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Posted by on Nov. 30, 2010 at 9:11 AM
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Our Story...

Hazelaid was born when our family was introduced to the amazing healing properties of hazelwood products.  These necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry made with pieces of wood from the hazelnut tree have the unique property of absorbing the excess acid produced in our bodies when it is in contact with our skin. 

We first heard about this jewelry when our third child was very little and was suffering from severe eczema. We had tried many different things to alleviate her symptoms and nothing really seemed to help.  A friend told us about how her son’s severe and painful acid reflux had been dramatically helped by wearing a hazelwood necklace and that it could help with our daughter’s eczema since the root cause of both is often related to excess acidity in the body. We were skeptical but intrigued. We decided we had nothing to lose by giving it a try. Within a couple weeks of wearing the necklace and using the hazelwood zinc oxide ointment, her skin was dramatically improved and she was also spitting up a lot less.  We were amazed! After reading all the testimonials about these wonderful products, we were no longer surprised by our experience...these results seemed to be the norm, and then some! 

Our whole family has very sensitive skin and we have all benefited from these products tremendously.  We invite you to try our products and experience them for yourself.  We are confident that you will find similar relief for yourself and your family. 

Best Wishes, 


by on Nov. 30, 2010 at 9:11 AM
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by Group Owner on Nov. 30, 2010 at 9:36 AM

So my son started using the haze-laid necklaces on December 17, 2010.  It took about a week to notice a difference, but it was working for him.  He wasn't getting that itchy anymore.  On January 15, 2011, he put a new one because the 1st one was all used up.





by Group Owner on Jan. 7, 2011 at 5:23 PM

ECZEMA - Prevention & Curing Protocol

PRODUCTS:  ECZEMA Treatment, Eczema Natural Cures, Eczema Remedy

ECZEMA, is there a Cure?

PRODUCTS:  Symptom List, Product List, Articles




Is your little one suffering from ECZEMA and are you searching the internet for the best baby eczema treatment that will get your little one feeling better? Well you are not alone; thousands of parents discover that their little one has become infected with this condition.

Sucessfull ECZEMA Skin Symptoms Treatment Success!

 Is your little one suffering from ECZEMA and are you searching the internet for the best baby eczema treatment that will get your little one feeling better? Well you are not alone; thousands of parents discover that their little one has become infected with this condition.

 This website is about how to CURE ECZEMA and how to CURE PSORIASIS. With Finality -- never to return. Only the TRUTH can cure Eczema and Psoriasis. Only by learning the true causes and addressing those causes will your eczema or psoriasis be cured.

 Natural Treatments for ECZEMA


ECZEMA:  Avoid Nightshades: Potatoes, Tomatoes, Eggplants, Peppers, Tobacco 

by Group Owner on Feb. 7, 2011 at 9:23 AM

Natural Remedies For Eczema

Healing Eczema: A Drug Free Approach - Alternative Medicine

Home Remedies for Eczema


Natural Treatments for Eczema

by Group Owner on Apr. 13, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Eczema Cured by Addressing Toxemia (press release)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006 by: NaturalNews

A 36-year-old man documented and photographed his journey in getting well from his eczema. Edwin Casimero is proud of his achievement and thankful to the doctors and people who have helped him with correct scientific information to overcome his debilitating condition.

"At the height of my eczema attack, I could not go out of the house to show my face, I couldn't even wear shoes!" says Casimero.

"I went to at least 5 doctors in my city and none of them could come up with the cure. One even told me that eczema is incurable. That was just unacceptable." Casimero continued.

This led him to go out into the far flung provinces to search for healers who knew what the doctors in his city did not.

He stumbled on an Islamic herbal healer called "Doctor Lorna" in the small town of Morong,Bataan. After a few minutes of analysis, Doctor Lorna said, "You have dirty blood. We will have to clean it. This will need at least 1 month of my personal care."

Doctor Lorna spent 1 month looking after Casimero and was able to drastically reduce his eczematic symptoms. Fresh herbs of different varieties were used as broad spectrum agents to cure his infected skin. Avocado leaves boiled and made into tea as a blood cleansing agent using the kidneys with some 5 liters consumed per day.

The breakthrough came with the python bile when it was applied on Casimero's left arm.

"I stayed up the whole night watching the python bile work its legendary properties and heal my left arm in 8 hours." Casimero explains.

The python bile cure was the most important clue needed by Casimero's second doctor Divina Hey-Gonzales. Doctor Hey analyzed that with Casimero's tongue condition, slight pain on his right side and frozen shoulder pain on his left side were all symptoms of liver problems. Possible blockage of bile release caused by stones. Doctor Hey gave her recipe for gallbladder-liver flush using apple juice and olive oil.

