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post your stocking stuffer ideas

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What do you put in the stockings?  List your ideas for everyone to share!!!!

by on Oct. 15, 2009 at 10:39 AM
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by on Oct. 18, 2009 at 2:12 AM

Ever since my daughter was a little girl (now grown) we put a giant candy kiss in her stocking. She no longer eats the whole thing before bedtime, but her feelings would be hurt if she didn't get it. My husband usually gets me a piece of nice jewelry and it goes in my stocking. The little one gets the same kind of things mentioned

CafeMom Tickers
by on Oct. 18, 2009 at 8:25 AM

well, I sell Avon and buy the sample sizes for my 5 year old's stocking.  So, I"m pretty much done with her. They have this realy cute bejewled bracelet that will fit her just right.  She will also get a tiny Sweet Honesty perfume, lotion ,lip balm. nail polish.

My son who is 15M loves his "boy toys" so, more cars for sure!  lol....and loves his toothbrushes.  We all get a new one, and the kids both get a new tooth paste.  (We need that anyway, and what if we run out and get snowed in?!)  lol....

I'm sure I"ll put a snack in there.  Maybe popcorn or something, not sure on that yet.   Maybe hot chocolate?....

Last year I got all of my niece's and nephew food.  2 love apples, so they got a bag of apples.  Another got apple and cinnamon oatmeal and another a bag of beef jerky.  That was FUN!  And a HUGE hit!  lol....

so, there's my 0.02!  ha!   


Brandi in Missouri

by on Oct. 18, 2009 at 12:04 PM

Anything small that fits in the stocking!

Last year my 12 year old son got a Disney mini digital camera, an mp3 player, cool new ear buds, and a couple of gift cards for the video game store,  fav candy, little trinkets, playing cards, and some art stuffs like markers and watercolor paints!

My 6 year old son last year got hotwheels, some playing cards, fav candy, art stuffs, an mp3 player, gift cards for the video game store, some trinkets, and some character stickers (spiderman and x-men!), a light up scooby doo keychain, and some other fun stuff that I can't remember!

My 2.5 year old baby girl got nothing but Disney Princess stuff in her stocking last year,  Princess stickers, lip gloss, art supplies, dress up items, jewelry, and gift cards to Disney Store.

We also have some 6 ft tall JUMBO stockings that we shove 'odd shaped/hard to wrap' items into to save on our wrapping sanity!

In Hubby's stocking last year he and a travel electric shaver, and a 'Safari field hat with UV protection' for when he's out in the field while traveling in , and some personal 'art items' I made with his company's brand on the them.

Last year I got some jewelry and perfume in my stocking and some pretty hair jewelry items, which I adore!


Our rule of thumb when it comes to stockings is....whatever fits can go in!


by on Oct. 18, 2009 at 4:07 PM

I have 3 boys. I usually make Christmas candy bags that go in the very bottom, then they get hotwheels, tech decks, pens, pencils, small notebooks, a dvd or cd. They also get candy canes.  This year I want to add a gift card as well for iTunes, Target or Gamestop. 

by on Oct. 18, 2009 at 6:47 PM

I love to put lip gloss and lotions in my girls stockings.  

pink ribbon Remember your mammograms ladies:)

by on Oct. 21, 2009 at 2:01 AM

 For our boys, we usually put a small stuffed animal, a match box car, some candy, new toothbrushes, and some small toys that they like, also some school supplies like pencils, erasers, sharpeners.

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