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---Parents Voice: Children’s Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination---

Posted by on Feb. 2, 2013 at 11:42 AM
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Parents Voice: Children’s Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination


On September the 18th 2010 I started an inquiry amongst parents of Autistic children

“I am compiling a list of children who were adversely affected by any vaccine. Please if you could say in about 4-6 sentences what that vaccine was, how they reacted, how they are today and what city the vaccine was administered.”

The list that follows (below, via links to the right or pdf to the left) is the response. To date there are over 1100 comments here. There are additional comments found elsewhere at the bottom of this page (linked, and relating to autism), reports on a Vaccine damage reports database (mixed) and some reports regarding the HPV, Gardasil vaccine, totaling to more than 2100

This is a list of children, briefly described in their parents’ own words, some short, some extended yet, still summarised.

Each report/statement has been contributed via the internet. Parent’s accounts are worldwide with the majority of children listed subsequently diagnosed as falling within the Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Vaccinations are in the main, stated as being a contributory factor. MMR is the most frequently mentioned, although Flu, HepB, Dtp, and others get a mention as are, some deaths (RIP), and a variety of lifelong illnesses. Compiled with minimal editing by Joan Campbell. Special thanks to David Thrower for giving me the idea. 9/6/2011 (latest update 28/01/2013)

We expect this list to continue and to grow. If you would like to add your voice to this list please forward to (Maybe mention if you reported the vaccinations side effect and what the response was)

by on Feb. 2, 2013 at 11:42 AM
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by Group Owner on Feb. 2, 2013 at 11:43 AM



Ana Maria Abba I believe my son's issues stem from the two flu vaccines I was strongly advised to take during pregnancy. I did an alternative vaccine schedule. He developed normally until 9 months when he started to get sick a lot. I looked and it seemed to be around when he got the polio shot. I believe he had mild autism at 2 yrs (I didn't know that then but was starting to be suspicious) then I gave him the Hep B shot since I had just moved to Malaysia and was freaked out about the 3rd world country thing. Anyway after that shot he developed a bad fever. He also lost his strength which was visual learning. He stopped reading his books. He really went downhill after that. He was diagnosed about that same time. Polio and others in Littleton, CO Hep B Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Zenaida Acevedo My son is 3 years old and diagnosed with aspergers. I noticed trouble in his learning abilities after he received a dpt and a third dose of hepatitis and some others I do not remember. I told the doctor and he said don't worry about it, because the vaccines are save and not to believe everything I read. I'm a nurse and know what is inside those vaccines and it can be really harmful. Trono, Puerto Rico

Dawn Adams My son had the HIB and DTP shot. His leg was swollen and red, with a fever. They said that was normal and to give tylenol. He was speaking small words at the time and within a two week time frame he would just point at what he wanted. Took him back to the doctor and they said that some kids just don’t speak much and to make him say what he wanted before we gave it to him. He never really spoke again until 6 yrs ago, he is now 13. He also has seizures and has been diagnosed with Aspergers/Autism, Dyslexia. He was perfect and bouncy before then he changed and shut down. The injections were in Lake City Florida. I will never vaccinate again and have not with my others since.

Fran Adams My son developed typically and in some milestones, advanced, for the first 12 months of his life. His doctor commented on how well he was developing and reaching his milestones early. He began talking around 5-6 months of age. He was imitating. He was very engaging and interactive with all of us. He loved giving hugs and kisses. When he received his MMR vaccine at 12 months, he developed sever bilateral ear infections, had a high fever a few hours after receiving the vaccine, was sick pretty much for the next 3 months. He became sick with the rotavirus and was in the hospital for 3 days due the dehydration. I attributed his change in behavior (not talking, diarrhea, not interacting etc) to the ear infections and sickness. By 15 months of age, I became concerned because he no longer tried to feed himself. He became very restrictive in what he would eat. He did not talk. He had no eye contact. He cried and had tantrums. He did not imitate our actions. The last thing my child said to me was "I love you". He did not give hugs and kisses as he had prior to this event. I spoke of my concerns with his doctor who dismissed them. I contacted an organization call Birth to Three and learned of his delay. My son's birth mother contacted to me to inform me that her son was diagnosed with autism and that there was a chance that my son would also have this disorder. I began researching autism and saw that my baby was displaying most of the symptoms of autism. I discussed my concerns with the Birth to Three providers who were working with my son and was told that they did not think he had autism. I spoke with my son's doctor who also did not think he had autism. I needed confirmation and demanded a referral to have my son evaluated. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 22 months. My husband, who was in denial, wanted a second opinion. We went to another facility in a neighboring state and once again were told that he had PDD-NOS. When I learned that thimersol in the MMR vaccine could be a link to autism, I immediately contacted my son's doctor and was told that my son's vaccine did contain this preservative. I was shocked. I wish now that I had informed myself about vaccines and what was in the vaccine and mostly the safety of the vaccines that I allowed my son to receive. I trusted that the CDC would not do anything that would harm my child. We worked very hard to help my son gain back lost skills and continue to do so. I have tried to educate other mothers about vaccines especially the flu vaccine during pregnancy. I have always felt there was a connection between the MMR and autism. I have doubted the validity of the studies that state that there in no link between autism and the MMR especially considering the fact that there seems to be a conflict of interest when decision makers at CDC are also receiving money from the pharmaceutical companies that are being studied for safety.

