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UPDATED WITH VIDEO: What are the must-haves on your BTS shopping list this year?

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We gave moms a $50 Kmart gift card and a video camera. Each of the influencer moms went to or their local Kmart store in search of their children's back-to-school apparel, supplies and groceries.

From clothing, shoes, backpacks, and stationary items, the below video highlights some of the things our moms bought for their kids. Check it out!

Then, tell us what's on your child's back-to-school list this year!

by on Jul. 18, 2012 at 5:05 PM
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by on Aug. 2, 2012 at 3:17 PM


Quoting -42-:

I received the gift card in the mail yesterday. Our 'local' K-Mart is about 20 minutes away. We'll be going this weekend to pick up supplies!

by on Aug. 2, 2012 at 7:19 PM
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Thanks you Kmart and Cafemom for this opportunity!

I got my giftcard yesterday and I went shopping today!

I never shop at Kmart so I wasn't sure what to expect but there was a pretty good selection of lunch snacks. It was really easy to spend the $50! lol

I chose to buy all food and I got quite a bit

4 packages of Juicy Juice boxes, 2 12packs of Teddy Grams and 2 bags of Teddy Grams, 2 boxes of Rice Krispie Treats, a box of 12 individual Cheese Its, a box of 12 individual Oreos, 2 bags of mini Oreos and a cup of Oreos! My total was $50.13

My receipt said I saved $11.03 shopping sales!

My daughters are most excited about the Oreos :) and I am looking forward to quickly put together lunches on busy mornings.

Overall I would say my trip to Kmart was a success and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good deal on lunch snacks!

by on Aug. 2, 2012 at 11:25 PM

First I want to thank Kmart and Cafemom for the $50 Kmart gift card.  With 2 little guys in school, I was very thankful to receive the help, especially since they had INSANE school supply lists.  I have no idea why they need some of the things they do, but I suppose I will find out.  And we finished just in time too.  School starts on Tuesday, and now I have the weekend to relax with my babies.

Here is what I bought:

32 oz hand sanitizer
8 oz hand sanitizer
9 inch uncoated paper plates (maybe for snacks or crafts???)
3 6-packs of Elmer's glue sticks
3 boxes of tissues
1 pack of tennis balls (for the bottom of chairs)
Crayola washable markers
Crayola watercolor paints
Wrangler jeans

Total:  $51.59 after tax

My experience was a bit disappointing.  I hate to say that, I really do.  It's hard to find something wrong when you're spending free money, but that was unfortunately my experience.  The store was not set up well, it was jam packed with random carts full of random stuff, and it was set up in a way that just didn't make any sense to me.  I had a hard time finding anything I was looking for.  The employees were lackluster, at best.  I got a "hi" without a smile - more like a sigh filled frowny "hi" and a "I'll go check" when a price wrang up wrong compared to what was on the shelf.  That was about it.  Totally not friendly.

As far as the products, I'm sure they're all great and will be just fine.  The prices on the "Smart" label items (like the tissues, paper plates, and hand sanitizer) were fair prices for the items.  However, when it came to the school supplies, I was shocked at the price they asked for the items.  For instance, the 24 count crayola crayons were $.99 at Kmart.  At Walmart and Target they are $.50 a box, and at Publix $.33 a box.  That's a pretty big difference when you consider that most school lists require multiple boxes of crayons.  My 2 lists required 15 for Pete's sake.  I'd have spent at least $7.50 more if I had bought them at Kmart.  I looked at the 2 packs of Elmer's glue sticks, and they were priced at $1.99!  Other stores have them for $.99!  That's a full dollar more for 2 glue sticks!  Thankfully I found 3 6-packs of glue sticks at the way way back aisle of the store with some random office stuff, and those were priced at $2.50 - for 6!  Seriously....I'd have spent $6.00 on 6 glue sticks if I hadn't wandered around the store trying to find anything I needed and just so happened to find that spot.  The markers were $.49 more expensive than other stores, and the jeans weren't a super deal either - not at $15. 

