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National Guard school benefits?? Not happy with the outcome!!

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My son is in the National Guard and at the time of signing up he was offered a lot of good stuff. He even received a symbolic check for $40,000 for school. Then when he decided to go to school, reality and true colors came out. He did not qualified for G.I. bill post 911 after he was told that he would. Now he only qualifies for for Montgomery G.I Bill. I don't consider this fair, the recruiters pushed so much for him to sign in and me to sign papers. This is the way he was paid, I'm not happy for turning over my son to the military and they pay him this way. Not fair at all!! Has any body else been thru this situation? Please let me know. Thank you!!

by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 2:09 PM
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by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 7:48 PM

Car dealers will also "tell" you the car has everything you want, and mortgage or credit card companies send fake checks or checks with strings attached in the mail all the time. Bottom line is it's still YOUR responsibility to read the fine print. Like another poster said, you wouldn't buy a car or a home without having it checked out and reading the fine print, why would you sign away years of your or your son's life without reading what you signed? People can SAY anything they want, what's written and signed is what's binding.

Quoting gunsgirl:


actually the 40,000 dollar fake check is the "ploy" and routinely used to lure young adults into joining.  this was just on one of the news programs, on how recruites were using this tactic.

I also have a freind who is a recruiter for a different branch that is next to a NG recruiter, and he personally hears NG recruiters tell the potential recruits that they will get 40,000 dollars when they join to go to school.

and very seldom do they tell them that it is for the GI Bill, only that it is is for school.

so they have no information to go home and check on, and not all americans know about the GI BILL.

Quoting Apollos82:

It's not a "recruiting ploy."

How is a recruiter supposed to know if someone will be called to AD from reserve or not? That's what quals someone for Post 9/11 vs MGIB: AD service. His recruiter had no way of knowing of he would or would not see active duty.

Quoting gunsgirl:

it is a recruiting ploy, and is used by a lot of reserve recruiters

your son will be elegible for the Post 9/11 GI bill after he has been in a while. NOW  he can use the MGIB and later when elegible use the Post 9/11 bill. the difference between the 2 is small, the MGIB pays the SM, and the SM then pays for tuition and books, the P911 pays tuition directly, gives 1,000 dollar a year book stipend and a housing allowance, however, the difference can be negligable based on actual tuition costs.



by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 7:51 PM

 Sweet! I'm 8.5 months with our first...going to check on the latest early enlistment programs/sign-away programs the Corps is you think they'd pay my mortgage or for my boob job if I sign him away now? LMAO.

Quoting barrelracer1699:

Wait you can sign away a child? Well damn I guess I better get on that for my 6 yr old!

Quoting cocoroo:

I signed for my son to join the AF at 17. I spoke with his recruiter and made sure I understood what was going on. That's what most people would do before signing their child away to the military.

Quoting gunsgirl:

if she had to sign he is only 17.

not yet an adult, and  honestly if your child was 17 and joining and was lied to you would be pissed off too.



by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 8:01 PM

Clearly it was the recruiter's job to tape our eyes open and read it to us! LOL.

Quoting gunsgirl:


LOL, that is why I have it bookmarked!!

Quoting pittawadda:

That requires work to look it up hehe

Quoting gunsgirl:


yes this is true, the GI bill website has all this info if anyone wants to see the actual rules.

Quoting pittawadda:

Also to qualify for all 100% of the P911 you need to serve 36 months I believe. I know this from myself and a few others who were just shy. I qualify for 80%. But my MGI bill is fine and actually is better than the other. I will however use the additional 12 months

Quoting gunsgirl:

the GI bill is for anyone who serves 90 days AD service after 9/11/01. whether reserve or full time AD- of course a reservist will earn 2 AD days a month- so it will take a few months to accumulate the 90 days unless they get title 10 orders or deploy. BUT once they reach that 90 days they can begin using thier benefits.

you cannot use up your MGIB and use all the P911- if you use all 36 months of you MGIB you can get an additional 12 months of P911- not an additional 36 months.



Quoting Elle.tea.22:

You don't get the post 9/11 unless you've deployed I believe. Don't most people use that after their "regular gi bill is used up" ? No clue, I haven't used mine so.




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