Jamie Wiseman Adams. My son had MMR shots when he was 2 1/2. I put it off a little bit for some reason or another. He received them at the Bear Run Clinic in Orange Park, Florida. He screamed and cried the whole ride home and that night he started banging his head into the floor!!!! He was a totally different kid and stopped everything he had learned. He never was unaffectionate towards me though but immediately developed autistic like behaviours, especially echolalia and adhd. He ran a high fever and developed some kind of rash looking thing on part of his chin! Years later I learned he had a major allergic reaction to the toxins in the vaccines. I wrote Tallahassee Vaccination whatever they're called and they wrote back saying basically 'we're sorry but the vaccinations help more kids than they hurt.' He went most of his life being misdiagnosed because Dr's didn't have a clue about autism. Finally at age 13 he was diagnosed with PDDNOS, tourettes, echolalia, adhd, and sleep disorder. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know you DON'T GIVE SO MANY SHOTS IN ONE DAY TO A TODDLER.

Laura Adams My son got his 18 month shots plus a flu shot when he was 15 months old per the schedule followed at his doctors office. Within 15 minutes after the shots when we were in the car, he passed out which may have been a seizure looking back now. Within 30 days he had lost all language, stopped responding to his name, and started to withdraw. Six months after the shots, he was diagnosed with autism and hyperkinesis. He is still non verbal because its only been a matter of months. He is going through therapies but no real improvement yet. My son had a few early signs as far as having to have routine or he would cry non stop. But he was on schedule for language and everything else up till the shots at 15 months. The shots were given in Brookville, Ohio.

Heather Adel My son started having seizures after his one month MMR. They were occasional and everyone tried to make me think I was losing my mind and imagining it. I did not want him to get two month shots but the dr talked me into it and that night he had 40 seizures in my arms. Every day after that he had 7 or 8 seizures that lasted 10 minutes at a time. He is on heavy doses of Topamax to control the seizures, which I think he started having seizures while I was still pregnant and on Reglan. At 8 months along, I changed OB-GYN and they immediately took me off the REGLAN and I was able to carry him full term but had been having contractions prior to switching dr's. Then when they immunized him it triggered something and they told me he would not live to be 5 and be mentally handicapped. He is making his milestones and shocking all the dr's. Nobody knows what exactly is wrong with him. He is still on high doses of Topamax and without it he is a limp lifeless baby. With it he is achieving miracles. I have not allowed them to immunize since his two months immunizations and I am so scared to do so especially with all the stories out there. He is my 4th baby and all of my other children, all girls, have been immunized with no problems, but something about my son is different. They have already started saying he will be on the spectrum and he is 2.5 years old. I really feel like there has to be other moms who had REGLAN while being pregnant and their children are autistic. Just like the Thalidomide Babies there was over 8000 babies born with deformed limbs etc., before they realized the cause was something they took during pregnancy, I will bet my life that Reglan is causing Tardive Dyskensia which is being misdiagnosed as autism.

Sophia Agnew Sophia was perfect up till 13 months - met all milestones and was perfect in every way. At 13 months she developed a small cellulitis rash on her forehead and was given a week of intravenous antibiotics, then had the MMR jab a month later. Straight away she lost eye contact lost her words and became like a zombie - would not engage with anyone, had chronic diarrhoea for 8 months, stimming, spinning, toe walking, screaming, not sleeping, terrified of going anywhere. The whole thing is disgusting and akin to murdering our child and I will do anything to get justice for this.