I just find it unfortunate that there are people, who don't have $50 gift cards, who will end up spending way more for their back to school items at Kmart.  I'm sure that most people would realize that those prices are just too high, but the ones who don't are just paying too much money.  I truly hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but when I see something like that, I just can't pretend that it was a perfect experience.  It made me sad to think of the moms who are just trying to scrape together the back to school supplies - like everyone else - and who will pay way more than they have to.  :( 

I am sorry Kmart.  I really am.  I didn't want to leave a negative comment, but even with rose colored glasses, it was just unfortunate.  The clothes were cute, but when it came to school supplies, I felt jipped and just sad for the people who pay those higher prices when they can pay half the price at just about any other store.  In the end, I am still thankful that I was able to finsh my school supply lists tonight.  So thank you for the opportunity, but I couldn't lie about the experience.

by Bobbie on Aug. 3, 2012 at 2:31 PM

My son wanted to buy new clothes. He was excited by the selection of T-shirts and he ended up getting 4 of them and 2 pair of pants. Our total was $51.04 and I was very pleased with what he got. I agree with the above poster that the school supplies were much higher than every other store so I didn't purchase any of those things in K-mart. The only negative of my shopping experience came from a couple of teenagers racing through the store in a buggy. They rounded a corner and almost hit my son as they shouted at him to get the hell out of their way. I would have liked to have told an employee but I couldn't find one anywhere in the back of the store. I do think that K-mart as a whole should try to have more competitive prices and perhaps have more employees on the floor.

Other than that I thought our shopping experience was great and my son was really pleased with his clothing. I thought most of the clothing we looked at was fairly priced.
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by on Aug. 3, 2012 at 6:08 PM
Just got my Kmart bts gift card! This weekend is tax free and I am super excited to get out there and do some bts shopping. With some of the extra money I plan on buying extra school supplies for families that ant afford it on their own. Thanks to Kmart and Cafe mom this gift add is going to go to great use!
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by on Aug. 3, 2012 at 8:04 PM
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 I was so excited to be chosen by Cafemom and Kmart for this program! I have already bought most of the kiddos supplies but we really needed some new clothes, since both of my kids have grown nearly 2 inches this summer! I am also  shopping for my sister since she is going away to college this fall so my list was pretty big!

We started off heading to Kmart, as you can see ours is a Big Kmart, lol.

We headed straight to girl's clothes, because my little diva just had to be first! Luckily for me the boy's clothes was right next to the girl's so my son could browse and stay in my sight at the same time.

My daughter, Gracie, and I really liked the selection they had, it can sometimes be a challenge finding clothes for young girl's that doesn't make them look like they are heading to a club, but we didn't have any problems at Kmart. I didn't see one think that I would have questioned putting on my 5 year old.

She found lots to love, they even had outfits that had matching doll outfits that she loved! We will be going back for some of those but unfortunately school rules are no tank tops so she couldn't get it today. She looked so adorable I had to take a pic though.

It had a matching dress to put on dolls, so cute!

Then we got to business trying on school clothes, she has plenty of pants but she needed some new shirts and they had to have a special flair, no plain t-shirts for this fashionista! Here were a couple of keepers.

I love the purple shirt! She just looks like a big girl instead of my little bitty though. She loves the belt on the pink shirt, it added a little something extra she said.

My son, Joey, is much easier to shop for, jeans and a t-shirt is his unofficial uniform every year. This year I was able to talk him into at least one polo shirt for days when he needs to be a little more pulled together. He really really liked the selection at Kmart also and since the two sections were so close he got to feel like he had a little more freedom than he usually does at a store. He picked a pair of jeans and some shirts he really liked.

Here are a few of his keepers:

His favorite is the shirt that says "Eating Homework My Dog Likes It"        My favorite is the green polo shirt, he just looks so handsome! We did check out school supplies because I am always looking for good deals, they were super easy to find, even at the back of the store, because they had lots of signs pointing the way.

The prices were comparable to other stores for most items, some were a little higher. While looking around I also found some Purex Pods for washing machines, 2 packs for $7.00. I have been looking everywhere for them to add to my sister's college basket that I'm making for her to take to IU with her! I think these will be perfect for her, so much easier than liquid soap or powder. I was happy to find them as no other store carries them here yet.

