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Mom's kids and Dad's kids... bit of a vent

Posted by on Jun. 11, 2012 at 12:13 PM
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 My 3 brothers are my father's from another marriage (their "mother" showed up at my parents' door and handed them over and ran off).  My sister is my mother's from a previous relationship (her "father" didn't meet her till 2 years ago, she's in her 40s).  I am the only one from my mom and dad together. My youngest sibling is 8 years older and my oldest is 17 years my senior.  We didn't all live together long. We used to be close tho, holidays and weekends spent with someone or another from the family.  Then my nephew died, he was 8. We drifted from holidays, they were too rough for my brother.  We still got together every year for a "family reuinion" weekend at my parent's place in the mountains.  Then it started, I heard my SIL talk about mom's kids and dad's kids and how there was seperation between us.  I never saw it until then.  Honestly, when I started looking at it, it was them being seperate. I'm not going to go all into unless you really need me to but eventually the gatherings ended (almost 7 years now).  I remember my mom saying she'd call one of the brother's for this or that (birthdays, holidays, to have lunch or diner) and never get a call back.  Several times over the years, I've been the ONLY one to call on father's day or my dad's birthday. I still went to the mountains regularly and went to the house with the kids.  I worked full time, went to school full time and still saw him almost everday as his health suddenly declined.  He died last year, the day before father's day.  I believe in my heart he couldn't go another year being forgotten. They rallyed around my mother but quickly it became apparent that "dad's kids" didn't change.  After the funeral the boys, all went to my brother's house to be together. My mom, my sister and I were left out. I only know about it because I saw it on facebook. We had a memorial when his stone came in, again after the lunch my mom bought for all of us, off they went.  Mother's day passed without a call to the woman who raised them, but with pictures of time spent and well wishes for the woman who abandoned them (for a man) so long ago. NOW they want to use MY parents place in the mountains as their personal playground, intruding on her place and think that everything is just rosey and they've been there all this time? They make me so mad I could spit! I would really love to ask them, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT? They ignored them for so long and it hurts to see them come around now.

by on Jun. 11, 2012 at 12:13 PM
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by on Jun. 24, 2012 at 3:44 AM
Family reunion July 7th, invite declined.
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