Narelle Ahmed My son was a loving affectionate little boy, developing age appropriately until his 18 month old immunizations; then he had a series of colds, temperature, hand and mouth, lost his ability to communicate, and has developmental delays and behavioural problems and has finally been diagnosed as Autistic. Australia

Noreen Albright I question the Hep B in the hospital (he started wheezing and did so for about 4 or 5 days). We videotaped it and I remember it. The next reaction was the 3rd DPT and I believe there were 2 other shots administer. I believe the freak out about 2 or 3 days afterwards, he did a Sensory Freak Out (6 months) he started losing control of his eyes and his right leg turn in strangely. He had diarrhea and strange stools (I believe he was shedding some of the stuff they shot into him). I also wondered about this ORAL vaccine. Then the flu shot (which there were 2 given and I know there was a recall around that time). New Jersey. WE called this reaction into his Dr. who downplayed it. A few months later I had heard there was a big recall. Of course, they didn't inform us either way. His leg (same one that turned in from the previous shots blew up (inflamed) and wouldn't go away for well over a month. He seemed to lose some eye contact around this time as well. Unfortunately, we continued on the vaccine schedule. After the MMR, He suddenly started acting drunk and off balance. All of a sudden the child who was eating like a champ seemed unable to swallow or control his tongue and body. He started having mini seizures/space outs and things got really ugly. He seemed to be having really bad headaches every time he got shots. He would hold his head and hit it. He stopped talking (he had said about 6 words around 12 months. I did not experience any of these things with my next child that I did NOT vaccinate. The child who had no shots is the healthiest, no earaches (which possibly could be linked to these vaccines/viruses), no fevers (which also seems linked to vaccines) and no REGRESSION (thankfully). As a mother, I firmly believe that the vaccines were at the route of his inflammation, diarrhea, headaches, sensory freak outs, loss of control of muscles. I don't question it. I also believe these Vaccines are responsible for Brain Damage because they "turn on" something that causes BRAIN ENLARGEMENT between the ages of 6 - 12 months. It's after birth that this gets "turned on" and I FIRMLY believe the vaccines or something in them causes the Brain dysfunction.

Olga Alexzanders My daughter Sasha Davidge recieved DPT vaccine at 2,5 months of age: cried non-top for 6 weeks and stopped developing. Today, 21, with me having spent my youth on daily therapies with her, she still tests in retarded range although it is a part of the brain that is not functioning that is meant to retrieve info: otherwise PDD NOS. We now are doing bio-med, stem cell therapy.. costs unthinkable, future terrifying.. services pathetic, government - criminal. Criminal element took over USA. My daughter was vaccinated in London, UK. Now in Bay area, CA

Elizabeth L. Aley My son was born after an emergency c-sect at 34 weeks, not breathing at birth, apgar scores of 3 and 5, in the NICU for five days on a vent, AND he was given Hep B WITHOUT my consent! He has a DX of Autism, SID, ADHD

Jenny Allan Vaccine MMR: injection arm Location London Date of administration December 2003 (age 12 months) No immediate reaction noticed, but it might be significant to note that Chris had recently been ill with a respiratory infection and had been prescribed antibiotics. There was a very marked change in Chris's behaviour over the following few months. He stopped 'engaging' with adults for 'play' sessions and became uninterested in books (VERY interested in both before the jab.) He lost the few words he had acquired. He had always been an 'easy' baby, happy, sociable and content, but changed into a screaming, challenging infant who seemed to be in pain a lot of the time. Chris's MMR administration was 1993. He is 18 now!!

Ray Allen Had MMR, severely ill, chronic bowel problems and autism diagnosed by age 5 years. Severely underweight. (Perth)

Valerie Pietsch Ammendola My son had adverse reactions to all of his shots and after effects from them like excema, hives, etc. His doctor never reported any of them even when he was hospitalized a few days after the shots because his fever wouldn't go below 104 for days. Doctors usually don't - so the stats that the doctors give you on their information sheets and the number put out there by the CDC and AAP are WAY off! Kenosha, Wisconsin

Tracy Ames My son Landyn, now almost 10 months, had an adverse reaction to his four and six month shots. We were on the traditional schedule for them. we didn't realize until after the second set that he was having a reaction. He had ( the day of his 6m. shots) seizures, a fever over 105, screaming for hours on end, and was in the ER for 9 hours. They had no explanation, but it was within 4 hours of being vaccinated and he was fine before. We realized in hindsight that he had gotten sick the day of his 4 month shots as well with all the same symptoms, just not as severe. His pediatrician dismissed it as him just being sick, but he was not! The vaccines were issued in Tallmadge, Oh USA.

