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So I think this dr should be sued *UPDATE*

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A couple friend's of mine took his daughter for a well visit, her pediatrician took a look at her and flat out told her she was fat....FAT!! Not a bit overweight, she plainly called her FAT! And made that poor girl cry and she is 8yrs old for God's sake!!

The dr wanted to put her through all these blood tests and God knows what else to discard diabetes and high blood pressure and other life threatening illnesses...C'mon!! She is a perfectly healthy a bit chubby 8 year old girl. The mother told the dr that she was being insensitive saying all that in front of the kid and the father told her to F*#$& off.

He is looking for a different pediatrician (I even gave him the number of mine) and thinking of suing her (yes, the pediatrician is a woman) which I think it would be the right way to go. The kid is so hurt she wants to go on diets and have those slim shakes, you would think the dr being a woman would be more careful on not causing a complex on a little girl.

Shame on that dr!!

UPDATE: So they took her to a different dr. She is just a couple of pounds over her weight which the dr said it is not a big deal considering she is tall for her age but offered the parents the advice of giving her smaller portions if they were concerned about her becoming seriously overweight, which they were already doing since the previous incident.
by on Jul. 12, 2012 at 7:51 PM
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by on Jul. 13, 2012 at 9:02 PM
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Overweight is not "healthy".

Quoting lzbthmarkwardt:

My 8 year old son is 106 pounds, his doctor said he was 20 pounds overweight but he cannot put him on a diet pill because he is active and he should be sprouting up by age 10. My 14 year old son wears a 18 husky and is 5'4 already and he is not on diet pills either. There are children like ours who are just husky and healthy.

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by Member on Jul. 13, 2012 at 9:10 PM
I have an 11 year old who for some reason thinks she is fat, when I tell the doctor this she tells my daughter that her weight is just fine for her height. I tell her the same thing as well.
by on Jul. 13, 2012 at 9:29 PM
If a kid is fat call them fat. Maybe hurting their feelings will get them or their parents to change. I am a healthy weight but everyone makes fun of me for being too skinny. I take it for a while then say "I am only too skinny compared to your fat-ass" Then I am called mean even though I am only doing what the fat people arendoing. America has became too under-sensitive aboutnthe dangers of being over-weight. Maybe the MD could have handled it differently but in the end fat is fat.
by on Jul. 13, 2012 at 9:29 PM
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The new doctor "offered the parents the advice of giving her smaller portions if they were concerned about her becoming seriously overweight, which they were already doing since the previous incident."

So the parents were already reducing her caloric intake - after the first doctor said something - meaning they thought she was right, although a bit insensitive.  You can't sue over hurt feelings and, again, the parents also think she's overweight or they wouldn't be giving her smaller portions.

Too many parents think their chid is "chubby" when, in fact, they are fat.  Better to have a doctor tell you before it gets out of hand than to have the child mercilessly teased at school.

by on Jul. 13, 2012 at 9:33 PM
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Quoting copgirl112:


Quoting Jynnifer292:

 You worked for an obesity specialist and don't know that you are born with childhood diabetes?

Also, you think it is acceptable for a doctor to use the same language as bullies on the playground?

Quoting Mummy-dearest:

Maybe these parents should thank the doctor for telling the truth. It probablyh is not the first time they have been warned about their daughter's weight issues, let's face it!  A fat 8 year old girl is in for a messed up and unhappy life. Also, she is a prime candidate for childhood diabetes, high cholestrol, and other diseases. The parents are the ones who should be sued for abusing their daughter. This kid had to be obese for the doctor to tell them thi, not just chubby. And let's get real, this kid has probably been called fat by her peers many times before now. Kids are honest and say what they see. BNeing fat in our world is a fairly acceptable way to mock.  How typical of these types of parents to blame the doctor for telling them they are not treating this girl properly instead of looking towards themselves and their behavior. Blood tests are called for and right away. I worked with an obesity specialist for years and the troubles caused by obesity are many and cruel; and they could have been avoided by behavior modification while young. You as the friend of these people ought to be supporting the girl by reenforcing the doctor's advice.


Childhood diabetes is when you get type 2 diabetes as a child. It was commonly only diagnoised in adults now children are being diagnoised with it.

 I thought she was speaking of juevenile diabetes.


If type II is on the rise in kids, it isn't just due to "these types of parents" it has a great deal to do with parents believing that the FDA wouldn't allow things that are bad for us on the shelves. Artificial sweetener, MSG, and quite a few other unnatural food additives contribute to obesity. MSG is fed to rats to make them obese for the purpose of testing insulin. It is a challenge to find any prepared foods on the shelves that don't have it in it. Organic foods free of pesticides and chemicals are really the only safe thing to eat. Children are less active and don't eat as well. The parents certainly aren't blameless but they aren't the only ones to blame either. The FDA is working for corporations, not us. Having developed some food sensitivities, I have researched a great deal of what is in our food. It is scary.

by on Jul. 13, 2012 at 10:04 PM
Quoting mummy1990:

Damn, that's rude. Poor little girl. She's 8, shes probably just a little chubby, which is perfectly fine. its okay for kids to be chubby. My doctor told me my 1 year old son was overweight, he's just big and doesn't fit on the docs chart. He 29 lbs and 32 inches. He's a little chunky, but its hardly anything to be concerned about.

Lol, my dd is 7 mos and 22 lbs, 33 in. Her dr tells her how strong and beautiful she is. ;)
by on Jul. 13, 2012 at 10:11 PM
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Sometimes... You just have to say it like you see it. A lot of the of parents seem to be either oblivious or in denial that their kid is fat and it has to be bluntly brought to their attention. Sueing... Really??
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by on Jul. 13, 2012 at 10:13 PM

Poor Little girl. You could start a petion to do to something or her parents or someone could at

by on Jul. 13, 2012 at 10:22 PM

The dr. clearly handled it poorly, very poorly.  You would think of a sensitive subject like this would be discussed after the appt and not in front of the daughter.  But on the flip side, weight should be discussed in an appt, especially if the dr thought she was overweight ----maybe not in this case-  i truly believe there is no reason a child should be overweight- it's just asking for a lifelong issue with weight problems-  I don't remember seeing any "heavy" kids growing up, we played outside, rode our bikes, didn't watch tv too much, no video games, etc.  I am 44.  These days, kids stick inside and dont' get enough exercise.  I have two kids-  a 9 yr old daughter and 5 yr old son-  we are constantly on the go, they do get a fair share of tv, but we play, run, swim, we do tons of activiites.  They also get their fair share of junk food.  But we are very active.  You have to keep your kids moving b/c the junk food is around but if they sit around, they are going to add the pounds- a little every year will catch up to them.

I want my kids to be happy and healthy.  I will do everything in my power to make sure that happens.

Again, not this particular child---- but it really makes me feel horrible for a child who is overweight at a young age.  A 9 or 10 yr old should not be 20 pounds overweight.   Their self esteem is shot, they are probably being teased, and they are probably not too happy.  Make the plan now at a young age so they can get back on track...

by on Jul. 13, 2012 at 10:37 PM

Welcome to my childhood. I was 7 the first time I remember it happening. The doc said it to my face. I already knew by then that I was unacceptable as a person because I was different - fat in particular. I am 40 now... still trying to undo the damage. Parents need to be vigilant and make sure that child does not get a mixed message. Don;t say we love you like you are and then change her diet. It's hard, but this can change the poor child's whole self-image.

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