees." We LOVE this.

12. We go to mass on xmas eve.

13. We bake dozens of cookies and pass them out to friends and family.

14. We make a huge brunch for after we open presents on xmas day.

15. We order Chinese food for dinner xmas day.

16. We open one present xmas eve and it's always a pair of pj's-and the kids pretend to be surprised!

17. Me and my honey exchange the craziest pair of slippers we can find for each other.

18. Attend the xmas tree lighting on Main Street.

19. Attend "Midnight Merriment" where all the stores stay open til midnight.

20. We hide a glass "pickle" in the tree. The first one to find it gets a HUGE candy bar and everyone else gets a regular sized one.

21. We make homemade white hot chocolate.

22. We make a peppermint pie.

23. We have a gift wrapping party.

24. We watch lots of xmas movies-especially, The Christmas Story and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Jim Carey.

25. We watch my daughter dance in the Nutcracker-this will be her 13nth year!

26. We put tinsel on the tree xmas eve and a spider ornament to represent the Christmas Spider story.

27. We choose a cause or something we can do to volunteer our services for a good cause. We helped raise almost $2,000 for breast cancer research this year.

28. We leave Santa cookies and milk-and everyone knows I eat em up as soon as they go to bed!

29. I place a stuffed animal in each of the kids beds after they fall asleep so they wake up to it-and yes, I even do it for the 21 year old!

*I'm sure there's more, which I will add if I recall-lol!

Your turn!!

by on Oct. 14, 2009 at 7:36 PM
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Replies (1-2):
by on Oct. 15, 2009 at 12:01 PM

How fun!  That's a lot of tradition!  LOL.

Since my husband and I divorced 6 years ago some of the traditions I had planned on passing down from MY childhood are unfeasible.  In one way it worked out.  Their dad is Hispanic and they always celebrate on Christmas Eve, and I get them Christmas Day.  Sadly, part of his family tradition is to drink and eat all night, then open gifts at midnight, then drink and eat some more.  This means no one can safely drive them home at 2 in the morning.  :(  So my desired traditions cannot be upheld.  Like reading the Christmas story from the Bible on Christmas Eve over hot holiday drinks and holiday baking, then opening one small present, then waking up to stockings.  But some of things we CAN do as a family are:

  • The advent calendars with the chocolates
  • Christmas baking
  • Christmas lights and a small tree in the kids room
  • Fighting over which of the girls gets to wrap gifts in my room first.  LOL.
  • Looking at Christmas lights
  • Gift exchange between my family and SO's BFFs, my BFFs, and my BFFs' kids.

Without the kids:

  • Bloody Marys on Christmas morning while I wait impatiently for the ex to bring them back home.  This usually involves me calling and waking him up several times before he realizes my constant wake up calls are worse than the hangover he'll have to face when he finally DOES get up. 
  • Every year SO and I have our Annual Tree Trimming Party.  We provide food and drinks, and the guests each bring me one ornament for my tree.  I decorate my tree ahead of time with the ornaments I've bought at the store, but I leave the ones I've been given at these parties every year and we all pull them out together, remembering the party I got it at, who consumed the red and green jello shot tree entirely on their own, why they bought that ornament, etc.  It's awesome because one of my former in-laws stole all my childhood ornaments and this is a way to recreate some holiday memories.  Its the coolest thing EVER.



by on Oct. 15, 2009 at 4:23 PM

Christmas family traditions 

First off a little back ground.... I'm divorced, remarried, I have one child my husband has 3 children, there Mom (Ann-Marie) past away in 05.  Last year was our first official Christmas together.... I have no family except my daughter and new family here.... The kids grand parents travel every other year to be with us... this year they will not be with us...

Traditions that continue and some new ones

  1. My daughter will have Christmas Eve with her father and his family...
  2. Christmas breakfast casserole with cinnamon buns
  3. special cards for each person place into the Christmas
  4. Jesus nail placed at the trunk of the tree... must be the first on the tree and last off...
  5. Andes Candies are wrapped with care for each child... this represents a gift from my grandmother... she always gave my daughter and I these... and I have passed this onto my step children
  6. Make Ann-Marie's sugar cookies...for my husband and the kids...
  7. Black Friday shopping with my daughter and now with who ever wants to get up at 3am...
  8. Make fried sweet potato fries for mid day munchie...
  9. Read last years Christmas book where everyone that wanted to wrote something special to be shared the following year.... Then write down our thoughts to be shared next Christmas...
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