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Posted by on Sep. 3, 2011 at 9:39 AM
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Hope Always Shines Through Faith
The Twists and Turns of this Life
I know there are thousands out there just like me who go about their lives with patience and perseverance and exhibit love for their families and those around them. I began my battle with Cancer Dec. 23, 2003. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Stage III out of IV. I found out almost 3 years later that I have been Stage IV all along. I refused chemo the next week of Jan. 2004. I told my Oncologist I wasn't going that route. He made a statement to my wife and I that he had only known two other people who went the Natural route and they were miserable failures. Even though this made me a little angry I kept my feelings to myself. I don't know what these two people did or didn't do. IT DOES MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. I let them Scan me 4 months later and do blood work. My Dr. comes into the room and says to me. "Dale I don't know what you have done, but you have stabilized this." I had to bite my tongue. I almost said that it wasn't Chemo was it? But, I respect my Dr. and held my tongue. I had the best year of health in my life in 2004 and it has continued into 2010. I hope to put forth efforts to show and encourage others that might be faced with similar insidious diseases. I have found hope and strength in Faith in God and my own resolve that this can be cured. We put so much dead matter in our body and not enough living food. Natural food with "living enzymes" that help our "immune system". I will have more to say about what I have done in the last year and a half to keep my Cancer contained with the foods I eat, drink and some Natural remedies that are working for me. What has given me peace within is the fact that Win or Lose as far as this physical life I still win. I hope to see my 5 grandchildren baptized into Christ and grown with their own families. Lord willing, but if not then I accept that too. My Lord has been with me and my wife of 47 years through her Colon Surgery, Breast Cancer, my job loss of 29 years, to the Death of our oldest child. Our 35 year old son. He had 3 boys when he died. 16 year old. 10 year old and a 17 month old and his wife was pregnant with a little girl which he never got to see. I loved my son with all my heart, but when I look at my wife I know that (at least from my viewpoint) that there is nothing greater than a Mother's love, nor a Grandmother's love. Sometimes when I look into my wife's eyes I think I can see her soul. Only one love is stronger. God's Love.
Hope Always Shines through Faith
The Waters Return to the Sea
We Hope to Return from Whence We also Came
My Simple Back-Ground
Born in Sparta, TN. 1945. One of seven children. All seven abandoned by both Mother & Father at age 5. We all were sent to Tenn. Industrial School (TIS) in 1951 in Nashville, TN. Grew up there. Sisters on one end of the camus. My little brother and me on the other end. I still associate that day with 2 words. Terror & fear. Grew up missing the Love of a Mother and Father and the gentle love every child should rightfully have. You know something is wrong but keep it bottled up inside and just do your best with what life has dealth you. This wonderful school taught me values, patience and respect for others. I will always cherish that. I still think back now though to when I played High School football, basketball and all the things a young man wishes their parents could see and they never were there. Not even when I graduated. Not even when I married. Out of all seven kids I had the first Great grandchild. They saw him one time when he was 10 months old. They never saw him after that and he will be 27 in March 2011. It really was their loss. But someone said if they didn't care to raise you why should they care about your children or grandchildren? Made sense but still hurt. A counselor once told me to shut my eyes and go back in time in my mind as an adult and to find that young boy and to tell her what I saw. I shut my eyes and immediately pictured myself sitting in the 5th grade class in the 1st row, 5th seat back reading Jack London's book "White Fang". I was wearing the little State coveralls and wearing the little brown brogan boots. She then said for me to keep my eyes shut as an adult of 42 years and to go back there and to put my arms around that little boy and to tell him that someone loved him. When I did that I realized what she had done for me. The flood gates opened and I cried with joy. I rushed back through time and space and all the periods of my young life and told that young man he was loved, he was care for, he was always worth something. There is a merciful God. All of us kids loved and still do love Mom and Dad, even though they both passed on in the last 13 years. I guess we let go and held no grudges with a child-like faith that God gives to all of us.
Love Is Stronger than Hate!


