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Baked cookies as gifts for holidays or homeless - teach your child the joy of giving



Question: Will you bake cookies as gifts for the holiday?


Will you bake cookies for your table?

Will you take your cookies to someone in need?

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I am a long time cookie baking gift giver! That was a mouthful. I start baking before Halloween and try to bake at least one batch, a double or triple batch a day. Some are drop cookies, some are molded and some are cut outs.  I buy small shirt boxes (the pretty cookie containers are nice but I'm looking for an inexpensive gift and that just adds to the expense!) Kmart has great ones, by the way if you want to use them!

First you may need to brush up on your cookie baking skills. This Cookie Baking Series. will help you with getting ready, troubleshooting and baking.There are recipes and more everyday too.  Check back often, I'm adding info on ingredients, equipment, how to wrap, freeze, mail, etc. I'm also partnered with Wilton,, King Arthur Flour and more to test and review their ingredients, so stay tuned!

Cookie gift giving guide

Preparation, baking and freezing:

  • Read Cookie Baking Series to refresh yourself on types, techniques and troubleshooting cookies. 
  • Make a list of 6 to 12 cookie recipes you would like to use.
  • Make a list and purchase the ingredients needed for recipes. You may be able to save quite a bit of money by buying all ingredients at once, in bulk.
  • Always read the recipe completely before starting to make sure you understand and have everything needed.
  • Make a double or triple batch if desired, but do the math carefully, it is easy to forget to double or triple one ingredient and the whole batch could be compromised.
  • Follow the directions carefully. While cooking on top of the stove can often be accomplished without exact measuring, baking is a science and the measurements do matter. A set of measuring cups and measuring spoons are invaluable to baking of any kind.
  • Bake a test cookie. Explained in cookie troubleshooting tips.
  • ALWAYS set a timer. Don't overcook!  If your oven timer doesn't work, use a microwave timer (don't turn your microwave on when empty, use timer only, if it has that option), a cell phone alarm, an alarm clock, a cooking timer. These can be purchased most anywhere, food is sold. Most cookies are done when they just begin to brown. Overcooking is the most common mistake when baking cookies. See my Cookie troubleshooting tips.
  • Make sure to cool the cookies according to directions.
  • Allow cookies to cool completely.
  • Freeze at this point. Frostings and decorations are usually best left until cookie is ready to be given. Thaw before decorating. Freeze in zippered bags, plastic containers, etc., placing a small piece of wax paper between each cookie if possible to prevent them from sticking together.
  • If you want to decorate and/or frost before freezing, when you are finished, put the cookies on a cookie sheet in the freezer until hard. When completely frozen, remove and store in plastic containers with wax paper between them. Make sure to seperate layers before you thaw them so the icing doesn't stick to the paper.

To wrap your masterpieces in gift boxes or gift containers:

  • First, I line my box with pretty, colorful tissue paper. A couple sheets will usually do.
  • Then I use cupcake papers and fill each one with adifferent type of cookies, repeating if I need to in order to fill the box.
  • I then lay a sheet of colored plastic wrap over the cookies. I follow this with a piece of parchment or wax paper.
  • I finish the look by putting another piece of Holiday theme or color tissue paper on top.
  • I either wrap the box or if it's a pretty box, I simply tape and tie with a pretty ribbon.
  • I try to go to one of the stores where everything is a dollar and buy a bunch of measuring spoons, rubber icing spreaders, wooden spoons, etc.. I tie one to each bow and put a name tag on the box.

NOTE:  Make sure not to wrap too early. Cookies are perishable according to the ingredients used. Most will last a week or so without refrigeration.

This is a perfect way for your kids to give gifts that they make themselves.

Want to teach your child(ren) the meaning of giving? Have them help you bake a few batches of cookies and take to a senior living community, nursing home, homeless shelter or children's hospital. Call before going to desired organization for their rules on food giving.

With my sincerest regards,

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by on Nov. 6, 2009 at 3:27 PM
Replies (11-11):
by on Nov. 23, 2009 at 4:05 PM

Next article in the series... how to wrap, freeze, gift and send cookies! 

And I just created a sweet potato almond scone!  I'll be writing the article soon. I put chocolate chips in half of them. They are really good. A scone is like a cross between a cookie, biscuit, cake and roll.  I think that's why cookies are called biscuits in England... they aren't as sweet as our cookies.

And I have on a pot of Vegetable Chicken Dumpling Soup.... I'll try it out on my Mom and Bro' tonight, I've written all the ingredients down as I've thrown it together, if it gets a thumbs up, I'm going to write it up too!  What I'm making tonight is not my usual chicken and dumplings...  I will write up my regular ones soon!  My son says my chicken and dumplings beat Cracker Barrel's and he LOVES theirs. I have a secret ingredient but I guess it won't be secret much longer! lol

Any comfort food requests? Or recipes you would like to share with the world? If so, make it up, write it all down, take pics and send it to me. We will use your name to name it... Susan Doe's Baked chicken nuggests or whatever. And you will get the photo byline! Just make sure it is an original, unpublished recipe! And when I fit it into my column... you can send the link to all your contacts, showing your recipe and photos published on an online newspaper! What do ya think?



With my sincerest regards,

I'd love for you to visit and subscribe to my articles about cooking, restaurant coupons, cooking tips, techniques  and recipes at:

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