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For me to be bored, but have so much to do? Lol. I need to get some cleaning done. Yet I sit here on CafeMom bored lmao. I should really get started too because I can't do it all at once like I usually do. Yet I sit here bored on CafeMom... Usually when I get like this I make a list and make myself get up and get it all done. That won't work this time because I can't do all of it at once. I am supposed to be staying off my feet and resting until my back heals, but I have to get the house cleaned lol. So I figure if I do you little by little, then that should be ok. But then I start thinking "ok it is this difficult for me to get started, will be like this every time I need to get back up to do another room? If it is, then why bother pacing myself?" Ugh.... I am over thinking this way too much lmao. 

by on Jan. 3, 2013 at 1:57 PM
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by Platinum Member on Jan. 4, 2013 at 6:00 PM

 Hugs !! I know how you feel !!

Quoting ashleymosq:

My youngest DD was the easiest lol. She was 6lbs even when she was born. They kept telling me to stop pushing... I kept telling them that I wasn't and someone needed to get ready to catch her lol. I was 35wks 5days when I went on Monday and they checked his growth. I will be 36wks 5days when I go back next Monday. I so badly just want to start walking and get this going lol. I know it is too soon, but I am so sick of being pregnant. The sides of my stomach actually hurt from him stretching me... He will start moving and it is so uncomfortable because there is just not enough room. 

Quoting bwsmommy:

 I know at 35/36 weeks this little boys was already around 6lbs 2ozs/6lbs 10ozs .. so i dont want to think how much bigger hes gotten .. im kinda hoping they are wrong about his size ! And the only reason ive had mine checked is because if i made it to a 4 which is considered active labor they would have went ahead and took him ..but no such luck here !! My biggest boy was 8lbs 13ozs .. and was the easiest birth i ever had ! My 7lbs 4ozs ds was the worst .. other than the section with my 4lb 11.9ozs ds ..

Quoting ashleymosq:

Mine are stronger when I am sitting down for some reason. Maybe I just feel them more when I am sitting down. If I am moving around a lot, then they do get stronger whether I am sitting or standing. I have no clue what my cervix is right now. I go back to the doctor on Monday though and he is going to check then. I am going to be induced in 3 weeks (unless he comes early lol). I hope he comes sooner than that though. My oldest was 7lbs 11ozs and it tore me up and they had to pull her out... His measurements on Monday showed that he is already about 6lbs and measuring bigger than 36wks... I am scared lol. I will be really really surprised if I am not dialated any too. 

Quoting bwsmommy:

 Its a matching game on here (cm) it reminds me of webbles wobble ... lol and my contractions are stronger when im standing/walking then when i lay down .. som im guessing they are braxtons still since my cervix hasnt changed since sunday =( im still 2 and 40/50 effaced .. but ive got 5 days left before hes here via section !

Quoting ashleymosq:

What is Trizzle? I love games hehe. 

Last night I was having contractions that were staying 5 mins apart for a while. Then I finally was able to relax and sit down and they started getting more and more irregular. They never fully stopped, they never do lol. Every time I would stand up though I would have one. I think my little man is getting ready to come out.

Quoting bwsmommy:

 Lol .. i try to clean .. but then i have a contraction and come and get on cm .. and then its hard to get away .. from Trizzle .. i ♥ that game !!!




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