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Birthday Party :/

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Yes this is a vent and I apologize for the cursing and typos but I am so pissed :/

Am I blowing it out of proportion?

Ok so my girlfriend and I have been planning a bday party for our DHs because their birthdays fall in the same week. Mainly her idea. DH didn't care one way or the other and I'm beginning to regret it. Most of the people who are going are her and her husbands friends. (drinking party, mainly outside). Maybe 5 or 6 of our friends will be going. Thats it.

She's getting alcohol, tacos and shrimp. THATS IT. My DH HATES shrimp and she only got 15lbs of taco meat O.o My dh can eat 3lbs no problem, especially because thats ALL she'll be serving! Ok. So now Im bringing party food, the cakeS (TWO! A sculpted titty cake and another sheet cake), pinata and ALL the filling!, the balloons ($20 of helium), alcohol (because they only bought 3/24 packs! and her husband will down 10-12 BY HIMSELF), ALL the paper goods, ALL the decor, EVERYTHING!

I get a call from my mom saying she needs a ride to an eye specialist for an emergency (possbily going blind) so DH has to take a day off Monday to take her so we're going to be pushing the budget REAL close for this weekend (we dont use cards at all and our bank is closed till monday (we leave at 6am monday morning to make it on time) so there is NO WAY to get extra $$ out till Tuesday :/

SO I message her if she could get the balloons inflated and if I could pay her back for my 1/2 of the tortillas next week and what do I get told? That she and her DH feel like they're contributing to the party more financially than we are. FUCKING BULLSHIT. I told her well, you guys are getting the alcohol and food. We're bringing alcohol and food too, and the pinata, and the cakes, and all the decorations, and all the paperware/cups/utensils etc ($15 in fucking cups because she wanted the solo ones) >.> I spent $250 on this fucking party and your whining about having to get 15lbs of meat instead of 10?

I cannot wait for the weekend to be OVER. I am going to drink ALL her alcohol! BWAHAHAHAHA And Im keeping our good expensive shit at home and bringing over the cheapie miluwakee crap.

(we do NOT do this on a regular basis. this will be the first party like this I've ever had/or been to! same with DH) so it is a big deal for us. Yes I know I agreed but gdamn talk about taking advantage!

by on Jul. 20, 2012 at 10:39 PM
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by Karla on Jul. 22, 2012 at 8:32 AM

This why like we say in my country: Cuentas claras, amistades largas, which you can translate roughly to clear business long friendships. Everything should have been done 50/50...get all your moolah together and then with that budget do the shopping and calculate how many people to invite on each side. But well ok, things are done and I'm on your side, I'd be pissed, I wouldn't even show up or if I do my hubby would be the kind of eating everything and drinking everything lol

I agree with the other ladies, sneaking and hiding your $hit, that I'd soooooo do!!...she asked for it!

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