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Vent about posts on other groups

Posted by on Oct. 29, 2009 at 6:10 PM
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Is it just me or does the misinformation or the non-chalant talk about it from others on various groups annoy the heck out of you????

LOL, some times I want to reach my hormonal hands through the monitor and shake some women who are so stubborn.  I can understand people having a choice as to whether or not to vaccinate and it's not my objective to change their minds, but when you see their reasons and you *KNOW* the reasons are misinformation,

such as: the SHOT contains thimerosal (the single does does not)

it makes you sick (shot has non-live strain)

it's not tested enough (tested more than the seasonal flu shot)

or "I never get sick so why get it" (when many people who "never" get sick are getting hit hard with it)

and my personal favorite: more people die of the seasonal flu (true, but on average 60-80 kids die each YEAR of Seasonal flu.  Since September over 100 children have died of Swine Flu, since April it's over 150....probably more like 160-170 by now, which is staggering when compared to the yearly seasonal flu child death rate and it's ONLY October)

When I see women posting these as reasons why they won't get it for them or their kids it drives me bonkers.  I'd hate to see their kids as a statistic because the parent didn't have accurate information.  Too much hype and talk and not enough facts, sigh



by on Oct. 29, 2009 at 6:10 PM
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by Member on Nov. 1, 2009 at 10:09 PM

I agree with you 110%!  I will be 36 weeks Thursday and have been FREAKING out over contracting the H1N1 virus.  It is extremely scary. 

 My moms employee had to take off last week to go to a funeral for a young, healthy, woman who was in her third trimester of pregnancy.  She had suffered complications from the swine flu and is now not able to watch her baby grow up.  To me this is not "just another flu"  like so many keep saying. 

Like you said, the statistics prove it is very hard on healthy children and pregnant women.  I take it very seriously and it aggrevates me when other people do not.

  I was finally able to get my H1N1 vaccine this past Wednesday, the 28th and I am praying I do not come into contact with anyone with the swine flu until my antibodies are built up.  I am driving my poor husband crazy with my concern about the swine flu.  I am so scared about ending up like other pregnant women who have sadly passed from this terrible virus and are not able to watch their beautiful babies grow up. 

So many are against this vaccine because of bogus reasons.  We need to rely on reliable sources.  The CDC, WHO, FLU.GOV.  I am glad I have found some women with the same perspective as myself.  God Bless!

by on Nov. 2, 2009 at 10:27 AM

I absolutely agree.  In a post last night, in response to the Thimerosal content, I said here's some logic that was pointed out to me:  If you give your child a tuna sandwich (or he or she eats one even once in their lifetime), they will get about 50 times more mercury than in a lifetime of vaccines.  And current childhood vaccines don't even have them anymore, just the flu's. 

Oh, and not to mention all the other fish, the air we breathe, etc that contain mercury.  Grrr!

As for the testing, very true.  The only ingredient different in H1N1 is the virus...all the other stuff is the same as in the regular, tested, found safe, seasonal flu shot.  DUH!

My favorite of all - the nuts that say this is a government conspiracy.  To do what exactly? 

My daughter who just turned 2 years old and has asthma got hers on 10/28/09.  So did mom and dad.  Even though she'll need another, at least she's on her way to immunity. 


by on Nov. 5, 2009 at 6:44 PM

Yes the posts in the other groups are driving me INSANE! I cannot stand all the misconceptions and lies and false information floating on cafemom and all the mom's that are dumb enough to follow along. I wonder how many idiots don't get their kids vaxed adn then regret it when their kids are deathly ill?

I am also extremely insulted when someone says it's just the flu, it's nothing.

My 13mo.old has h1n1 and now has pnumonia it's not NOTHING it's life or death. Thank God our dr.'s we've seen have been educated and on top of it and have jumped at getting her better. We've seen 2 pediatricans and been to the ER in 4 days now. My daughter got better, then got worse and I was educated enough to rush her back in. My baby is only 13mos.old she's on tamiflu, albuterol, antibiotic, and prednosone (steroid), she's scared the crappers out of me a few times now. I wanted her to be vaccinated but we never had the chance swine flu hit her before she could hit it.

My 8yr.old got it too but jumped back in 2 days.


by New Member on Nov. 5, 2009 at 7:31 PM

Couldnt agree more..... it makes me red in the face everytime I hear someone say "it's just the, flu"... yeah, well these people arent in my priority group like me for being pregnant, nor do they have an immune-deficient child like my 21mo old. My MIL has to be one of the worst. I have a note on my front door that even states anyone stepping foot into my household will be expected to wash their hands, and my MIL comes in and says "Oh, I just washed my hands before I left the house, so I'm fine". Sure--- because you dont possibly have germs in your house, on the doorknob you touched, in your car, or on that purse strap your carrying in your hand. Come on! My health and the health of my children is not up for debate. Do it my way if  your coming into MY house. Sorry for the vent- Im just soooo sick of people not taking this serious and then acting like Im some germaphobe when they arent even in the same catagory as me needing to get vaccinated.

by Group Owner on Nov. 14, 2009 at 1:34 PM

I totally agree!  I have gotten into such heated debates over it!  There have been several times I wished I could strangke people through the computer as well!   I ussually post my story on any swine flu post to get more awareness about how serious the virus can be.  And I have changed more than a few minds doing so.  I also like to give the real facts cus I have the bad misinformation out there.  It is so sad that it seems it has to effect someone people are close to for them to take it serious!

I am Kelly, 32 yr old Mom of 4 Girls!  Caitlin 5 yrs, Lilly 3 yrs, Molly born 6/19/09 and my angel Elysse born 2/05/08, married to my wonderful husband Jeff for 6 yrs,  I am a domestic violence survivor,  infant loss survivor, swine flu 30 days in a medically induced coma survivor,  I am a attatchment parenting momma, non CIO momma, and a passionate breastfeeding momma who will breastfeed anywhere anytime my baby is hungry, My girls are my everything and I live for them! =-) That is me in a nutshell!

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