The first liver flush resulted in the expelling of large quantities of stuck up cholesterol and at least 100 green stones. Each successive flush resulted in faster healing of the eczema from all over his body. To make the healing process run faster, Casimero took it on his own initiative to take Pancreatin with digestive enzymes supplements.

The last to heal was the eczema on his right leg. By the 5th liver flush, all itching ceased. By the 6th liver flush, the leg had completely healed.

"This eczema is NEVER coming back. We found the root cause and addressed it. I would like to thank everyone who helped. I made a promise to write, photograph and setup a web site to help all eczema sufferers worldwide." Casimero says.

by Group Owner on Apr. 13, 2012 at 3:45 PM


Raw Paleo Diet Cure All Testimonial by Edwin Casimero in Manila, Philippines

by Group Owner on Jun. 4, 2014 at 9:15 AM

apple-cider-vinegar-stock-largeRecently, one of my good friends shared with me her story of how she cured her eczema naturally using apple cider vinegar (ACV). Since she was a young girl, her skin would break out in painful, itchy rashes which she would treat with doctor prescribed and recommended steroid creams. However, these creams had a detrimental effect on her skin over time, and eventually she had to stop using them, being left to deal with the extremely uncomfortable disease. Her quality of life was almost always compromised, admitting to me that she found it difficult being present while living with the ailment.

After doing some research, she came across people`s personal stories about how they cured their eczema and psoriasis with a simple solution of ACV. She decided to give it a shot. In a spray bottle, she diluted a few table spoons of ACV with room temperature water and sprayed her affected area. She said it stung for the first minute, but the results blew her away. In just a FEW DAYS, her eczema break-out had completely vanished. This was all from a cheap, organic, 1 ingredient remedy. While the proper medical studies haven’t been conducted at this point, my friend’s story stood as a first-hand account of the treatment really working. After looking into the matter further, I discovered the massive amount of ACV success stories that were out there.

What is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar?

apple-cider-vinegar-acne-treatmentReal organic apple cider vinegar, is made by fermenting pressed apple juice until the sugars turn to vinegar. Importantly, it should be made from organic apples and be unheated, unfiltered and unpasteurized to keep the ‘mother’ intact.

The ‘mother’ in apple cider vinegar is visible as cloudy strings in the bottom of the bottle and is full of beneficial enzymes, pectin and trace minerals. It is worth shaking the bottle each time before using ACV to distribute these elements.

Alongside all of the other health benefits of apple, substances like malic acid are formed in the creation of apple cider vinegar, giving it antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. This is a big part of what makes it so good for your skin. Let’s take a look at some of the common benefits of apple cider vinegar to see just how it can revolutionize your health!


12 Known Benefits of ACV

1. Improved Digestion

Drinking apple cider vinegar in water can help to naturally improve your digestion. Take a tablespoon of ACV in a big glass of water around 15 minutes before a meal to stimulate digestive juices for better breakdown of your food.

It’s important to use raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with the mother for this and all of the other health benefits listed below.

Filtered and pasteurized vinegars will not have this and lack the enzymes and other nutritional properties in raw ACV that have such a positive effect on the digestive process.

Real apple cider vinegar contains valuable minerals and trace elements, LDL cholesterol lowering pectin, fat burning acetic acid, anti-viral malic acid, live enzymes, amino acids and many other beneficial nutrients.

When you drink apple cider vinegar regularly, ideally before each main meal, your digestion improves and you naturally begin assimilating more from your food. This can also reduce hunger and help with losing weight. More on this ahead.

2. Heartburn, Intestinal Problems and Constipation

Regular apple cider vinegar in water is believed to help correct low stomach acid conditions that leads to heartburn. Importantly, straight ACV is very strong and likely to be too powerful for heartburn sufferers, and especially those with ulcers, so make sure you dilute it well.

Apple pectin fiber, found in the mother of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar, soothes the entire gastrointestinal tract, helping to prevent stomach cramps, bloating and gas.

Apple cider vinegar can also be useful as a mild laxative to stimulate peristalsis in cases of occasional constipation. It should not have this effect if your bowel movements are already regular.

3. Prevent Candida and Normalize Intestinal Bacteria

ACV is full of beneficial acids which are believed to help improve the make up of your intestinal flora. These include acetic acid and malic acid, which have antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties and can help control the spread of the candida fungus in your intestines, a common debhilitating problem with many people’s high sugar diets.

4. Strengthen Your Immune System

Your intestinal flora are a big part of your body’s immune system. It makes sense then that improving the conditions for the growth of friendly bacteria with apple cider vinegar can help improve your overall immunity.

The malic acid in ACV is also a strong antiviral, perhaps one of the reasons people often say they experience fewer colds when they take apple cider vinegar in water daily.