by on Sep. 3, 2011 at 9:39 AM
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Life Goes On
I met my wife in this school, married 3 mos. after graduation. This school taught me the Printing Trade & I went to work
for Dixie Electrotype 1963. I raised my children working at this Co. whe had hired me out of school. For this I will always
be grateful, but in 1992 after 29 yrs. faithful svc. they fired me as they had 21 others over a 5 yr. period. Just getting rid l
ong-term workers. I was replaced the next week by a 23 yr. old.   It broke my heart. I cried for a month. I had so many
thoughts of hate, vengeance & at the same time overwhelmed with guilt as I had always considered myself a Christian.
My wife & I had to pray about what I wanted to do in my heart. She said what about our kids & grand kids? I knew in my heart
I could not do what my mind was telling me to do. A light went off in my head. What does this company really understand?
Their pocketbook. I went to the EEOC. They said I didn't have a case. I told the investigator that she hadn't investigated...
just took their word over mine. I told her in anger this wasn't going to fly & I would get this to court & expose her & my Co.
When I could not find a job after putting in 67 applications the hate & anger grew worse. Thru many tears I hung onto hope
that I had found in scriptures that said God's children would always have Food, Shelter, Clothing & never go begging bread.
A Minister told me in class when I was 26 yrs. old that life was like a cloudy overcast sky when you were down in the valleys &
 couldn't see that right above those gray clouds it was a beautiful, bright baby-blue sky. I flew a few years later & when the
Airplane climbed thru overcast skies that day & that beautiful blue appeared those thoughts came flooding back to me of what
this wonderful  teacher had told me those many yrs. ago. When I lost my job & was going thru those valleys & cloudy overcast
skies I wondered & prayed when that beautiful blue would once again appear in my life. As it turned out the Lord had a lot of teaching
for me about patience & perseverance. My wife started working 3 jobs & when I finally got accepted into a 2-yr. program in X-ray at
Nashville Gen. Hosp., I felt I had to do it. Out of 350 applications I managed to be one of the 8 they accepted.
by Group Owner on Sep. 3, 2011 at 10:01 AM


God's providential care was once again working in my life. 2 months into my schooling my wife had chest pains so bad they did an Arteriogram & the Dr. said it was stress along with working 3 jobs. So she cut back to 2 jobs. Meantime I found a law firm who took my case. I had no idea it would take 6 yrs. to get this Co. to court. We had 7 court dates and got bumped 7 times. Everything from Gov't. shutdown in 1995, to a detached retina of their lawyer, to Judge Nixon's mother dying & burying her on my trial date. Most of these delays happened 12 hrs. to 2 days before my court date. I was learning patience...thru many tears. Back to God's providential care. I was in my last yr. school when Gen. Hosp. for the first time in history sent all of us techs (3 males, 5 females) thru 1 month rotation of Mammo & after seeing all kinds of breast cancer & needle biopsies I asked my wife if she checked good for lumps in her breast. She said yes & that one yr. before her Mammo was neg. I said we were going to check her good that evening & I found a lump in her left breast. The mammo & ultrasound was suspicious. The biopsy came back high-grade, fast growing breast cancer. I believe that was the reason I lost my job. Once again God's providential care had entered my life. She said she could not do a thing till I got out of school & got a job. 2 more months of schooling. I said no honey. That I had no guarantee of a job after graduation & that if she waited 2 months she would not have a chance. I knew God would take care  of the job & that he had given us this chance. My precious wife lost her left breast & there were no suspicious lymphnode involvement in the 17 they removed. This was 16 yrs. ago.