Tracey Lee Amodeo My son hit all milestones: was speaking, had wonderful eye contact/ interaction and he ate everything I put in front of him. The evening of the day he had his MMR he ran a really high temperature and the site for the injection was red and rock hard with a lot of heat around it. Within 3 days he lost everything! He began to rock in front of the TV he would never look at anyone he refused all foods and he stopped speaking. He was diagnosed with low functioning Autism. I do not care what anyone tells me I KNOW his Autism was triggered by this vaccine. I have not been as reckless believing "the experts" with my youngest child.... I am in Queensland Australia but his injections were administered in Sydney Australia. Tracey


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Melinda Bartley Alleyne My son was typically developing actually ahead of typically developing children at the time of his 18 months shots. He was talking in two-three words utterances, doing fingerplays, loved to be read too . Afterwards, seizures, no words, wouldn't let me hold him, wouldn't look at us, tore up favorite book, quit walking. ft. leavenworth,ks

Melissa Anastasia Singapore - My son has autism. 3word Speech at 10mths, lost it at 13months. After MMR and jab for chickenpox, fever, signs of flu then totally lost of eye contact, no speech, and no response to name. Tested to have high mercury in body and liver not functioning to optimum. He is regaining speech and eye contact through therapies that cost us a lifetime of savings.

Michele Karla Andrew Son unwell following vaccination with MMR at 13 months , within 2 weeks had lost speech, eye contact, and developed eating disorders and bowel problems, was severely autistic by 17 months, learning difficulties, behavioural problems, possible bipolar disorder, Tourettes, now age 17. (Bristol)

Anna Maria Angelosanto My daughter Aly was 13 months old when she received her MMR vaccine - a day later, she had a fever of 104, loss of speech, toe walking, no eye contact, body rash from head to toe like I'd left her out in the sun to bake, and vomiting then at the age of 5 she had to get her Diphtheria and Polio shots together and that night she had a high temperature, vomiting and diarrhea, she started babbling like a newborn, regressive behavior, etc. I will never give her another vaccine or flu shot her immune system cannot handle it - we are from Rhode Island. Today, she is trying to talk a bit more, has better focus, great eye contact all with the help of ABA, school, natural supplements like Cod liver oil, vitamin D3, probiotics.

Dani Angles My son, now 5, hit every milestone until his 18 month MMR vaccine. He too, regressed in speech, became more introverted. I saw a HUGE difference in him right after this vaccine. His pediatrician also said wait. He had an ARNP on staff who tried to ease my mind by sending me to the cdc website. What I found there was appalling. There are WAY too many preservatives in the vaccinations today. From formaldihide to mercury, it is simply insane. I am not sure all Drs know every ingredient in each vaccine.

Donna Anker Son became non-verbal, regressed and suffered bowel problems following his vaccinations.

Cheryle Wallace Annese MMR daughter - severe purplish reaction head to toe. There was probably an inch total of skin color showing. The dr. said if you watched it closely you could see it moving. Another daughter took over said it was something else and we didn't see that dr. again during our visit. Nice cover up. My son - I went by the book, obeyed every order from dr. god. He was sick every winter with ear infections. Daughter has ADHD, my son is the one who is Autistic/just though I would share. If ever needed I have pictures.

Christine Arrighi My son got mmr jab at thirteen months old. had fever month later the regression process started he is now 5 non verbal, little eye contact, bowel problems, sensory issues, eating issues and still in Nappies. Glasgow

Dawn Ashby My son was a normal child until his 12 month old vaccinations in Waco, Texas (2004). He got many shots during the visit including MMR. He immediately stopped talking, interacting, laughing--became non-responsive. He was tested for autism a few months later after no improvement--was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder. We had 2x a week speech therapist appointments and did daily activities (including heavy lifting). With about 2 years of constant therapy and working with him, he has mostly overcome his obvious problems. He still has a variety of issues (he has many phobias and his body is very stiff) but, overall, is able to pass for "normal".

Cynthia Zapata Auffenberg My son was a perfect toddler and infant until he had his shots at about 18 months old and then he slipped away into autism, no one can tell me that he was born this way he has lost his ability to speak and has seizures and mitochondria with gi autistic entercholitis. katy, Texas

Paul & Jennifer Austin Caleb E. Austin, our son now aged 12 was born prematurely in June of 1999 and on my husband's side there is a sensitivity to medications. About 10 minutes after our son received his 4 mo vaccinations he had rapid, full body convulsions that lasted about 30 seconds. We did notice that he stopped smiling for a while after these shots but regained his happy personality. On the evening of his 6 mo vaccinations he ended up hospitalized for breathing problems. Minutes after his 12 months vaccines he had the full body convulsions again. For three days straight following his 15 month vaccines, he screamed and cried all the time. We lost a piece of him each time he got his vaccines but his 15 month vaccines were the hardest. We progressively lost him over the next year, sinking deeper into autism. Our once playful, smiling, engagable, talking little boy lost his language, his eye contact and never wanted to be touched or held again. Bel Air, MD.

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