Additionally, raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar is said to benefit your lymphatic system by helping to cleanse lymph nodes and break up mucus in the body. Over time this can relieve sinus congestion, reduce colds and alleviate allergies.

5. Regulate Blood Sugar and Aid in Diabetes

Apple cider vinegar is full of acetic acid which appears to slow down the digestion of simple carbohydrates, thus regulating blood sugar levels from the brief highs and longer lows of a high carb diet.

The anti-glycemic effect of ACV has been proven in several studies, including this one that concluded, “vinegar can significantly improve post-prandial insulin and sensitivity in insulin resistant subjects…thus, vinegar may possess physiological effects similar to acarbose or metformin (anti-diabetic drugs). Further investigations to examine the efficacy of vinegar as an antidiabetic therapy are warranted.”

6. High Blood Pressure

Some animal studies have shown that apple cider vinegar may lower high blood pressure and there are many reports in online forums of using it for this purpose.

It’s possible that ACV increases nitric oxide production that helps relax blood vessels, or it may just have a generally beneficial effect on your cardiovascular system that, over time, naturally results in a lowering of high blood pressure.

7. Detoxification

Apple cider vinegar is a popular ingredient in detoxification protocols with good reason. Aside from all the other body cleansing benefits already listed, drinking diluted raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar is believed to help detoxify and cleanse your liver.

One tablespoon of ACV in a large glass of water before each meal is often recommended as an effective dosage for daily detoxification. Some detoxifying methods may use larger doses, though it’s best to build up to these over time.

8. Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar’s acetic acid has been shown in studies to suppress the accumulation of body fat and liver lipids. Its pectin content is also thought to slightly reduce your body’s ability to absorb fat.

When you have an apple cider vinegar drink before a meal, as well as improving digestion, it will usually reduce your hunger levels as well, which can only be beneficial for losing weight. Once again, 1 tablespoon in a large glass of water before each meal is the recommended dosage.

Raw ACV may well aid weight loss, but it would be better thought of as part of a larger body fat reduction plan. In all I’ve read on the subject, I believe the most effective first step is to reduce grain-based carbohydrates and eat more, not less, of the right type of foods.

9. Bad Breath

The natural acids in real apple cider vinegar, like acetic and malic acid, can reduce the bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath.

Using apple cider vinegar for halitosis, you would make it a bit stronger than when drinking it. Add one tablespoon to a third of a cup of water and gargle it for around 20 seconds to minimize bad breath.

10. Skin Benefits

Apple cider vinegar balances your skin’s pH levels and has long been recommended as a skin tonic. It can also help treat dermatological conditions like acne, especially when used both internally and externally regularly.

11. Leg Cramps and Restless Leg Syndrome

Sipping on an apple cider vinegar drink can increase low potassium levels in your body, a suspect in nighttime leg cramps and restless leg syndrome.

12. Stamina and Energy

Improved stamina and energy are harder to measure subjectively, but raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar has long been considered a general health tonic and more energy and greater stamina are commonly reported when drinking it.

This may be a combination of all the other health benefits of ACV already listed. Or it could be due to the powerful alkalizing effect it has on your body when you drink apple cider vinegar daily.

Despite being acidic outside the body, ACV, like lemon water, is recognized as a premier alkalizing drink, which reduces acidosis in the body and has been reported to aid in recovering from a wide range of health conditions and diseases.

Other Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar


Athlete’s Foot

Heart Health

Kidney Stones




Vaginal Irritation

Animal Care


Blood Pressure


Hair Loss

Sore Throat


Acid Reflux

Salad Dressings







Drinking ACV to Improve Your Health

download (1)

The starting dosage is 1 tablespoon in a big glass of water and you can slowly increase the dosage, a teaspoon at a time over several weeks, to 2 or even 3 tablespoons, if you find the increased dosage beneficial to your health.

Yes it does taste a little sour, but that’s a good thing. It’s important to train your taste buds to not expect everything to be sweet.

If you really can’t handle it at the start, then try it with a drop of natural stevia, but using sugar or commercial honey to sweeten it will only feed the intestinal problems that ACV is used to treat.

Have you tried having a daily apple cider vinegar drink for better health? Do you have other health conditions you’ve found ACV beneficial for? Let everyone know in the comments below and spread the word about just how good for you apple cider vinegar is.


by Group Owner on Jun. 24, 2014 at 10:25 AM

6 Useful Natural treatments for Eczema - Eczema affects many people and can be very irritating to the skin. Click here to find out 6 natural cures for eczema that might help you in relieving its symptoms.

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6 Useful Natural treatments for Eczema - Eczema affects many people and can be very irritating to the skin. Find here 6 natural treatments for...

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