God's Peace and Strength
by Group Owner on Sep. 3, 2011 at 10:05 AM



The Amazing Immune System
There is so much information out there that it can and does become confusing when you are trying to combat any illness...especially Cancer. Let me first say that I am not a doctor. I would advise anyone to work with your doctor. I have a Cancer Dr. who draws my blood, does scans when I think I need them. He knows that I know what the symptoms are of Lymphoma. Night sweats, fatigue, etc. Since I am not having any of them then I refuse to do a Scan every three months. I think a CT-Pet Scan of your chest is equivalent to getting 300 to 400 chest x-rays. You do have a say in your treatment. You know that your time is limited and thus becomes very valuable. I am going to list several things that are very important in your fight against any disease. What I am doing for my Cancer is also the key to any other disease such as Diabetes II, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, MS and any other disease that involves your Immune System. In my case I tried to completely eliminate processed sugar. For instance: A can of regular Coke or Pepsi has enough sugar in it to effectively shut down 1/3 of my immune system for 4 hours. I cannot afford to have mine down 1 minute. The first thing I did was to purify my water at home. I then cleansed my colon. I also took something to rid my body of the Mercury, Lead and Cadmium. Death, they say begins in the Colon. Also avoid Aspartame and Nutrasweet. They are excito-toxins. I juiced a 25-lb. of organic carrots for the first 20 months. Costs about $14. I am taking Barley Grass powder 2 to 3 times a day. I am doing several supplements with Broccoli extracts, Mushroom, Resveratol and a whole food called All-day Energy Greens. There are two web-sites where I really got good guidance. and You need to eat as much living food as possible. Also my Ulcerative Colitis which I had for 13 years has completely gone away. And I had several severe bouts with it. My Dr. told my wife and I that it did not matter what we ate. He is and was wrong. Many Doctors are now beginning to realize the importance of "simple" healthful eating.
The Alternative Medicine can and does work.
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I am just going to list some of the things I believe are important to my health or anyone else.

Especially anyone fighting dangerous health problems. These listing are not necessarily in

any special configuration or importance. This is for cancer, lupus, fibromyalgia, MS, weight loss

and any other diseases that plague mankind. Most doctors do not tell their patients about any

of this information. 1. Eliminate all processed sugar. 2. Eliminate all white or bleached flour. 3.

 Eat all the leafy green vegetables you want to. 4. Eat plenty of fresh fruit. 5. Drink only purified

water. 6. Cleanse or purify your colon. Also do a parasite cleanse. Neither of these two are

expensive. You have probably heard that death begins in the Colon. 7. Eat no foods or drinks

that contain Aspartame or Nutrasweet. These are excita-toxins. Some colas contain Splenda.

 Even Splenda or Sucralose is processed through chlorine. But beware that any of these colas

 will make your body acidic. A good Coral Calcium with Magnesium & Vitamin D will help to

keep your body in a more alkaline state which is best for your health. Also vegetables & fruits

help to keep you in an alkaline state also. Lemon juice is also a good alkalizer. 8. Most diseases

 including Cancer loves for the body to be in an Acidic condition. Cancer and many other diseases

cannot "survive" in a high alkaline condition or in a high oxygen environment.

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9. Some form of mild exercise such as walking is very helpful. We all tend to breathe too shallow and thus deprive our bodies of something that is absolutely vital. Not enough oxygen. 10. I actually bought me a mini-trampoline. This moves the lymph around. The heart pumps the blood but not the lymph. 10 minutes on a small trampoline is equivalent to walking or running 2 miles. Not for the Cardio. But, for the Lymphatic. The lymph has one-way valves and only movement will cause it to circulate and the force of the up and down jumping exerts tremendous benefits for the lymphatic system. Anyone with Lymphoma needs to consider this. 11. There are many herbal teas that are very beneficial and great blood purifiers. The one that I take is Essiac Tea. Essiac is spelled backwards for the name of a Nurse called Rene Caisse who used this to cure Cancer. 12. I use Succanat which is dehydrated Cane Juice. I use "pure" Maple Syrup and also Honey. Use sparingly. 13. The best thing I have found for a sweetener is something called Stevia. I buy the brand Stevita which we have found to not be bitter tasting. 14. I cut out all red meat, hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken. In this country they are pumped full of steroids, antibiotics and hormones and this is still in the meat and even in the meat products. I do eat some fish and shrimp. But, even here there is concern for poisons. 16. I also buy some supplements like broccoli extracts, resveratrol and mushrooms and also antioxidant supplements. These all fight cancer and many other diseases. 17. My biggest use is two products. One is called "Essiac Tea". The other one is "All Day Energy Greens". I also use Barley Grass powder and carrots. Also a whole food called Chlorella. I use Swanson's Kyoto Brand. For those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol I would recommend taking a couple of squares of Dark Chocolate a day and 4 to 6 ounces of Pure Pomegrate Juice. Keep monitoring your blood pressure until you can hopefully and safely cut back on your medcation. I hope this information helps you if you use any or all of it. If you have any questions or ever need me just email me. Genesis 1:29 and III John verse2

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Photo by David Woo used under CC 2.0.

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Thank you

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