All in all I spent 48 dollars and some change here is a picture of our loot:

I am pretty happy with the whole experience, I will definitelybe checking out Kmart more often for clothes and cleaning supplies. I liked how easy it was to shop and find what I needed. Every aisle was clearly marked and the marking was correct. I would recommend Kmart to any mom looking for modest girl clothes for sure, and tell them to take a peek at everything else while they are there! Thanks Cafemom and Kmart for the great experience!


by on Aug. 4, 2012 at 1:13 PM

We got our $50 Kmart gift card in the mail on Thursday and went shopping on Friday.   I managed to get almost all of my daughter's school supplies (they were out of stock on some things), and a few clothes to finish off her wardrobe!

Three skirts, on sale for $3.99 each:

She likes to wear them year round, so when it gets cold we just pair them with tights:

An adorable outfit that I now think may be pajamas? But hey, if she's happy, I'm happy :-)  :

Backpack (only $12.99):

And school supplies:

loose leaf paper, two folders, pencils, composition notebook, crayons, colored pencils, glue, glue sticks, tissues and large erasers.

Thank you so much, Cafemom and Kmart!  My daughter is 8, and is becoming very picky about her clothes. It is rare that we both come away from a shopping trip happy with comfortable, cute, and cheap clothes!

by on Aug. 5, 2012 at 8:43 AM

Thank you so much to Kmart and Cafemom for this awesome opportunity! 

I went to my local Kmart about 20 minutes away from us for my 7 year old daughter who is entering the 2nd grade. We had already received school supplies for an over zealous Grandmother, so we went with back to school clothing in mind. 

The first thing that caught my eye was the lay out. Everything was sorted and well marked with pricing. I will be honest and say that usually my daughter and I butt heads over what she should get for clothing. Not this time-- everything she picked I was on board with and she adored. 

We got 5 items including 3- 2 piece sets (skirt/shirt), one  dress, and one double layered fashion top. Everything was priced from 12.99 to 16.99. However, they were having awesome sales and each item was only $10.00!! Even the 2 piece outfits. The best part was when I checked out with my gift card and used my rewards card I also received a $5.00 gift card to use on a future purchase!!! 

When my daughter and I got home, I had her try on the outfits- attached are the pictures. Thanks again KMART and CAFEMOM for this amazing oppurtunity. I already told all of my friends on Facebook to check out Kmart for their back to school shopping! 

by on Aug. 5, 2012 at 2:53 PM

Thanks Kmart and CafeMom!  :)  

My son is starting preschool this month and they have a supplies fee that covers a lot of the usual back to school supplies.  But I did want to get him a backpack and some lunch stuff.  And i knew a couple of new shirts would really help out.  

We let him pick out a backpack and heended up choosing a Batman backpack for $12.  We grabbed an insulated lunch bag along with a few food storage containers.  I like these little things.  They all come with small ice packs, 1 came with a little insert for dip, and the smaller ones have measurement marks on the sides.  They are all BPA free and dishwasher and microwave safe.  We also got him a couple of t-shirts to wear to school.  :)

I feel like the quality of the products we bought is great!  The store was clean and bright but not always organized.  We had a hard time finding lunch boxes at all and there wasn't a large selection.  There also weren't many short sleeved shirts to choose from but I know that's becaues fall shirts are in now.  But we won't be ready for long sleeves for maybe 3 more months.  But it seems like these products will be sturdy enough to last through the school year for my 4 year old!  :) 

Thanks again Kmart and CafeMom for helping us get ready for school!

by on Aug. 5, 2012 at 2:59 PM
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Looks like you got lots of great stuff including a happy son. 

Quoting BeachMama05:

Thank you CafeMom and thank you K-mart.

I am Jamie from Virginia Beach Va. We did our shopping today, which was perfect because it was tax free weekend and most of the back to school was on sale. My son is 7 and is going into the 2nd grade. We did alot of school shopping already but we still needed most of the supplies and a few odds and ends. 

I let my son decide and pick which items he wanted to buy since it was for him. He really enjoyed doing so. The sale prices for clothes were great, although there wasn't very much to choose from. The jeans didn't fit well either, it seamed they were made to fit the standard size and doesn't accommodate slim (although they say slim). The shoes we purchased were buy one get one free so I picked a pair up for my daughter as well CANT BEAT THAT!. The store itself was very clean and the associates were friendly.

The school supplies isle's were very organized and the prices were perfect. Everything was right there and there was no need to search for an item.

The best part was getting a $5 gift card at the end of my purchase, although Im not really sure why.. no one explained it to me :)

We really enjoyed this opportunity!

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