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I'm really beginning to think my friend and I were roofied on Friday after work at a local bar in the town we work in.

We were there for a few hours,having a few drinks and shooting the breeze. Laughing talking, remembering when we first met etc..

Over two hours had gone by and it hit me out of no where. I could barely stand, I had an over whelming feeling that I needed to move. I could barely hold my head up, it took everything in me to get up and try to walk. 

Somewhere in my stupor I had enough common sense to call Ron, tell him where I was and to come get me.

That's about all I remember until the next morning. I slept for 14 hours yet felt like I didn't sleep at all. All day yesterday I felt as if I was in a fog, still nauceous, etc.  All I wanted to do was sleep. I felt as if I was floating, it's weird to explain but I know I didn't drink that much to feel so damn drunk, I wasn't drunk. One minute I was laughing, talking and having a good time. The next I just didn't feel good,enauceous, very,very lethargic. It was freaking weird.

I guess I sent a text to Nick and don't recall sending it to him. All they way home my head was bobbing and weaving and I even banged it off the window in the car. This was told to me the next day. I don't remember any of it! I'm just glad I had enough common sense left to call Ron. 

Ron said I didn't seem drunk just very, very tired. 

My friend called me the next morning to see how I was and she don't even remember getting home. 

We've come to the conclusion that some one must have slipped us something because neither one of us drank anywhere near enough to put us in such a stupor!

I feel much better today. I have my wits about me again, no more sluggish feeling.

I will never ever again leave my drink on the bar to go outside and smoke. It's coming with me, or the bartender can pour me a new one when I get back from outside!

by on Apr. 21, 2013 at 3:36 PM
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by Kim on Apr. 24, 2013 at 8:13 AM
Nasty! (I guess they saw you as a "good piece of a**".)
Sorry to hear that.
((hugs)) sorry to hear that.

Quoting Cecelia712:

I've had that happen, bhy friends no less! They were into extasy and knew I wasn't but still put it in the blender of pina coladas because of the night they planned. Well needless to say I became violently ill and passed out. I have NEVER done any drug in. My entire life except those 3x they gave it to me then always said I mustve had a bad drink. It wasn't till later I found out they were a swinging couple and wnted me to partake in that scenario with them and knew I wouldn't without a drug.

Its a horrible feeling and I'm glad you feel better!
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