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Posted by on Apr. 14, 2012 at 10:19 AM
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---The Wisdom of Your Face---

Learn to read faces! Chinese face reading is an ancient branch of Chinese medicine which teaches that you were born with a unique nature that is yours and yours alone, and that this inner spirit is reflected in your outer design – the features of your face.

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The wisdom written there explains why you think, feel, and behave as you do, and answers two of the most important questions you need to ask yourself in life: Who am I and what is my calling?

Here’s What Jean’s Students are Saying

By discovering your unique inner design, you can become your authentic self, find the career that brings you joy, relationships that nurture you, and most of all, become the confident and compassionate person you’re truly meant to be.[fbshare]

This workshop is a fun and fascinating experience but with profound implications for deep and effective personal change.

by on Apr. 14, 2012 at 10:19 AM
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 What is face reading?


by Group Owner on Apr. 14, 2012 at 11:32 AM

How To Detect A Lie Through Body Language
By Michael Lee, Author of How To Be An Expert Persuader

Reading body language to detect a lie applies not just to ordinary people but even to professionals, as well.

The police use it to determine if the person is guilty of a certain wrongdoing or not, teachers employ it to find out if the child really has or hasn't done his or her homework and parents apply it to find out if their teenagers really did go to a group study session as they said they would.

In the past, it seemed like reading body language to judge guilt may not have been in effect, at least in some cultures. Tribal groups of centuries back used to figure out if a native committed a crime using pain tests, such as dipping a hand in boiling water, walking on fiery coals, and others.

For instance, a native whose hand came out scalded after a dip in hot water is considered guilty at the time. Luckily, no such judging process exists anymore and we have the chance to disprove allegations by appearing in court and giving our statements. However, it may not be easy either, because it requires knowledge of reading body language signs.

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Body Language Signs of Lying

How can you detect a lie through a person's teeth? There are several ways to tell. One is when the other person is unable to look you in the eye as he tells his lie. Thus, if you ask your partner if he has been cheating on you, you will know that something is amiss if he says he hasn't but looks elsewhere while he says so.

Rapid eye movement is another tell-tale sign of lying. Blinking is a natural body process; but when this activity becomes more often and appears unnatural, then it should be a hint that that person is trying to avoid detection.

Of course, there are people who have perfected the art of lying that the eye test does not always work.

Other indicators of lying include restless hands (that is, he keeps touching his face, his arms, fixing his clothes, or tinkering with something), ill timing of gestures (that is, his body language seems to be off-kilter and awkward), or increased defensiveness. A person who has been accused of lying gets rather anxious as he tries to disprove the allegation.

Here's another way you can also detect a lie. When you suddenly shift to another topic, he also shifts to a more comfortable and relaxed state. A person who lies will want to avoid talking about the tense subject as much as possible, so he will most definitely try to stay at the lighter topic and try to expand on that so that you will forget about the original issue.

Most people have lied one way or another in their life. In fact, lying has become part of human nature. Sometimes we have to tell lies in order to avoid hurting somebody else.

As the saying goes, what the person doesn't know won't hurt him. However, if discovering the truth is what you're after, then these tips on how to detect a lie will help you find out if you're being duped or not.

Want to learn more amazing secrets to detect lies and read body language? Then check out How To Be An Expert Persuader... In 20 Days or Less. This incredible program reveals little-known secrets to detect lies, know what people are thinking through their actions, and persuade anyone to do what you want. Click Here Now for more exciting information.

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