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 i swear school admins are off their rocker these days!!

a kindergartener was suspended because of his mohawk, his very adorable, short mohawk!!  so glad our school isn't like that!  we have boys that have crazy designs shaved into their heads.  one boy in my son's kindergarten class came back to school on monday with a big batman symbol on the back of his head.  not something i'd let my son do but heh, it's only hair!  girls have multiple colored streaks in their hair.  it's all in fun & a way for them to express themselves.  if it were my child i'd sure be raising a fuss!  & i'm sorry but if a teacher can't keep the class under control because of someone's haircut then they i think there is more of an issue going on then just a child's hair!

by on Apr. 9, 2013 at 4:07 PM
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by Ruby Member on Apr. 11, 2013 at 5:17 PM

 not all have that choice though.  i'm familiar with that area of ohio & unless things have changed drastically there over the years, the town only has one elementary, middle & high school.  even if there are multiple elementary schools typically you can't just send you child to anyone you wanted. 

where i live now there are 5 elementary schools within 5 miles of me.  if i didn't work at one of the elementary schools my children would have no choice but to go to the one we are districted for.  (transfers are only granted for staff & special needs students)  & like with many things not all adults read everything they sign "word for word", many just skim over the forms they get & then sign them.

remember the boy was suspended because his hair was distracting, not for the cut itself.  if non of his classmates had paid his new hair any attention i'm sure he would still be at school.

Quoting inmybizz:

It doesn't matter(not an issue) if i think certain haircuts/styles are distracting or not. I signed a contract with the school stating I read the rules and agree to abide by the them. If I don't like the rules I have the choice to enroll in a different school. 

Quoting lizzig:

 yes, but do you consider the haircut a distraction.  like the grandmother stated, it's not like the punk mohawks of the past, it's not impeding anyones vision (the only guidleline we had regarding hair when i was in school).  children get distracted easily.  i've seen a whole class "ohhing & ahhing" over a classmates new light-up watch, not to mention when the light-up shoes first came out.  should those children be suspended over having clothing that was distracting?  would they have been at that school? 

My daughter goes to private school and they have a very strict dress/appearance code. I knew that going in because i read and signed the rules the school gives out. Knowing the rules, I would never allow my child to go to school dressed in something that would get her into trouble.

If the parents knew the school rules yet allowed the kid to do it anyway,I blame the parents. Why set your kid up like that?  



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